Cab Booking App Development: 3 Powerful Solutions That Provided by GoSpAXi, a White-label Taxi Booking App Solution
November 29, 2018 GoUser

Cab Booking App Development: 3 Powerful Solutions That Provided by GoSpAXi, a White-label Taxi Booking App Solution

White Label Taxi Booking App

Today, mobile apps have touched every aspect of our life. From booking cabs to ordering food to purchasing products online, mobile apps have made things a lot easier.

Talking about booking cabs online, taxi giants like Uber, Lyft, Grab, DiDi and Careem have changed the way people book a taxi today. Now, people don’t wait on the road and shout “taxi”, they take out their phone and book a cab with just a few taps on the screen.

Looking at this, we can say that Uber and Uber-like taxi booking apps are taking the market away from traditional taxi service providers. And the reality is, Uber and Uber-like taxi services are not going anywhere soon. Things will never be the same again for the traditional taxi companies and startups.

So, whether you are running a taxi company with 50-100 drivers or a startup with 10+ drivers, a white-label taxi booking app solution is must for your business to survive in this competitive market.

When it comes to having a white-label mobile and web-based taxi booking app solution for your business, GoSpAXI is the best option that provides 3 powerful solutions to taxi businesses and startups.

3 Powerful Solutions That Provided by GoSpAXi, a White-label Taxi Booking App Solution

1. Streamline Day-to-day Taxi Operations

GoSpAXI is a widely used taxi app solution that has helped many taxi businesses and startups to streamline their day-to-day taxi operations. Offering a complete range of features in one ride-hailing solution, including driver’s app, rider’s app, partner panel, admin panel, our taxi app solution will automate your taxi business from booking to billing and dispatching to ratings.

Using our taxi app solution, you, as an owner of the taxi business, can manage drivers, track driver’s location using GPS, manage riders and their requests at one platform.

The best thing about this solution is, it is so simple and easy-to-access, allowing any non-technical member in your business to use it without any problem. So, if you are running a taxi company or startup, you can have your own taxi app solution and manage your daily errands without any hassle. 

2. Real-time Tracking of Drivers, Riders and Taxis

Another solution that is provided by GoSpAXI solution is real-time tracking of all the drivers with their current locations, taxis and track the entire business process. Whether it is about a rider to track driver and his whereabouts or drivers to track rider and his location, our taxi app solution provides real-time tracking to both drivers and riders.

Talking about traditional taxi system, riders had no visibility of driver’s details and his whereabouts, but now riders can track taxi and check estimate arrival time of it. Along with this, riders can view the driver’s details, including name, contact no., ratings, and make a call directly from the app.

So, if you are planning to take your taxi business online, talk to our representative and book a free demo of our solution, getting a complete idea about the features and functionalities. 

3. Eliminated the Gap Between Drivers & Riders

The third essential solution that provided by GoSpAXI is that it has eliminated the gap between drivers and riders, allowing them to connect in real-time. With just a few taps, riders can book a cab from point A to point B and nearby driver will get the request for it.

Once the driver accepts the request, the rider will get a complete detail about the driver including his current location, estimated arrival time, name, contact no., ratings and feedbacks. Even, our taxi booking solution allows riders to prefer the same driver for their next rides.

Rider just needs to mark any driver as preferred so that the next time whenever he/she requests for a ride, the request will directly go to the preferred drive as per his availability. If the preferred driver is available when the rider is sending a request, the request will directly go to him and this way, you can boost the customer satisfaction.

What Would Be Your Next Step?

Undeniably, the taxi industry will continue to grow in the future, offering profound opportunities to grow. We can say this by considering one report from McKinsey that says the ride-sharing market will see 28% annual growth worldwide from 2015 to 2030.

So, if you are running a taxi business and want to become a successful as Uber, Lyft and Grab, provide your customers with taxi booking solution, enabling them to quickly book a ride. Even, you can get your own customized GoSpAXI taxi solution according to your business requirements and preferred features. Just discuss your requirements with us through our contact us form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.



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