Carpooling App Development – 3 Points Taxi Startups Must Consider While Developing Ridesharing App
January 10, 2019 GoUser

Carpooling App Development – 3 Points Taxi Startups Must Consider While Developing Ridesharing App


Today, carpooling apps or we can say ridesharing apps like Uber, Juno, and GetAround are gaining momentum in the market due to their rapid on-demand taxi services.

With the huge popularity of these taxi giants, many taxi startups and companies, big or small, are trying to enter the taxi app market. Moreover, these taxi startups are looking forward to developing their own Uber-like carpooling app, allowing riders to share their ride with other people and split the cost.

With the convenience of carpooling apps like sharing a ride with other riders and dividing the cost, taxi app users have got huge help in saving money and enjoy the ride by interacting with new people.

In this ride-sharing service, the rider just needs to book a ride, selecting the destination, and share the ride with other riders, who are traveling to the same destination. The best thing about this service is, it is widely popular among travelers and young-age people, who travel often from point A to point B.

So, if you are running a taxi startup or company and want to develop a ridesharing app like Uber and Carma Pooling, consider these 3 points to make your app successful.

1. Provide solution in terms of ridesharing app

Being a taxi startup, if you have made up your mind to allow your riders to share their ride with other riders, then you must consider providing this solution in terms of ridesharing app. Using a ride-sharing app like Uber, riders can easily book a ride by entering the destination, sharing a ride with other riders, who are going on the same destination and divide the cost.


In addition to this, you can provide a solution to your riders’ problems through your carpooling app. You can only have verified riders’ profile and easy-to-use interface so that riders don’t worry about the other riders with whom they are traveling.

In short, you must focus on developing ride-sharing app that gives smooth, simple and interactive user experience to your riders and solution to their common problems like splitting the cost.

2. Freedom to choose with whom they want to travel

Another point that you must consider while developing a ride-sharing app is, give your riders freedom to choose with whom they want to travel or share their ride. As every rider is different and has its own choice, so it is must to allow riders to choose with whom they want to travel.


To make it easy to choose other riders, you can include different preferences like gender, age or any other preferences. When it comes to targeting some tourist places, which mean long-routes, you can provide your riders with additional preferences like interests, hobbies, and more.

By adding preferences like interest and hobbies, one rider can choose another rider, who has the same interest so that they can travel long routes together. This way, your riders will get the freedom of traveling as per their desired person.

3. A Perfect Blend of Features

The third most important point is the perfect blend of features in your taxi booking app. It is a must that you include essential features that make your taxi app stand out in the market. Comprehend your riders’ and drivers’ need and fulfil it by providing a complete list of main features.

Whether it is about booking a ride from point A to point B, looking for another rider, or making a payment for the ride, make sure that rider’s app makes it easy for riders to perform all these tasks. Apart from rider’s app, you can also allow drivers to view the profile of riders, review & rate them, and get driving direction to rider’s location.

So, here’re some of the important features to be considered while developing a ride-sharing app like Uber and Bla Bla Car.

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