How You Can Beat Uber by Using GoSpAXI For Your Car Rental Business
July 16, 2019 GoUser

How You Can Beat Uber by Using GoSpAXI For Your Car Rental Business

Taxi App Solution like Uber

Stop dreaming about it, start driving it.

If you own a car rental company, you know that this sentence is good marketing for your business. It hits the right sentimental spots and helps people feel something.

Most people have the same dream: buy a car, buy a house and have a happy family. But the problem is not all of them can afford to buy a brand new, shiny car.

The car rental industry keeps prospering and becoming bigger with every passing year. Here is a graph from Statista that shows the growth from 2011 to now and a prediction till 2023.


Bet you didn’t think it could be this big!

Although the industry keeps growing, it doesn’t necessarily ensure every company’s growth. The fast-paced growth of the technology sector has left many other industries panting for breath as they try to keep up with it. And you don’t want to be left behind, do you?

With the development and growth of Uber for rentals, there is no way that car rental companies can stay afloat without going digital. Moreover, even if your business is flourishing, adding a mobile app will only aid you more.

But before you run off for hiring a developer for Uber for rentals app, we have a white label taxi app solution that you can get for your business.

GoSpAXI is a white label taxi solution specially created for startups that want a mobile app for their business but don’t have enough resources to put into building it. It is based on the Saas model and has a ton of customizable features. You don’t believe us? Read on.

Features in GoSpAXI that you need in your Uber for Rentals app

Here is a list of features that are integrated with the GoSpAXI app which you can use to build your own Uber for Rentals app.

1. Fleet Management

GoSpAXI’s admin panel has a special feature that you can use to check the status of all your registered cars and their current status. There’s no need for someone to spend hours making a list of all the vehicles or to keep the list updated with time.

With GoSpAXI, you can see everything with one click and make sure that you focus on the important tasks rather than sweating over the small stuff. You can see which cars are currently on rent, which ones are in the garage, which ones have gone in for servicing and which ones are on the way to your clients. By enabling GPS in the cars, you will also be able to pin down the exact location of your car.

2. Push notifications

Did you know that 1 in 5 people will never open your app again after launching it? This statistic is pretty alarming. But before you fret, remember that there are people who are really good at marketing. You know, the ones who can convince anyone to buy anything? Yes, exactly. They put their heads together and came up with a feature called push notifications.

push notification

It doesn’t matter if you go for traditional marketing, email marketing, social media marketing or any other form of marketing. Repetition is a very powerful tool in marketing and using it can definitely benefit you. Push notifications are just a way of doing that. You can safely send a few per day for ensuring that more people use your app after downloading it. In fact, a study from 2014 shows that push notifications help get 88% more engagement from app users.

The good news here is that the GoSpAXI white label taxi app solution has inbuilt push notifications. This feature is a must for your Uber for Rentals app and will help you convert many clients.

3. SOS feature

Trouble can call on you anytime, anywhere and without any prior notice. Scary, right? Not if you use GoSpAXI white label taxi app solution for your Uber for Rentals app development. Keep reading to learn more about our unique SOS feature.

Users are allowed to input up to 3 emergency contacts. The name and phone number of contact persons are necessary for this feature to be activated. The mobile app for your car rental company will have a specific button on the home screen. When in danger, the user can simply press activate SOS and a link will be automatically generated. This link will be sent to the user’s emergency contacts. Using the link, the user can be traced by her emergency persons easily.

When you provide safety of such level to your users, they will feel that you really do care about them and aren’t out to just take their money. Such features build kind of a trust factor in the users and help you increase your user base.

4. Fare management

When you build a mobile app for a car rental company, what will be a major factor in it besides the cars? You guessed it; the finances. Uber-like apps for car rentals usually have a fixed way of calculating the fare for the users. It helps avoid any kind of unfair charges to the user, hence getting loyalty and trust of the user in return.

GoSpAXI, one of the best taxi app solutions in the market, has an in-depth fare management system in the admin panel. The admin can easily set the base fare and a number of other conditions that will generate invoices easily.

Here are the various types of things that an admin can set up in the GoSpAXI admin panel:

  • Base fare
  • Minimum fare
  • Charges per minute
  • Charges per mile
  • Waiting charges
  • Distance-based fare management
  • Area-specific fare management
  • Time-based fare management
  • Tax management
  • Toll management

The best thing is that you can get it customized before purchasing the product so you can add or subtract any features that you want.

5. Various payment options

From PayPal to the good ol’ cash, there are so many payment options out there today. And different people use different payment methods, depending on their preference. How do you solve this? By integrating more of them in your app.

GoSpAXI offers multiple payment options based on your preference and can integrate them into your new car rental Uber-like mobile app. With the ease of payment, more users will flock to your mobile app and your investment in the app will easily pay off soon enough.

Final Words

So we just mentioned 5 amazing features in the GoSpAXI white label taxi app solution that will be extremely beneficial for your car rental company. You can make an Uber for Rentals app for your company, market the app easily and also gain the trust of your users and customers.

Taking your business digital is like giving wings to it. If you are ready to do that, you can contact us today for more information and estimation for your project.

Moreover, our experts will also provide you with a FREE demo of our GoSpAXI solution that will help you understand our deliverables better. The demo will include a driver’s app, a rider’s app and the admin panel too.

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