4 Tips That You Must Follow To Maximize Profits From Your Taxi Booking App
November 6, 2019 GoUser

4 Tips That You Must Follow To Maximize Profits From Your Taxi Booking App

Are you thinking of developing an Uber-like taxi booking app? As a startup owner, you might be worried about the profits and that’s understandable. To enable you to maximize your profits, we have written this blog with the help of our taxi app consultant. We have listed 4 tips that you must keep a note of when you are launching your app. With our white label taxi app solution, it will be easier for you to follow these tips and also focus on your core tasks. Keep reading so you can launch an app that helps you grow and also satisfies the users.

You might have a taxi booking app, a number of drivers and passengers using your taxi booking platform, but do you have a foolproof plan that helps you succeed? 

Uber recently revealed their earnings in the 3rd quarter of 2019 and people are not entirely pleased. Uber lost $1.2 billion according to this report. However, the loss isn’t as crippling as of Q2 2019, when they had reported their biggest loss yet at $5.2 billion. 

What began as just a startup is now operating in over 60 countries across the world and counting. They are surviving despite the losses but often, smaller taxi startups shut down because they can’t bear the losses. We have seen it happen and we don’t want more taxi startup owners to go through it. Hence, in this article, we will be giving you some tips on how to make profit with your taxi booking app. These tips have been written with the help of our taxi app consultant and will ensure that your taxi app rockets off to a bright future. 

So, shall we begin?

4 Tips To Help Increase Profits From Your Taxi Booking App

#1 Treat employees and drivers well

A good office culture can promote better productivity and a more positive outlook toward work. When a company mistreats its employees, they can’t go very far. Hence, it is very important that when you develop a taxi booking app and launch it, you take care of everyone working with you. When an employee feels that they are worth a lot to the company, they start acting upon it too. This will result in substantial growth and development of your taxi company.

Not just employees, you will also be working with drivers and have to make sure that they are satisfied while driving with your taxi booking app. You can provide them with incentives and a good revenue model that enables them to earn satisfactorily without having to overwork themselves. This will make the drivers more loyal towards your taxi booking app. At GoSpAXI, we have integrated these features in our app for taxi drivers and they have helped many of our taxi clients establish a better connection with their drivers.

#2 Focus on customer service

Just like your employees and drivers, even your customers will require a major proportion of your focus. And they do deserve the most, don’t they? Competition in the market may convince you to reduce the fares in your cab booking app, but that would be a step in the wrong direction.

In fact, Forbes has published an article about a survey of customers’ expectations. The survey found that 68% of people are willing to pay more to companies in return for better customer services and quality. Out of that, more than 10% of people were willing to pay extra 1/5th of the cost in return for better services. If that doesn’t convince you to keep your profit margin high, we don’t know what will.

Hence, make sure that you only allow vetted drivers to register on your cab booking app and train them for consistent and proper behavior. You should also take a look at the features that we have integrated into GoSpAXI’s riders’ app to get an idea of how we can help you with customer retention. Going a mile further will result in an increased number of riders registering on your taxi booking platform.

#3 Streamlined process

When passengers use your Uber-like taxi app, you need to make sure that everything in perfectly in sync. The request should go to drivers who are closest to the passenger in question. When one of the drivers accepts the taxi booking from the taxi driver’s app, the information should be updated in real-time on not just the driver’s app but also in the passenger’s app and the admin panel. This will allow smoothe and ceaseless functioning of your ride booking app. 

To make sure that your taxi business does not suffer due to any technical glitches, GoSpAXI allows real-time updates of information on the apps. You can add or edit information from the admin panel and see it reflected in the driver’s and rider’s apps immediately. This will help you create a better customer experience for the passengers and convince them to use your taxi software. 

#4 Cash and cashless payments

Today, convenience is everything. People choose the option that saves them time, energy or money. To offer this convenience to your passengers, the best thing you can do is give them multiple options for making the payments. In GoSpAXI’s taxi app solution, we offer cash payment as the default option to all our clients. Other than this, there are more than 11 payment gateways that we have integrated in taxi booking apps of our clients across the world. By offering online payments, you will offer your customers convenience and ease. This will help you offer a richer and better experience to the passengers without any extra efforts. 

Slow And Steady Wins The Taxi Booking App Race

Starting a company from the ground is tough work but if you have the correct resources and a proper strategy, nothing is impossible. With GoSpAXI as your white label taxi app solution, you can get ahead in the game without facing losses. Our taxi booking app consultants will help you with your strategy and suggest the best features so you can provide good services at feasible fares. 

The best part about GoSpAXI is that we provide different plans for startups and enterprises. With pricing starting as low as $249 per month, it will be easier and cost-effective for you to launch your startup taxi booking app. In our plan, you will get the rider’s app, driver’s app, driver panel, admin panel and a single-page website for promotional purposes. We will also offer new features and updates that we add to the software at no extra costs. Along with this, our team will take care of any technical issues that arrive at any point of time and will provide maintenance of the app free of cost. 

Why are you still reading? Fill up the form to get in touch with our taxi booking app consultant and try a free demo of our GoSpAXI white label taxi app solution today. Our consultant will also help you out with any questions or confusion that you may have regarding our product. We will also understand your idea and help you with the next steps so that you can launch your app as soon as possible.

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