3 Reasons to Choose GoSpAXI, Taxi Booking Solution, For Your Taxi Business


Are you running a taxi company in the United States, Switzerland, Mexico, Norway, the UK, or anywhere in the world? Then, it is must that you get a taxi booking app solution for your company, allowing your riders to book a ride in just a few simple clicks.

A well-designed and developed taxi app like Uber makes it easier for your taxi riders to book a ride from the comfort of their home. In fact, they can book a ride in advance by one-hour or day before and sit back relax at home or office.

So, it doesn’t matter what is the size of your taxi company and whether you have 10 or 100 drivers, the thing that matter is the comfort and satisfaction services to your riders.

To provide satisfying taxi service, all you need is a taxi booking app, giving convenience to your riders to book a cab using their smartphone.

When it comes to developing a ride-hailing app for your business, then GoSpAXI is one of the best white label taxi booking app solutions, automating your business from booking to billing and dispatching to managing drivers. Available with driver and passenger apps, admin panel and partner panel, GoSpAXI is a complete taxi booking app solution.

In case, if you are thinking about why to choose GoSpAXI for your taxi business, then here’s not 1, but 3 reasons to choose GoSpAXI for your taxi business.

Here’re 3 Reasons to Choose GoSpAXI, Taxi Booking App Solution For Your Taxi Business

1. Designed to Automate Your Entire Taxi Business

Designed and developed to automate your entire taxi business from taxi booking to billing and dispatching to ratings. This taxi booking app solution comes with driver and passenger apps, allowing both to get in touch instantly and communicate about bookings.


Moreover, the solution will automate the whole process of business, making it easier for taxi businesses to manage everything in one place. Being an owner of a taxi business, manage drivers, track taxis’ with their position, manage riders and their ratings. In short, GoSpAXI is one such taxi booking app solution that can be used by any non-technical member in the taxi business.

2. A Set of Features For Drivers, Passengers & Admin

Another reason to go with GoSpAXI ride-hailing solution is a complete set of features for drivers, passengers, and admin of the business. The features of these apps and the admin panel make it easy for the respective person to use the application in an easier manner. Looking at the features of the solution, here are the main features that you can check out:

1. Rider’s App

  • Book a Ride With One Tap
  • Schedule Trip
  • Multiple Drop-off Location
  • Favorite Destination
  • Manage Trip Parameters
  • Preferred Driver
  • Passcode Functionality

2. Driver’s App

  • Trip History
  • My Destination
  • Rider Reviews
  • Route Selection
  • SOS Contacts
  • Refer Driver

3. Admin Panel

  • Manual Dispatch
  • MLM Management
  • User Management
  • Advance Fare Management
  • Admin Reports
  • Driver wise Commission

3. A Complete Customizable Solution

The third main reason to opt for GoSpAXI taxi booking app solution is that it is a completely customizable solution that can be customized as per your taxi business requirements. According to your business and its requirements, we can customize this solution, synergizing the model and aligning it for your business.


In addition to this, we can customize our solution with a wide range of features and functionalities meeting your taxi business requirements. So, whether you are running a taxi startup with a long team of drivers and taxis to manage or a small team of 10 drivers, our ride-sharing app solution is the perfect customizable solution for your business.

Ready to Develop Your Own Taxi Booking App Solution With Us?

After going through these reasons, if you have decided to invest in the taxi booking app solution for your business, you can get in touch with us as we are a leading taxi booking app development company. In fact, we have already developed over 40 taxi app solutions for different taxi businesses and startups.

However, if you got any query in your mind like how to make an app like Uber, uber like app development cost, or how to make money with an app idea on taxi booking app, then you can get in touch with us. Fill our contact us form and one of our sales representatives will get back to you shortly.

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Uber for Outstation App Development: 4 Features to Consider When Developing an App For Your Intercity Taxi Service

The summer days are on the way, and everyone might be busy planning their vacation to the beach. Whether people are traveling with their family members, friends, or loved ones, they start planning for a vacation in advance.

When it is about to travel from one city to another city, people look for intercity taxis to book as they don’t want to drive on long routes and get tired in between. Therefore, they look for intercity taxi service providers to book a cab in advance. But Uber intercity is bringing a change the way travelers are booking a cab for outstation.

Now, people make use of Uber outstation app to book a cab from one city to another and enjoy their vacation to the fullest. In fact, people are booking or scheduling cabs in advance by just entering a date and time of traveling.

So, if you are running a taxi company or planning to start one to provide outstation services to travelers, it is must that you provide your riders with a dedicated taxi booking app. The app will make it easy for your riders to book a cab without wasting much time on calling. While developing Uber like app for outstation service, don’t overlook these 4 exclusive features in your Uber intercity taxi service app.

4 Key Features to Include in Uber for Outstation App

#1. Book a Cab with One Single Tap

The main feature that you can include in Uber for outstation app is – allowing riders to book a cab with one single tap. Whether they are booking a cab for nearby city or any city that is far from their current location, they can easily book a ride by just entering a date and time for traveling. The ride will be booked and accepted by the trained driver.

uber for outstation app development

Whether riders are traveling for vacations, wedding function, business meeting, or for any other reason, they just need to open the app, enter the details and click on the book button. So, being an intercity taxi service provider, you can consider this feature while developing an app like Uber for outstation service.

#2. Vehicle Options

Another feature that plays an important role in the taxi app is – different vehicle options. Provide your taxi riders with a number of vehicle options so it can be easy for riders to choose a vehicle or car type and book it.

According to the number of people they are traveling, they can choose a car and book it as per their desired time and date. They can choose from simple sedan to luxury cars and simple SUVs, they can book any car as per their need and sit back relax.

#3. Special Request and Preferences

Allow your riders to make a special request and preference so that they can ask for the service like a baby seat for their babies, music system for listening to music, wheelchair for handicapped people, and air condition with a particular temperature. Apart from this, riders can make any other special request if they want to.

By including this feature in your cab booking app, you can make your riders as comfortable as their home. They can travel with all the facilities they want and make traveling comfortable and fun.

#4. One way or Round-Trip Option

The fourth feature that you can include in your taxi service app is- one way or round-trip option, allowing a rider to book a cab for one-way or round-trip as per their convenience and need. With round-trip option, they will find it easy to book a cab and travel. They don’t need to look for another cab while coming back.


In fact, they can schedule a ride for one-way and round-trip and seat back relax at home. This feature will make it easier for riders to book a ride for outstation and if they know the return date, they can book a round-trip, saving their huge money.

Ready to Develop Uber for Outstation App For Intercity Taxi Service Company?

As you have gone through the 4 main features of Uber for outstation app, if you have decided to develop a dedicated app for your intercity taxi service company, don’t overlook these features to include. We, at GoSpAXI, are dedicated to developing your own Uber for outstation app solution with your desired features and functionalities.

Just describe your taxi business requirements through our contact us and one of the business representatives will get back to you shortly. Our representative will guide you and share GoSpAXI, taxi booking app solution will help your business to expand.

In any case, if you have any confusion like how much does it cost to develop an app like Uber for outstation and how to make an app like Uber in less time, shoot us an email with your requirements. We will solve every query that you have.

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5 Challenges Faced By Your Taxi Businesses Without A Taxi Booking App


Gone are the days when people used to hail a taxi by sticking an arm out. People no longer entertain such conventional transport facility. Most riders prefer to book from an on-demand taxi app which promises a reliable, timely pick-up service like Uber. Such Uber like apps assures rider about their safety and security.

If you are still into conventional taxi business, it seems that you are not interested in increasing your business bottom line.

Not only did the taxi app trendsetters get an alternative for commuters, but also changed commuting behaviors. If you are unsure about having a taxi booking app of your own, here are some growth opportunities listed for your business.

  • Tourists and business travelers: These people are a constant income source as they are in a country or city to roam around with an independent and quick transport for business or leisure experience.
  • People who go to clubs, parties, and other events frequently: The transport service for such people have to be just a flick away! If they are wasted, they need a car on an emergency basis, and if an individual has to attend an event, they need to reach the destination on time.
  • Providing late-night cab service: Late night cab services are for people who have late night flights and trains to catch. Sometimes in an emergency case like reaching a hospital, your taxi app service can save someone’s life.
  • Availability at door-steps: A rider can book a cab anytime he wishes and can get a convenient door-step service. Your app will become a desirable convenience as it is a real-time and affordable on-demand app service.

The transportation industry is growing fast with the advent of mobile apps. The most responsible feature that these apps provide to the taxi businesses is, monitoring the driver’s activities on the go from their hand-held devices. In this cluttered competition of presenting the best and timely service, without an app, your firm will surely not raise up to the customer’s expectations. Let us discuss some other challenges of conventional taxi businesses.

5 Challenges Faced By Your Taxi Business Without Mobile App

1-Speed and efficiency in hiring a taxi

Nowadays everyone wants to reach their locations on an urgent basis. The riders are looking for fast ride-hailing service and drivers are looking for idle customers. The simple solution to unite these two parties is a taxi booking app development. Such apps increase the efficiency of hiring and speeding the commuting process which is now not obtained by conventional taxi businesses.

2- Productivity at stake


The extinct taxi business most certainly lacks in measuring driver’s productivity. It is nearly impossible without a mobile app development to keep a track on the efficiency and productivity of the drivers. For example, a driver can just ideally sit the whole day and still get his pay from the company. But through mobile apps, a company can easily have a track of daily work and number of rides he has provided service for. Thus you can increase productivity with a responsive driver approach if you develop your own ride-hailing app.

3- Location alerts and smart route planning

The traditional taxi businesses have to stalk for the riders through phone calls or by gazing out of the taxi window to look for an eagerly waiting passenger to reach his desired place. But with a taxi booking app development through GPS, the passenger and driver can get an accurate location alert.

Location alerts and smart route planning

The more advanced feature of such a mobile app development is a smart route planning that can help drivers and their managers to plan a safe and less traffic route for their early arrival and satisfactory service. The mobile app integrated into the drivers notify the managers about the current work and location. Such features can enhance business credibility and build a sense of assurance from the firm’s side to the rider.

4- Vehicle Maintenance

For many taxi businesses, maintaining vehicles is not the first priority. But after some point, for better fuel and taxi condition the vehicle maintenance is an essential aspect which the taxi app development takes into account. Managing fleets and drivers with such mobile apps bring long term benefits to the firm like reducing preventable breakdowns and optimal utilization of fuel. By closely monitoring every vehicle and keeping a track of the maintenance with timely actions can be beneficial to the firm in money-saving and for further business growth.

5- Enables Real-Time Customer Feedback

In the extinct taxi business, you cannot come to know about customer feedback. For example, if the driver has misbehaved during the journey, there is no such complaining portal where the rider can get justice. Through the taxi app development, the rider and the firm can get a clear analysis of the driver’s service and behaviour. The facility of commenting and reviewing can also increase goodwill and real-time check ratio for the business.


The taxi booking app development is a fast-growing customer base which is accompanied with great booking features and business management. The on-demand ride sharing app offers convenience and on-spot bookings for your taxi business.

In this mobile age, taxi rental business requires a taxi app for a sane transportation facility and satisfactory experience for customers. So, if you have planned to have a taxi booking app or have an idea of developing one, cross-verify it with us.

We, at GoSpAXI, are a leading taxi booking app development company and already developed over 40 taxi apps for taxi businesses. So, get ready to turn your taxi business into a brand.

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Uber for Handicap: How GoSpAXI Solution Can Help You to Develop a Taxi Booking App for Handicapped People


Have you decided to develop a taxi booking for handicapped people?

That’s a great idea that you want to develop a taxi app for the world’s 15% population (according to who.int), who lives with some form of disability.

Out of this 15%, 2-4% experience significant difficulties in functioning. So looking at the data of the disabled people, we can say that the taxi booking app will help many handicap people to ride from point destination to another.

People with some form of disability don’t have their own wheelchair accessible cars. Therefore, it can be tough to travel with ease. With such reasons, most of the disabled people prefer staying at home or don’t prefer getting out on a daily basis.

Being a taxi startup or an entrepreneur in the taxi industry, if you want to develop an app like Uber for handicap, GoSpAXI, a white label taxi booking solution, can help you to develop your own taxi app for disabled people.

How GoSpAXI Can Help You to Develop a Taxi Booking App For Handicapped People

With the experience of developing over 40 Uber-like apps for different taxi startups and businesses, our team of taxi app developers is here to serve your needs. Unlike other white label taxi booking solutions, we, at GoSpAXI, provide a complete taxi booking app solution that consists of Rider’s app, Driver’s app, Admin panel, and Partner panel.

Designed and developed by our experts, GoSpAXI solution automates your taxi business from managing bookings to billing and manual requests to ratings of drivers. At one single platform, Admin panel, you can manage your entire taxi business like track drivers, manage riders, payments, ratings, and weekly/monthly reports.

Moving ahead, let’s talk about the top features that our solution offers to make your Uber for handicap app stands-out in the market.

1. Facility to Manage Trip Parameters

One of the main features that you can provide your riders is a facility to manage trip parameters. With this feature, the rider with any disability can request for the taxi with one simple tap and book a ride with any special parameter.


Let’s take an example if the rider is physically handicap or disable, then he/she can request a ride with a wheelchair taxi. While riding in the taxi, the rider will not face any problem because the driver gives extra hand in getting in and out of the taxi.

Apart from the wheelchair taxi, the rider can also book a taxi with other facilities like a baby seat, air condition, music system, first aid kit and more. Such facilities can be requested by the rider with manage trip parameters feature. So, if you want to develop a ride-sharing app for disabled people, this is the mandatory feature to include.

2. One-tap Ride Booking & Scheduling

Another important feature that will do wonder for physically disabled people is one-tap ride booking and scheduling. With one-tap ride booking and scheduling feature, riders can book a ride with one single touch on the screen. They just need to select the destination and confirm the ride.


This feature will make it easy for disabled people to book a ride anytime and anywhere using their one hand.

In fact, you as a taxi startup allow a rider to schedule a ride in advance by entering a date and time of traveling. With scheduling feature, riders can book a ride in advance by one week or one hour so that they don’t have to wait on the road or outside of a home.

3. Favorite Destination and Voice Commands

The third essential feature for wheelchair taxi app is favorite destination and voice command to book a ride. Let’s first talk about the favorite destination, this feature allows riders to mark different destinations as their favorite so that they don’t have to enter the address again and again. Under the list of favorites, riders will get their favorite marked destinations to select.


Another one is voice commands that allow disabled people to book or schedule a ride through voice commands. So, people, who are disabled with eyes, can book a ride through voice commands. In short, such features can make your taxi booking app successful and stand out in the market.

Concluding Remarks

As you have gone through the main features of Uber for handicap people, so, if you, as a taxi startup or taxi businessman, have made up your mind to develop your own ride-hailing app along with these features, you can describe your requirements to us.

We have already transformed more than 40 ideas into successful Uber-like apps, allowing taxi businesses to serve their riders with real-time taxi application. In case, if you have any query or confusion like how much does it cost to develop an app for taxi business or what is app development timeline, just fill our contact us form. Our sales representative team will get back to you shortly.

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Uber like App Development – Consider These 3 Strategies of Uber to Develop a Successful Taxi Booking App


Today, taxi apps like Uber, Lyft, Grab, and Careem have made it easy for the passengers to book a cab from the comfort of their home.

Using these taxi booking apps, people book a taxi for point A to point B and get around the city and simplifying daily commute. In fact, the ride-sharing segment is also touching new heights in the market.

The current revenue of the ride-sharing segment amounts to $59,678M US dollars in 2018, and it is expected to reach $109,050M US dollars by 2022, according to statista.com. The current user penetration is 9.8%, which is expected to touch 13.3% by 2022, and the average revenue per user amounts to $118.28M US dollars.

Considering these statistics and growth of the market, many taxi startups and companies have developed their own taxi hailing apps like Uber, including rider’s app and driver’s app. So, if you are also planning to take your taxi business online and want to develop a successful app like Uber, consider these 3 simple strategies of Uber while developing a taxi app.

1. Understand the Problem & Provide Solution

One of the main strategies of Uber is that it understood the major problem of the transportation industry and provided a solution in terms of taxi application. The company has analyzed the market and understood passengers of the problem that they face while booking a cab.

After researching, analyzing and understanding the problem, Uber decided to develop a taxi app, allowing people to book a cab with just a few taps. Using Uber application, today, people just need to enter the destination where they want to travel, and the taxi will come at their doorsteps with a few minutes.

As Uber understood the market of a particular country or location and provided the solution there, you can analyze the market and location, where passengers are facing a problem when booking a cab. Provide a solution in terms of taxi booking app and make it easy for people to book a taxi.

2. Innovative and Convenient Taxi Solution for All Age People

Another successful strategy of Uber is an innovative and convenient taxi app solution for all age group. The app connects passengers of all age with drivers in real-time and enables them to book a taxi with just a few simple clicks on the screen.

Moreover, the ride sharing app, Uber, is developed in a way that allows people to enter the destination and offers three different options of cabs from Uber pool to Uber zip and UberGo. After selecting their desired option, passengers can confirm the trip.

So, if you also want to provide convenience to your customers, make sure to develop a taxi booking app solution like Uber that don’t take more than 2-minutes your customers. Moreover, don’t forget to provide unique attributes to your users, which are not yet available in other ride-hailing apps.

3. A Set of Unique and Useful Features in the App

The third most important strategy of Uber is a unique and useful set of features that have changed the way people book cab in their day-to-day life.

Including an important set of features like booking ride, GPS tracking to track cab, Payment gateway integration, Schedule trips, and trip history, Uber has provided various solutions. These Uber app features have helped people a lot when riding in the cab as they can track the routes and payment details, etc.

As Uber is providing a range of features to its customers, you can think to deliver a set of unique features like preferred drivers, SOS to add emergency contacts, schedule trip in advance one or two days, check payment history, book a ride for friend and family and more.

By including useful and unique features, you can stand out in the taxi industry. So, whether you have a big or small taxi business, develop ride hailing app like Uber or Lyft and streamline the process of booking cab.

How GoSpaxi Can Help You to Take Your Taxi Business Online

Being a white label taxi booking app development company with the experience of developing over 50, we offer a complete taxi booking app solution, including Driver’s app, Rider’s app and admin panel to allow you to manage your taxi business.

Our solution is designed and developed to streamline your taxi business, making it easy for you to manage taxi booking to billing and dispatching to drivers. One of the main benefits of our solution is that it is developed in the easiest way so that riders and drivers of all age group can access it easily. And, admin panel comes with easy-to-use features that allow you to manage drivers, track taxi’s using GPS and manage riders at one single platform.

So, book a 30-minute free consultation with our expert and take a demo of our complete taxi booking solution where our expert will explain complete features both riders and driver’s app and admin panel.



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