Planning to Develop a Taxi App like Uber for Airport Shuttle? 3 Features of Airport Taxi App That You Can’t Overlook
April 27, 2019 GoUser

Planning to Develop a Taxi App like Uber for Airport Shuttle? 3 Features of Airport Taxi App That You Can’t Overlook

Uber for Airport Shuttle

The airport is one such place that is always busy and has a lot of people, who are going from one place to another. This place, airport, is full of people, and some of those people are waiting for their flights while others are in a queue to grab taxis.

Standing in a long queue and waiting for taxis is a waste of time for businessmen and other professionals, who travel from one country to another for business purpose. Thanks to Uber for Airport shuttle service apps.

Airport Shuttle Service

These taxi booking apps allow businessmen and other travelers to book a cab in advance so that they don’t have to wait at the airport for taxis. They can book taxis to and from the airport using airport shuttle service apps and sit back relax in flight.

Talking about airport shuttle industry, it has risen over the past decade. As these services are used by business travelers, groups, families and solo riders. The driver picks travelers or riders up at a predetermined location and drops them off wherever necessary.

Being an Airport shuttle startup or entrepreneur, if you want to develop taxi app like Uber for your Airport shuttle business, here’re top 3 features that you can’t overlook while developing taxi app for the airport.

3 Major Features of Airport Shuttle Service Apps That You Can’t Overlook While Developing a Taxi App for Airport Shuttle

1. Allow Airport Riders to Book a Cab in One Simple Step

When providing a dedicated taxi booking app solution to Airport riders, the first and foremost feature to provide is – allowing riders to book a ride in one simple step. With a lot of luggage to manage and carry heavy bags, it is must to allow your riders to book a taxi in just one simple step.

They just need to enter/select the destination and confirm the ride with a tap so that they don’t face any difficulty while booking a cab. Enabling riders to book a cab with such simple steps can win their heart. The riders always prefer your ride-hailing app no matter which country they are traveling. The riders will look for your taxi app only.

So, if you are developing a taxi booking app for your airport shuttle service business, make sure that you include this feature, making it easier for riders to book a cab.

2. Real-time Tracking of Driver and his Location

Allowing Airport riders to track driver and its location in real-time is another important feature that you can consider while developing Uber airport pickup and drop-off application. This feature will make it easy for riders to track driver and its real-time location.

The riders can also check the estimated arrival time of the driver along with his current location. This feature will make riders relax when they have a flight. They can track the driver constantly and sit back relax.

So, whether you are planning to develop an airport taxi app for one city, country, or different countries of the world, real-time tracking of the driver and his location is must consider a feature.

3. Multiple Payment Modes

As you know that most people don’t prefer to keep heavy cash with them. And when it is a late night and traveling in other countries, they prefer to make payments through other modes. So, the third essential feature that plays a significant role in making your airport transportation app stand-out is multiple payment options.

Provide your riders with multiple payment options like net banking, credit/debit cards, e-wallets, cash on delivery, and other payment modes. Through these multiple payment options, users can easily make payments for their rides without the need for cash.

In fact, these are the most secure ways to make payments, so don’t forget to include multiple payment options in your taxi app as it will give your users multiple options to make payments.


You have gone through the 3 important features of Uber airport taxi app that you can’t afford to miss while making a taxi app for your airport shuttle service. So, if you have planned to convert your taxi app idea into reality and want to hire taxi app developers for your taxi application, get in touch with us through our contact us form.

GoSpAXI is a complete taxi booking app solution that we can customize with your desired features and functionalities for your business. With the experience of developing over 40 taxi apps, we are here to help top taxi companies, startups and entrepreneurs to expand their business worldwide.

In case, if you still have any confusion like how much does it cost to develop an app like Uber for a taxi business or what is the app development time, just share your queries with us. One of our technical experts will answer all your queries.

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