Are you running a taxi company or startup?

If yes, then you might have got this question in your mind – why Uber, Lyft and Grab are popular taxi service providers in the market? Well, the answer is, these taxi giants have their own taxi app for passengers and drivers.

Uber and uber like taxi apps have made it easy for passengers to instantly book a cab and ride from one destination to another. With the emergence of these taxi booking apps, the taxi industry is touching new heights and growing exponentially.

Talking about the revenue of this industry, the ride-hailing segment amounts to US$62,168m in 2018, and it is expected to show a growth rate of 15.0%, resulting in a market volume of US$124,987m by global comparison, the most revenue is generated in China that is US$28,176m in 2018.  

Looking at the growth and revenue of the taxi industry, if you, as an owner of the taxi company, have decided to develop your own taxi booking app solution, connecting passengers and drivers in real-time, GoSpAXI, a white label taxi booking solution, is the best option. This taxi booking app solution, GoSpAXI, comes with both rider’s and driver’s apps, partner panel, and admin panel to manage your taxi business at one platform.

Using GoSpAXI ride-hailing solution, manage drivers, track taxi’s position using GPS and manage riders with just a few simple taps. Moving ahead, let’s check out the top 4 features of GoSpAXI solution that will help you to manage your entire taxi business and take it to the next level.

1. Schedule Trip

When running a taxi company, riders play an important role to make your company successful. So, it is important to serve your riders with the best taxi booking app service, allowing them to book a taxi as per their convenience.


Along with taxi booking service when they need, you can allow riders to schedule their trip for the next day even. Whether they are traveling to the office, grocery market, or any other place with their friends, scheduling trip is the main feature for all those riders, who want to book a ride in advance.

The main aim of including this feature is that your riders don’t have to wait. According to their preferred time and date, riders schedule the trip and drivers will reach on the specified time and date. So, being an owner of the taxi company, if you have decided to develop a taxi app, it is must to consider schedule trip feature. 

2. Preferred Driver

Another feature is preferred driver that GoSpAXI solution offers in rider’s app, allowing riders to mark any driver as a preferred one. Many a time, it happens with riders that they found any driver good and they want to ride with them again.

Consider riders’ needs, GoSpAXI solution provides preferred driver feature that makes it easy to choose the same driver again for the ride. Just riders to mark any driver as preferred one so that the next time request goes to him if he is in the same vicinity.

This feature will make your riders think that you care for their choices. And it will also give them to choose the driver with whom they can ride as per their convenience. 

3. My Destination

The third feature that offered by GoSpAXI is “My Destination” that is mainly developed for your drivers. The feature, My Destination, allows drivers to enter the predefined routes at the time of heading back home or going to offline so that he gets requests that come in his route only.

This feature will give your drivers freedom to choose or get only those ride requests that come in their way to home. Drivers just need to activate “My Destination” and they will get only those requests that come in their route. 

4. SOS Contacts

The fourth most essential feature that is offered by GoSpAXI, a taxi booking app solution, is SOS contacts, included in both driver’s app and rider’s app. This feature, SOS contacts, allows drivers and riders to add emergency contacts for any kind of emergency. SOS_contactsIn any case, if the rider and driver are in the problem, they can activate the SOS functionality so the added contacts will get a text message with his current location. In addition to this, the admin will get a message or notification on the dashboard about it.

So, whether it is about rider or driver, both can add emergency contacts for any emergency and activate it when in need.

The Bottom Line

Irrespective of the size and number of drivers you have at your company, you can have your taxi booking app like Uber and Lyft to streamline your taxi business operations. In fact, having a mobile app for your taxi company has become a necessity as a mobile app is considered as the flourishing tool.

So, you can describe your taxi business requirements to us and one of our sales representatives will get back to you as soon as possible. Our representative will comprehend your taxi business and explain how GoSpAXI taxi app solution is the right choice for your business. Even, our representative provides a free demo of our uber taxi booking app solution.



Today, mobile apps have touched every aspect of our life. From booking cabs to ordering food to purchasing products online, mobile apps have made things a lot easier.

Talking about booking cabs online, taxi giants like Uber, Lyft, Grab, DiDi and Careem have changed the way people book a taxi today. Now, people don’t wait on the road and shout “taxi”, they take out their phone and book a cab with just a few taps on the screen.

Looking at this, we can say that Uber and Uber-like taxi booking apps are taking the market away from traditional taxi service providers. And the reality is, Uber and Uber-like taxi services are not going anywhere soon. Things will never be the same again for the traditional taxi companies and startups.

So, whether you are running a taxi company with 50-100 drivers or a startup with 10+ drivers, a white-label taxi booking app solution is must for your business to survive in this competitive market.

When it comes to having a white-label mobile and web-based taxi booking app solution for your business, GoSpAXI is the best option that provides 3 powerful solutions to taxi businesses and startups.

3 Powerful Solutions That Provided by GoSpAXi, a White-label Taxi Booking App Solution

1. Streamline Day-to-day Taxi Operations

GoSpAXI is a widely used taxi app solution that has helped many taxi businesses and startups to streamline their day-to-day taxi operations. Offering a complete range of features in one ride-hailing solution, including driver’s app, rider’s app, partner panel, admin panel, our taxi app solution will automate your taxi business from booking to billing and dispatching to ratings.

Using our taxi app solution, you, as an owner of the taxi business, can manage drivers, track driver’s location using GPS, manage riders and their requests at one platform.

The best thing about this solution is, it is so simple and easy-to-access, allowing any non-technical member in your business to use it without any problem. So, if you are running a taxi company or startup, you can have your own taxi app solution and manage your daily errands without any hassle. 

2. Real-time Tracking of Drivers, Riders and Taxis

Another solution that is provided by GoSpAXI solution is real-time tracking of all the drivers with their current locations, taxis and track the entire business process. Whether it is about a rider to track driver and his whereabouts or drivers to track rider and his location, our taxi app solution provides real-time tracking to both drivers and riders.

Talking about traditional taxi system, riders had no visibility of driver’s details and his whereabouts, but now riders can track taxi and check estimate arrival time of it. Along with this, riders can view the driver’s details, including name, contact no., ratings, and make a call directly from the app.

So, if you are planning to take your taxi business online, talk to our representative and book a free demo of our solution, getting a complete idea about the features and functionalities. 

3. Eliminated the Gap Between Drivers & Riders

The third essential solution that provided by GoSpAXI is that it has eliminated the gap between drivers and riders, allowing them to connect in real-time. With just a few taps, riders can book a cab from point A to point B and nearby driver will get the request for it.

Once the driver accepts the request, the rider will get a complete detail about the driver including his current location, estimated arrival time, name, contact no., ratings and feedbacks. Even, our taxi booking solution allows riders to prefer the same driver for their next rides.

Rider just needs to mark any driver as preferred so that the next time whenever he/she requests for a ride, the request will directly go to the preferred drive as per his availability. If the preferred driver is available when the rider is sending a request, the request will directly go to him and this way, you can boost the customer satisfaction.

What Would Be Your Next Step?

Undeniably, the taxi industry will continue to grow in the future, offering profound opportunities to grow. We can say this by considering one report from McKinsey that says the ride-sharing market will see 28% annual growth worldwide from 2015 to 2030.

So, if you are running a taxi business and want to become a successful as Uber, Lyft and Grab, provide your customers with taxi booking solution, enabling them to quickly book a ride. Even, you can get your own customized GoSpAXI taxi solution according to your business requirements and preferred features. Just discuss your requirements with us through our contact us form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.




Today, taxi apps like Uber, Lyft, Grab, and Careem have made it easy for the passengers to book a cab from the comfort of their home.

Using these taxi booking apps, people book a taxi for point A to point B and get around the city and simplifying daily commute. In fact, the ride-sharing segment is also touching new heights in the market.

The current revenue of the ride-sharing segment amounts to $59,678M US dollars in 2018, and it is expected to reach $109,050M US dollars by 2022, according to The current user penetration is 9.8%, which is expected to touch 13.3% by 2022, and the average revenue per user amounts to $118.28M US dollars.

Considering these statistics and growth of the market, many taxi startups and companies have developed their own taxi hailing apps like Uber, including rider’s app and driver’s app. So, if you are also planning to take your taxi business online and want to develop a successful app like Uber, consider these 3 simple strategies of Uber while developing a taxi app.

1. Understand the Problem & Provide Solution

One of the main strategies of Uber is that it understood the major problem of the transportation industry and provided a solution in terms of taxi application. The company has analyzed the market and understood passengers of the problem that they face while booking a cab.

After researching, analyzing and understanding the problem, Uber decided to develop a taxi app, allowing people to book a cab with just a few taps. Using Uber application, today, people just need to enter the destination where they want to travel, and the taxi will come at their doorsteps with a few minutes.

As Uber understood the market of a particular country or location and provided the solution there, you can analyze the market and location, where passengers are facing a problem when booking a cab. Provide a solution in terms of taxi booking app and make it easy for people to book a taxi.

2. Innovative and Convenient Taxi Solution for All Age People

Another successful strategy of Uber is an innovative and convenient taxi app solution for all age group. The app connects passengers of all age with drivers in real-time and enables them to book a taxi with just a few simple clicks on the screen.

Moreover, the ride sharing app, Uber, is developed in a way that allows people to enter the destination and offers three different options of cabs from Uber pool to Uber zip and UberGo. After selecting their desired option, passengers can confirm the trip.

So, if you also want to provide convenience to your customers, make sure to develop a taxi booking app solution like Uber that don’t take more than 2-minutes your customers. Moreover, don’t forget to provide unique attributes to your users, which are not yet available in other ride-hailing apps.

3. A Set of Unique and Useful Features in the App

The third most important strategy of Uber is a unique and useful set of features that have changed the way people book cab in their day-to-day life.

Including an important set of features like booking ride, GPS tracking to track cab, Payment gateway integration, Schedule trips, and trip history, Uber has provided various solutions. These Uber app features have helped people a lot when riding in the cab as they can track the routes and payment details, etc.

As Uber is providing a range of features to its customers, you can think to deliver a set of unique features like preferred drivers, SOS to add emergency contacts, schedule trip in advance one or two days, check payment history, book a ride for friend and family and more.

By including useful and unique features, you can stand out in the taxi industry. So, whether you have a big or small taxi business, develop ride hailing app like Uber or Lyft and streamline the process of booking cab.

How GoSpaxi Can Help You to Take Your Taxi Business Online

Being a white label taxi booking app development company with the experience of developing over 50, we offer a complete taxi booking app solution, including Driver’s app, Rider’s app and admin panel to allow you to manage your taxi business.

Our solution is designed and developed to streamline your taxi business, making it easy for you to manage taxi booking to billing and dispatching to drivers. One of the main benefits of our solution is that it is developed in the easiest way so that riders and drivers of all age group can access it easily. And, admin panel comes with easy-to-use features that allow you to manage drivers, track taxi’s using GPS and manage riders at one single platform.

So, book a 30-minute free consultation with our expert and take a demo of our complete taxi booking solution where our expert will explain complete features both riders and driver’s app and admin panel.




Have you ever wondered why Uber and Lyft are so much successful in the market? Being a businessman, you might have this thought and try to find out the reasons behind the success of these taxi goliaths.

One of the main reasons behind the success of these taxi businesses is that they have developed a reliable and feature-rich taxi booking app, allowing their passengers to book cabs using smartphones.

Talking about the conventional taxi businesses, they are not entertained by customers anymore. According to one of the surveys, it has been found that 80% of passengers prefer hiring cabs or taxis using on-demand taxi apps like Uber, Careem, Lyft and Didi Chuxing. These taxi service providers are promising for reliable pick-up services to its passengers.

If you have also decided to make your taxi business successful like Uber and Lyft, it’s high time to get a white label taxi booking app solution that can help your taxi business to automate each process related to taxi booking services. The Uber clone app solution will help you to manage bookings, dispatching, taxis and taxi drivers with just a few clicks.

When it comes to talking about the white label taxi booking app solution, then GoSpAXI is the most popular on-demand taxi booking app solution that is mainly designed and developed for taxi businesses to automate their business from booking to billing and dispatching. Before we know how this solution can transform your taxi business, let’s check out some insights about this successful white label taxi booking solution:

GoSpAXI: The Successful White Label Taxi Booking Solution

  • Founded back in 2016, GoSpAXI is a complete white label taxi booking app solution, including rider’s and driver’s app and admin panel.
  • This solution will transform the way you handle and deliver your taxi booking services to your customers.
  • Using this solution, the taxi businesses can handle everything from taxi booking to serving customers to managing drivers, riders and vehicles.
  • Rather than any traditional form like phone calls, it will streamline the whole process with a high-end technological solution.
  • One of the main things is that GoSpAXI solution is developed so simple that any non-technical member in your taxi business can use it without any problem.
  • The solution has been adopted by more than 40 taxi companies worldwide, including Australia, U.K., Nigeria, Switzerland, India, Brazil and many other countries.

Let’s Know How GoSpAXI Can Help You to Transform Your Taxi Business

Connect Riders & Drivers in Real-time

GoSpAXI will help taxi businesses to transform their business by connecting riders and drivers in real-time. Today, real-time tracking has been considered as the biggest plus point in the cab booking application.

The drivers are aware of the exact location from where they have to pick up the passengers, and the same thing goes for passengers or riders, they know arrival time of the driver along with his name, and phone number.

But do you know how this feature benefit your taxi business? You will be to track the real-time location of all the drivers along with the routes they prefer to reach the customers and drive him to the destination.

In case, if you think that drivers are taking more time to reach the riders, you can send the said instructions. In this way, you can try to provide the best services to your customers and beat with your rivals like Uber and Lyft.

Automate the Entire Operations of Your Taxi Business

One of the best things about GoSpAXI solution is that it will automate the entire operations of your taxi business from managing taxis to taxi drivers, customers’ reviews and taxi bookings. The solution will help you in dispatching cabs on time and get things done at a faster pace.

In addition, this complete taxi solution comes with a dispatch software (admin panel) that allows you to manually assign a trip request to the driver on behalf of the rider. This feature is extremely useful when riders can’t request for a ride due to low-network or for outstation customers.

So, having your own taxi booking solution can help you to boost the efficiency of your taxi business. You can easily manage all the entities ranging from drivers to riders and fare to revenue generation at one single platform.

Meeting Expectations of Your Passengers

In this modern age, consumers expect an app for everything whether it is booking air tickets, cabs or ordering food. They expect to use an application from the comfort of their home. So, in case if consumers are thinking of using your taxi service, the chances are high that they will search for your app on the app store.

If your service is not available as an Uber-like app, it is a major disadvantage and allows your rivals to serve your customers. So, it is must that you meet your consumers’ expectations and deliver on-demand taxi booking services.

Therefore, your taxi business can have its own white label taxi solution that comes with drivers and riders’ app and admin panel. The solution will help you to manage your entire taxi business, meeting your customers’ expectations.

Ready to Have Your Own White Label Taxi Booking App Solution?

Now, you know how GoSpAXI solution can transform your taxi business and help you to expand it worldwide like Uber, Lyft and other successful taxi companies. It is must that you have your own taxi booking solution, connecting drivers and riders in real-time, automating the entire operations, and meeting your customers’ on-demand needs.

Whether you are running a taxi company with 10-15 taxi drivers or more, GoSpAXI taxi booking app solution is for both small and large taxi companies who want to take their business online and streamline the whole process of taxi booking.

In any case, if you have any query related to taxi apps like Uber or our taxi booking solution, you can get in touch with us through our contact us form. One of our sales representatives will get back to you in less 48 hours. The initial consultation is totally free. In fact, you can book a live demo for free, where we will show our complete admin panel like how it can help you to handle your business, both riders and drivers’ app, explaining complete features.