3 Secrets to Make Your Taxi Business Model Successful Like Uber & Careem Taxi Apps


Running a successful taxi business like Uber and Careem is not a child play.

It takes a lot of research, analysis of customers’ needs, and then, providing advanced quality on-demand taxi booking services.

Whether you are running a taxi company with over 50 drivers or a taxi startup with over 10 drivers, making your business successful like Uber and Careem takes a lot of efforts. You need to understand your customers’ pain points and provide a solution in terms of easy-to-use taxi app.

Talking about taxi booking apps, these apps have taken the taxi industry by storm by providing a better way to book a taxi from the comfort of the home. Moreover, these taxi apps like Uber, Lyft and Careem have unique business models, making sure that they deliver efficient and affordable services to riders.

Being an owner of the taxi company or startup, if you have made up your mind to develop your own taxi application, then here’re the 3 secrets to make your taxi business model successful like Uber and Careem apps.

1. Know Your Customers Pain Points & Then Provide Solution

One of the main secrets to making your taxi business model successful like Uber and Careem taxi apps is – know your customers or we can say passengers pain points and provide a solution in terms of taxi app and its features.


Analyze what are the problems your customers face while booking a cab and try to bring the solution as soon as possible. Whether they are facing problem while booking a cab in the surge time, facing high rates issue or driver’s behavior issue, listen to their problems, analyze them and provide a solution.

Being a taxi startup, it is must that you comprehend your passengers’ needs and accordingly serve them in order to make your taxi app stands-out from other apps.

2. Start with Minimum Viable Product & Validate Your App

As you already know that there are various taxi applications, including Uber, Lyft, Careem, Grab and Didi Chuxing which are ruling the market. So, if you launch your taxi app without proper researching and planning, it will not get the desired results from the riders.

Therefore, you can start with the minimum viable product and then move forward to develop a complete taxi booking app solution with GoSpAXI. Initially, just launch your app as an MVP, which means launching your taxi app with only one region and sufficient features and functionalities.

Once you launch your app with one region, you can take the feedback and review from your riders and decide to launch it for other regions. In case, if your riders find anything problematic and challenging in the app, make sure to go back to your app board and solve the issue that riders are facing.

3. Offer Significant Value to Your Riders

The third main secret to make your taxi business model successful is – offer significant value to your riders. There are many ways you can create value and competitive advantage such as:

  • Providing an exclusive set of features and functionalities
  • Lower rates whether it is a surge time or the normal time
  • Instant booking and delivering taxi services
  • Listen to the riders and improving services consequently

You might find many taxi startups and companies that are copying the services, features and strategies of each other and end-up failing. So, it is better to know your riders and provide customize taxi booking services that they are looking for.

Final Remarks

As the taxi industry across the world is growing by leaps and bounds, you can develop your own taxi booking application with requisite features and functionalities, allowing riders to book a taxi with just a single click.

It doesn’t matter how big or small taxi company you are running, GoSpAXI, a taxi booking app solution, is the perfect solution for your business. This complete solution, including driver’s app, rider’s app, admin panel and partner panel, is mainly designed and developed to automate your taxi business from booking to dispatching and ratings.

If you still have any query or confusion related to GoSpAXI solution or taxi booking app development, just fill this given form and our sales representative will get back to you. In fact, you book a free demo of our solution in which our representative will show the entire GoSpAXI solution with its complete features.

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Uber for Women App Development: 3 Features of GoSpAXI Solution to Make Your Taxi App for Women Successful


Today, the smartphone technology and mobile apps have changed everything from purchasing clothes online to booking hotels to ordering food and booking a cab. All these things become a single tap away from the users and that’s because Uber for X concept allows companies and startups to provide on-demand services to its customers.

When it comes to booking a taxi, people just take out their smartphone from the pocket and book a ride, whether it is early morning or late at night. But what about women, who work in night shift? What about their safety? How they will book a taxi at night and travel alone with any stranger driver?

Considering the problems and safety issue of women, we, at GoSpAXI, has designed and developed a taxi booking app solution that is specifically for women. Yes, women only taxi app solution, including rider’s app, driver’s app, partner panel, and admin panel, allows taxi startups and companies to provide women specific taxi services.

Female Only Ride-Sharing App like Uber Developed by GoSpAXI

GoSpAXI has developed a women-only ride-sharing app named Venuxx, which is the first urban mobility company in Brazil. Venuxx is one such Uber for women application, which connects women riders with women drivers.

Women, who travel alone in the late night and work in night shift, can use this application across Brazil to travel from one place to another. In short, we developed this solution for Brazil-based taxi startup that wants to deliver a safe and comfortable traveling experience to Brazilian women.

Looking at this taxi mobile app solution, if you have decided to develop an uber for women app for your taxi company, make sure to consider these 3 features to make your women-only ride-sharing app successful.

3 Features of GoSpAXI Solution to Make Your Uber for Women App Successful

1. Allow Women Riders to Request for Women Drivers Only

One of the main features that you can consider while developing an Uber for women app is – allowing women riders to request for women drivers only. By including this feature, you can allow women riders to book a taxi with women drivers so that they can get a safe riding experience.


Whether they are booking a taxi in the early morning or late night, they can request for the women drivers as per their convenience. Other than this, make sure that the booking feature must be as easy as possible so that women can book a taxi with just a few simple taps.

They just need to select address instead of typing the entire address again and again. This feature can make women riders happy and comfortable while driving at home or office. So, don’t forget to consider this feature of GoSpAXI solution.

2. Enable Women to Book a Trip in Advance

Another essential feature that GoSpAXI offers is – enable women to schedule a trip or we can say book a ride in advance. By allowing women to book a ride in advance, you can give them the freedom to work late at night. They just need to schedule a trip in advance so that they do not face any problem after leaving the office.


As per their preferred time, they can book a ride in advance with just a few simple taps. Even, they can schedule a ride one day prior or one hour before leaving home/office without wasting their time on the road and calling a taxi.

So, using this feature is simple for women as they just need to select preferred time and date to schedule the trip. Ensure that you provide this feature in your ride-sharing app like Uber.

3. SOS Contacts

The third important feature that GoSpAXI solution provides for women only taxi application is SOS contacts, allowing women riders to add emergency contacts for any emergency. They can add up to five contact numbers for any kind of emergency.


In any kind of emergency or need, riders just need to activate the SOS functionality and their added contact numbers will get one text message with the current location. In fact, you as an admin of the business will also get a notification on the dashboard about it.

Including an SOS functionality in your Uber like app that is mainly developed for women is must to give your women riders an extra safety. So, if you have ever planned to develop Uber for women like application, you can discuss your requirements with it us through our contact us form.

Final Thoughts

According to the latest report from statista.com, it is expected that the revenue in the taxi booking app industry is about to reach $109,050M US dollars by 2022 from $59,678M US dollars in 2018. Looking at these numbers, we can say that the taxi app industry is constantly growing and not going anytime soon.

So, whether you have a revolutionizing Uber clone app idea in mind or just raw idea, you can get in touch with us and one of our sales representatives will get back to you. Inf act, you can book a free demo of our GoSpAXI solution and our expert will explain all the functionalities and features of our solution. Get your complimentary consultation now!

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Cab Booking App Development – 3 Reasons to Consider Outstation Model from GoSpAXI Solution While Developing Taxi App


Have you ever wondered why taxi booking companies like Uber, Careem, Lyft, and Easy Taxi are so much popular?


Being a taxi startup or company, having this question in mind is normal because every traditional taxi service provider is trying to become successful like these taxi giants.

Today, Uber-like taxi booking apps are taking the market away from the traditional taxi service providers. And the truth is – taxi booking apps like Uber are not going anytime soon. In fact, these apps are here to stay, allowing riders to book a cab from one destination to another from the comfort of their home.

Moreover, these apps are introducing many new taxi services for riders to give them a rich and user-friendly experience. So, whether you are running a taxi business or about to start your own independent taxi company, it’s high time to developing cab booking apps like Uber and Lyft, connecting riders and drivers in real-time.

However, if you are thinking about how you can differentiate your taxi app from other successful apps, then the solution is outstation model. Yes, the outstation model is the best option to consider for your taxi app like Uber, enabling riders to book a taxi from one city to another city using their smartphone.

By opting for outstation model from GoSpAXI, a white-label taxi booking app solution, you can allow your riders to have multiple stop-overs, explore the far-flung areas of another city or place and travel at their own convenience.

3 Reasons to Consider Outstation Model from GoSpAXI Solution While Developing Taxi App

1. Provide Freedom to Riders to Book Cab for Another City

The current taxi booking apps are mainly functioning within the city like from point A to point B, but there are many people across the city, who frequently travel from one city to another during holidays or for any business purpose. These people are not able to book taxi services due to the unavailability of outstation taxi service providers.


Therefore, you can develop a taxi booking app with the outstation model, allowing riders to book a cab from one city to another for their any purpose. According to your convenience, the price for the different cities can be fixed or as per the kilometers or time period.

In addition to this, you can allow your customers or app users to book a round trip and let them experience luxury travel with your taxi book. In short, an outstation model for your app can give freedom to your riders to book a cab for another city right through from the smartphone.

2. A Greater Chance to Expand Your Taxi Business to Out of Cities

Another reason to consider the outstation model for your taxi-hailing app is to get a greater chance to expand your taxi business to out of the cities. Yes, by developing a taxi booking app with the outstation feature, you make it easier for riders to book a taxi from one city to another and travel without any hassle.

Following the same steps that customers follow while booking the nearby taxi, outstation travelers can easily book an outstation cab using their smartphone. So, an outstation feature not only benefits your riders, but it will also benefit you in your business, allowing you to win a greater number of customers.

In fact, tourists travelling from one city to another prefer taxi booking apps as compared to the local taxi operators. So, if you want to target a larger audience and expand your taxi business to other cities, the outstation feature is the right option.

3. Target Wide Audience That Means More Business

With the outstation model in your ride-hailing application, you can target wide audience like businessmen, who travel from one city to another for business purpose, students, who travel for studies, tourists, who visit another city for holidays and more.


With the wide audience, you, as a taxi businessman, can do more business, resulting in more profit. So, outstation passengers can book a taxi for another city with just a few simple taps on the screen and get a great riding experience.

Moreover, you can allow your passengers to book a taxi in advance, economical one-way or round trip, choose a vehicle from different options, and get a trained driver. By providing these different options serve your customers in a better way and think out from one city to extend your business with flexible outstation service.

Concluding Remarks

As taxi industry is growing every single day, revenue in the ride-hailing segment amounts to US$76308m in 2019 and it is expected to show an annual growth rate of 12.9%, resulting in a market volume of US$123,792m by 2023.

Considering the growth of the taxi industry, if you have decided to invest in taxi booking app development, GoSpAXI, a white-label taxi app solution, is the perfect choice for you. Our solution, GoSpAXI, comes with an advanced range of features, allowing your riders to book a cab for both nearby destination and outstation.

In any case, if you still have any query or confusion related to our GoSpAXI solution, get in touch with our expert through our contact us form. One of our experts will get back to you and happy to explain our solution. In fact, our expert provides a demo of our GoSpAXI solution, explaining the complete features of Driver’s app, Rider’s app, Partner Panel and Admin Panel.

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Carpooling App Development – 3 Points Taxi Startups Must Consider While Developing Ridesharing App


Today, carpooling apps or we can say ridesharing apps like Uber, Juno, and GetAround are gaining momentum in the market due to their rapid on-demand taxi services.

With the huge popularity of these taxi giants, many taxi startups and companies, big or small, are trying to enter the taxi app market. Moreover, these taxi startups are looking forward to developing their own Uber-like carpooling app, allowing riders to share their ride with other people and split the cost.

With the convenience of carpooling apps like sharing a ride with other riders and dividing the cost, taxi app users have got huge help in saving money and enjoy the ride by interacting with new people.

In this ride-sharing service, the rider just needs to book a ride, selecting the destination, and share the ride with other riders, who are traveling to the same destination. The best thing about this service is, it is widely popular among travelers and young-age people, who travel often from point A to point B.

So, if you are running a taxi startup or company and want to develop a ridesharing app like Uber and Carma Pooling, consider these 3 points to make your app successful.

1. Provide solution in terms of ridesharing app

Being a taxi startup, if you have made up your mind to allow your riders to share their ride with other riders, then you must consider providing this solution in terms of ridesharing app. Using a ride-sharing app like Uber, riders can easily book a ride by entering the destination, sharing a ride with other riders, who are going on the same destination and divide the cost.


In addition to this, you can provide a solution to your riders’ problems through your carpooling app. You can only have verified riders’ profile and easy-to-use interface so that riders don’t worry about the other riders with whom they are traveling.

In short, you must focus on developing ride-sharing app that gives smooth, simple and interactive user experience to your riders and solution to their common problems like splitting the cost.

2. Freedom to choose with whom they want to travel

Another point that you must consider while developing a ride-sharing app is, give your riders freedom to choose with whom they want to travel or share their ride. As every rider is different and has its own choice, so it is must to allow riders to choose with whom they want to travel.


To make it easy to choose other riders, you can include different preferences like gender, age or any other preferences. When it comes to targeting some tourist places, which mean long-routes, you can provide your riders with additional preferences like interests, hobbies, and more.

By adding preferences like interest and hobbies, one rider can choose another rider, who has the same interest so that they can travel long routes together. This way, your riders will get the freedom of traveling as per their desired person.

3. A Perfect Blend of Features

The third most important point is the perfect blend of features in your taxi booking app. It is a must that you include essential features that make your taxi app stand out in the market. Comprehend your riders’ and drivers’ need and fulfil it by providing a complete list of main features.

Whether it is about booking a ride from point A to point B, looking for another rider, or making a payment for the ride, make sure that rider’s app makes it easy for riders to perform all these tasks. Apart from rider’s app, you can also allow drivers to view the profile of riders, review & rate them, and get driving direction to rider’s location.

So, here’re some of the important features to be considered while developing a ride-sharing app like Uber and Bla Bla Car.

Ready to Launch Your Own Carpooling App like Uber With GoSpAXI, a white-label ride-sharing solution?

As you can see that there are many carpooling companies that have gained huge success in the market, so if you have ever thought to develop a ride-sharing app like Lyft then it’s a high time to enter in the market.

You can have your own taxi booking app solution with GoSpAXI, a white label taxi app solution that is designed and developed for taxi startups and c companies. Through this complete solution, including rider’s and driver’s app and admin panel, you can bridge a gap between riders and drivers, connecting them in real-time.

Furthermore, this solution, GoSpAXI, allows you to automate your daily taxi business operations like payment, booking, billing, update from drivers and more. So, if you have any doubt or query related to our solution, get in touch with us through our contact us form. One of our sales representatives will get back to you as soon as possible.

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4 Advanced Features of GoSpAXI, Taxi Booking App Solution, to Consider While Developing Taxi App


Almost every day, taxi businesses and startups contact us and ask us to develop a taxi booking app solution like Uber, Lyft, and Careem. After all, these are the taxi giants that are ruling the taxi industry.

However, the idea of developing a ride-hailing app like Uber, Lyft, and Careem is widespread because of the huge success of these companies in the ride-hailing market.

Considering the popularity of these taxi companies, if you, as a taxi company or startup, have decided to develop a taxi app solution to take your business to the next level, then GoSpAXI, a white label taxi booking app solution, is the right solution.

Unlike other white label taxi booking solutions, GoSpAXI provides a diverse range of features in the solution that includes Driver’s app, Rider’s App, Partner Panel, and Admin Panel. Through GoSpAXI solution, you can automate your daily taxi business operations like billing, booking, payment, update from drivers, and reviews from passengers.

Before talking about the features of our taxi solution, let’s have a look at the unique points of GoSpAXI taxi booking app solution:

  • As mentioned, our solution comes with driver and passenger apps along with the dispatch system, helping you to manage your drivers, track taxi’s position using GPS, payment and feedback at one platform.
  • Using dispatch solution, you as an admin can directly set fare amount for a particular area and time. In fact, admin directly defines the charges on the ride of any specific area based on time.
  • Moreover, GoSpAXI solution is designed and developed with the easy-to-access interface, allowing any non-technical member in your taxi business to access it.

Moving ahead, let’s check out the 4 advanced and unique features of GoSpAXI, a white-label ride-hailing solution:

1. Preferred Drivers for Passengers

The most unique feature that is not even provided by many popular taxi apps is preferred drivers for passengers. The feature allows your taxi riders or passengers to prefer any driver as his/her favorite. Yes, riders can mark any particular driver as preferred for their next rides and choose to travel with that particular driver as per his availability.


It happens many times when any rider travels from Point A to Point B and find the driver good in terms of behavior and service, so rider might want to travel with the same driver for the next time. So, the preferred driver is a must-have feature in your taxi booking application, allowing your riders to choose the driver as per his availability and book a ride.

Being an owner of the taxi business, consider including this feature that will retain the same riders for their upcoming rides.

2. Trip Parameters for Passengers

Another advanced feature is a trip parameter for passengers that is not offered by Lyft, Grab and other taxi apps even. Through this unique feature, trip parameters, riders are allowed to book a ride with any special request.


Let’s take an example if any rider wants to travel with the baby, she/he can book a ride with only those taxis that have baby seat available. Riders can place a special request for the taxi with a baby seat. Apart from the baby seat, riders can book those taxis that have wheelchairs so that handicapped people can book a ride and travel from one destination to other.

So, whether you are running a small or big taxi company, trip parameters is one of the most important features that you can include and provide to your riders. 

3. Advance Fare System

Advance fare system is another essential feature that plays an important role in your taxi business. The feature allows admin to set a specific fare for a particular area and time. When it comes to set a fare in the system, there are three different parameters to set the price, including time-based, distance, and area-wise.


For instance, you can specific fare when there is a surge in the morning time like 9 to 11 AM, and area-wise like particular area, where this is a high demand of taxi and the third is by distance like you will charge X amount up to particular kilometers. So, GoSpAXI taxi solution allows you to set fare and price based on the particular area, time and distance.

4. Manual Dispatch

The fourth important feature that GoSpAXI taxi app solution provides is manual dispatch in the admin panel. Through this feature, the admin can manually assign a trip request to the driver on behalf of the rider.


This feature is mainly useful when the riders can’t request for a ride due to low-network or for outstation customers. So, this feature will help admin to assign the manual trip to the driver and complete the trip.

Make sure to consider this feature when developing your own ride sharing app solution for your taxi business. This feature makes it easy for those riders, who are facing problem in booking ride.

Final Remarks

You have just checked the 4 advanced features of GoSpAXI, a white label taxi app solution, that allows you to deliver a seamless experience to your riders and drivers. In fact, you as an admin can get many benefits through these features and perform your operations easily.

So, if you have made up your mind to develop a taxi app like Uber or Careem for your taxi business, you can get in touch with our experts and discuss your requirements. Our expert will suggest the right solution, sufficing your business needs.

Moreover, our expert will also provide a demo of our GoSpAXI solution, showing a complete solution like rider and driver apps, admin panel and partner panel. Just book your free consultation now through our constant us form. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

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