Running a Limo Rental Company? 3 Reasons Why to Invest in a Limo App For Your Business

Are you running a limo rental company? Do you have a mobile application to connect with your customers? No? Then, you must be losing a lot of business from your hands because people today believe in using a smartphone for everything.

Whether they are ordering food from any restaurant, buying clothes, or paying bills, they take out their smartphone and perform such daily chores using mobile apps. In fact, most of the food startups, taxi companies like Uber and other instant service providers have invested in a mobile app to be visible in the market.

Being a leading limousine taxi company, it is must to take considerable stroke in the most current booming market. You can find many companies that are having held onto traditional business models have failed.

Yet, there are some other leading limousine rental companies and startups that are growing by adopting the latest changes. If you still thinking about why to develop airport limo service app for your limo rental company, herein you can find 3 main reasons to invest in limo app development.

3 Reasons Why Limo Rental Companies Need to Invest in Limo App Development

1. Allow Passengers to Book a Limo With One Tap

The main reason why a limo rental company should invest in limo app development is, passengers can book a Uber for limo with one single tap. Whether they are booking limo for any special occasion, business meeting or event, and any other reason make it easy for passengers to book a limo ride.


They just need to enter the destination, date, and time to book a ride and click on a book button. It will make your riders’ life a little easier and convenient. Without calling again and again for booking, they just take out their phone and book a ride by entering the details.

So, if you have ever thought to develop limo app, but still you have not taken any step, this reason will convenience to develop your own application for your limo rental startup.

2. Connect Drivers and Riders in Real-time

Through limo mobile app, you can connect drivers and riders in real-time, eliminating the communication gap. Whether passengers want to book airport shuttle service or looking for booking a limo car service for a special occasion like wedding, a limo booking app will connect your riders and drivers in real-time.


Moreover, the drivers and passengers will know each other’s location to make the pickup easier than before. The passengers will not make calls to driver for sharing the location; they will check the current location and estimated arrival time of the driver using a limo app.

3. Manage Your Entire Limo Business & Operations Digitally

The third main reason why limo company should invest in limo app development is – manage your entire limo taxi company and its day-to-day operations digitally. The entire limo app solution comes with rider’s app, driver’s app, and admin panel, allowing the admin of the business to manage everything from booking to rating and billing to drivers.


Apart from this, the admin can manage all the riders and their bookings along with the confirmation. It will make it easy for admin to track entire operations from one single place. So, whether the company provide limo service for wedding, airport pick-up or corporate meetings, the admin will manage everything with just a few clicks.  


Have you ever thought to develop limo service app for your limo rental company? Irrespective the number of limos and limo drivers you are handling, the taxi booking app for limo handles everything easily.

So, if you have decided to enter the limo app market and be visible to customers, you can get in touch with us as GoSpAXI is a complete custom taxi booking app solution. Here, we can customize this taxi app solution for your limo company and make it available for your riders and drivers.

In case, if you have any query related to limo app development, app development cost of limo or app development timeline, you can fill this given contact us form. Our sales representative will get back to you as soon as possible, suggesting the right solution for your limo company.

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4 Exclusive Features of GoSpAXI’s Rider App That Any Taxi Rider Wish For


The time has gone when people were booking taxis by raising their hand in the middle of the road.

People were hiring taxis by shouting “taxi”, and unfortunately, they were not always lucky enough to get one in the first attempt.

Now, with the emergence of taxi booking apps like Uber, Lyft, Careem, and many other successful apps, it becomes a lot easier for people to book a taxi from one place to another. People use these top taxi apps to book taxis from the comfort of their home.

Moreover, these cab booking apps have revolutionized the way people are booking taxis today. With the rider’s app, riders are enjoying all those features that they were dreaming of.

So, being a taxi startup and entrepreneur, if you are planning to invest in taxi booking app development, make sure you include these features. These 4 exclusive features of GoSpAXI’s rider’s app will make your taxi app solution successful, attracting more customers to your business.

Before we discuss the top features of the rider’s application, let’s know some basic information about GoSpAXI, a complete taxi booking app solution.

GoSpAXI: A Successful Taxi Booking App Solution

Designed and developed considering the needs of taxi businesses, GoSpAXI is a top taxi booking app solution to automate your taxi business from daily taxi bookings to managing drivers and billing to a total number of taxis with their location.

The solution comes with an advanced rider’s app, driver’s app, dispatch system, and partner panel, helping you as a taxi businessman to manage your entire business digitally. From handling a team of drivers to track taxi’s position using GPS and managing riders, our taxi booking app solution is designed in a way that any non-technical member in the taxi business can handle everything easily.

Moving ahead, let’s check out the top 5 features of rider’s app that you can consider while developing a rider’s app for your riders.

4 Exclusive Features of Rider’s App That Riders Wish For

1. Allow Riders to Manage Trip Parameters

What if you can serve your riders with extra services for their conveniences? They will love it. Right? So, the main feature that you can include in rider’s app is – manage trip parameters. You can allow your riders to manage trip parameters as per their needs.


They can request the taxi with a baby seat so that they can travel with their baby safely. Apart from the baby seat, allow your riders to book a taxi with wheelchair request so the riders who are not able to walk can request for a wheelchair.

There are many such services that you can allow your riders to request for especially as per their convenience and need. Other such services that you can provide are – taxi with music system, radio station, safety kit, AC with a particular temperature and more. Such services impress your riders and attract more towards your ridesharing app

2. Allow Riders’ Loved Ones Track Their Riders in Real-time

Allow riders to share their location with their loved ones so that they can track the rider’s location in real-time and track the ride constantly. This is the most secured feature that you can consider in your rider’s app and allow your riders to travel from one place to another without stress.


It happens many a time with women, who work in night shift and travel alone, so it is better for them to share their location with their loved ones or office colleagues. This way they can track riders in real-time and constantly have an eye on their current location.

So, whether you are planning to develop Uber for women application or targeting all the riders, sharing real-time location with their loved ones is must include a feature in the taxi app.

3. Advance Booking or Scheduling Ride

The third feature that you can include in your app like Uber is, advance booking or scheduling ride, so riders don’t need to wait in the middle of the roads. So, allow riders to book a ride in advance or schedule it as per their convenience.


They just need to enter the date, time, and destination to book a ride in advance by one day or one week. This feature will it easy for riders to ride in a taxi and plan it in advance. In fact, they can book their daily rides in advance, so they get late when traveling to an office.

No matter what size of taxi business you are running, consider including this feature to compel a greater number of riders to make use of your taxi application.

4. Multiple Drop-off Location

What if your riders want to make a few stops while traveling? The must provide feature is, multiple drop-off locations that allow your riders to include extra stops in their ride. With this feature, the drivers can pick-up and drop-off others without any hassle.

Using this feature, the riders can include up to two extra stops, so they can add locations when they are requesting a ride or while they are on their trip. Riders just simply need click on “Add a Stop” and then save it.

A Simple Piece of Advice

No matter whether you are already in the taxi industry or planning to enter in it, it is must that you develop your own taxi booking app, connecting riders and taxi drivers in real-time. The complete taxi booking solution will transform the way you are handling or will handle the taxi business.

So, if you have any plan or idea on taxi app development, you can discuss it with us we are a leading taxi booking app development company and already developed over 40 taxi apps with multiple features and functionalities.

In any case, if you have any query like how much does it cost to make an app like Uber, what is the exact timeline to develop an app like Uber and what is the business model of Uber like taxi apps, just fill our contact us. Our expert will get back to you shortly, suggesting the optimal solution.

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Planning to Develop a Taxi App like Uber for Airport Shuttle? 3 Features of Airport Taxi App That You Can’t Overlook


The airport is one such place that is always busy and has a lot of people, who are going from one place to another. This place, airport, is full of people, and some of those people are waiting for their flights while others are in a queue to grab taxis.

Standing in a long queue and waiting for taxis is a waste of time for businessmen and other professionals, who travel from one country to another for business purpose. Thanks to Uber for Airport shuttle service apps.

Airport Shuttle Service

These taxi booking apps allow businessmen and other travelers to book a cab in advance so that they don’t have to wait at the airport for taxis. They can book taxis to and from the airport using airport shuttle service apps and sit back relax in flight.

Talking about airport shuttle industry, it has risen over the past decade. As these services are used by business travelers, groups, families and solo riders. The driver picks travelers or riders up at a predetermined location and drops them off wherever necessary.

Being an Airport shuttle startup or entrepreneur, if you want to develop taxi app like Uber for your Airport shuttle business, here’re top 3 features that you can’t overlook while developing taxi app for the airport.

3 Major Features of Airport Shuttle Service Apps That You Can’t Overlook While Developing a Taxi App for Airport Shuttle

1. Allow Airport Riders to Book a Cab in One Simple Step

When providing a dedicated taxi booking app solution to Airport riders, the first and foremost feature to provide is – allowing riders to book a ride in one simple step. With a lot of luggage to manage and carry heavy bags, it is must to allow your riders to book a taxi in just one simple step.


They just need to enter/select the destination and confirm the ride with a tap so that they don’t face any difficulty while booking a cab. Enabling riders to book a cab with such simple steps can win their heart. The riders always prefer your ride-hailing app no matter which country they are traveling. The riders will look for your taxi app only.

So, if you are developing a taxi booking app for your airport shuttle service business, make sure that you include this feature, making it easier for riders to book a cab.

2. Real-time Tracking of Driver and his Location

Allowing Airport riders to track driver and its location in real-time is another important feature that you can consider while developing Uber airport pickup and drop-off application. This feature will make it easy for riders to track driver and its real-time location.


The riders can also check the estimated arrival time of the driver along with his current location. This feature will make riders relax when they have a flight. They can track the driver constantly and sit back relax.

So, whether you are planning to develop an airport taxi app for one city, country, or different countries of the world, real-time tracking of the driver and his location is must consider a feature.

3. Multiple Payment Modes

As you know that most people don’t prefer to keep heavy cash with them. And when it is a late night and traveling in other countries, they prefer to make payments through other modes. So, the third essential feature that plays a significant role in making your airport transportation app stand-out is multiple payment options.

Provide your riders with multiple payment options like net banking, credit/debit cards, e-wallets, cash on delivery, and other payment modes. Through these multiple payment options, users can easily make payments for their rides without the need for cash.

In fact, these are the most secure ways to make payments, so don’t forget to include multiple payment options in your taxi app as it will give your users multiple options to make payments.


You have gone through the 3 important features of Uber airport taxi app that you can’t afford to miss while making a taxi app for your airport shuttle service. So, if you have planned to convert your taxi app idea into reality and want to hire taxi app developers for your taxi application, get in touch with us through our contact us form.

GoSpAXI is a complete taxi booking app solution that we can customize with your desired features and functionalities for your business. With the experience of developing over 40 taxi apps, we are here to help top taxi companies, startups and entrepreneurs to expand their business worldwide.

In case, if you still have any confusion like how much does it cost to develop an app like Uber for a taxi business or what is the app development time, just share your queries with us. One of our technical experts will answer all your queries.

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3 Strategies to Improve Your Traditional Taxi Business and Startup


Running a taxi business or startup is not as easy as it sounds. It takes a lot of dedication, hard work, and understanding of the market to run it successfully.

Being a taxi businessman, you have to keep up with the new trends and technologies to serve your customers with advanced quality taxi services.

However, it doesn’t matter what’s the size of your taxi business, but the thing that matters is the quality of your taxi services. In this highly competitive market, it is must that you keep your taxi business updated and efficient, making it easier for your customers to get in touch with you.

If you want to keep your traditional taxi business updated and ahead of your competitors, we have mentioned some of the effective strategies that will help kick-start your business’s growth.

Improve Your Traditional Taxi Business With 3 Simple Strategies

1. Get Customized Taxi Booking App

In this mobile app era, if your taxi business doesn’t have a taxi booking app for your customers or riders, then not a single rider is going to use your taxi services. Most of the people across the world are opting for taxi booking apps when it comes to booking a taxi from one destination to another.


There are many benefits of developing a taxi app like connecting drivers and riders in real-time, allowing riders to know the estimated arrival time of the driver, get real-time booking updates and notifications. Moreover, a dedicated taxi app gives your business a unique recognition and helps to connect with your customers more conveniently.

In addition, the taxi application connects taxi drivers and riders in real-time, allowing riders to book a cab instantly without making calls to drivers. The rider just only needs to select the destination and book a ride with one single tap.

2. Listen to Your Customers’ Problems & Provide Solution for Same

Another strategy that you can work on and improve your taxi business is – listen to your customers’ problems and provide a solution for the same. You need to observe and understand your customers’ pain points and deliver a solution in terms of application and taxi services.


There might be many problems that your customers are facing like booking a ride through call, waiting on the road for a driver, reminding a driver to reach on time, and other such problems. So, you, as a taxi businessman, need to comprehend all these problems of your customers and provide a solution that makes it easy for them to book a taxi.

To provide a solution for such a problem, you can allow your customers to book a taxi in advance or schedule the ride for their desired date and time. Make sure that scheduling a ride must be of two steps without confusing your riders.

3. Target Potential Customers Only

It is of no use to advertise your taxi booking services in front of those people, who are usually spending their time at home or prefer their own car for traveling from one destination to another.

So, if you want to ensure that your taxi services are used in the right manner, you can target your services in front of those people, who need cabs. You can target the right audience in the region, who looks for cabs nearby for traveling from one place to another.

In short, being taxi business owner, you can market your taxi app services, where people are willing to utilize your taxi services on a daily basis.

How GoSpAXI Can Improve Your Traditional Taxi Business

GoSpAXI is a white label taxi booking app solution that is mainly designed and developed to automate your taxi business from daily bookings to billing and dispatching to ratings. Our taxi booking solution comes with a complete range of features, allowing any non-technical member in the taxi business to use it without any problem.

So, you can have your own taxi app solution that comes with driver’s app, rider’s app, admin panel and partner panel. Get in touch with us and discuss your taxi business requirements with us through our contact us form.

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5 Challenges Faced By Your Taxi Businesses Without A Taxi Booking App


Gone are the days when people used to hail a taxi by sticking an arm out. People no longer entertain such conventional transport facility. Most riders prefer to book from an on-demand taxi app which promises a reliable, timely pick-up service like Uber. Such Uber like apps assures rider about their safety and security.

If you are still into conventional taxi business, it seems that you are not interested in increasing your business bottom line.

Not only did the taxi app trendsetters get an alternative for commuters, but also changed commuting behaviors. If you are unsure about having a taxi booking app of your own, here are some growth opportunities listed for your business.

  • Tourists and business travelers: These people are a constant income source as they are in a country or city to roam around with an independent and quick transport for business or leisure experience.
  • People who go to clubs, parties, and other events frequently: The transport service for such people have to be just a flick away! If they are wasted, they need a car on an emergency basis, and if an individual has to attend an event, they need to reach the destination on time.
  • Providing late-night cab service: Late night cab services are for people who have late night flights and trains to catch. Sometimes in an emergency case like reaching a hospital, your taxi app service can save someone’s life.
  • Availability at door-steps: A rider can book a cab anytime he wishes and can get a convenient door-step service. Your app will become a desirable convenience as it is a real-time and affordable on-demand app service.

The transportation industry is growing fast with the advent of mobile apps. The most responsible feature that these apps provide to the taxi businesses is, monitoring the driver’s activities on the go from their hand-held devices. In this cluttered competition of presenting the best and timely service, without an app, your firm will surely not raise up to the customer’s expectations. Let us discuss some other challenges of conventional taxi businesses.

5 Challenges Faced By Your Taxi Business Without Mobile App

1-Speed and efficiency in hiring a taxi

Nowadays everyone wants to reach their locations on an urgent basis. The riders are looking for fast ride-hailing service and drivers are looking for idle customers. The simple solution to unite these two parties is a taxi booking app development. Such apps increase the efficiency of hiring and speeding the commuting process which is now not obtained by conventional taxi businesses.

2- Productivity at stake


The extinct taxi business most certainly lacks in measuring driver’s productivity. It is nearly impossible without a mobile app development to keep a track on the efficiency and productivity of the drivers. For example, a driver can just ideally sit the whole day and still get his pay from the company. But through mobile apps, a company can easily have a track of daily work and number of rides he has provided service for. Thus you can increase productivity with a responsive driver approach if you develop your own ride-hailing app.

3- Location alerts and smart route planning

The traditional taxi businesses have to stalk for the riders through phone calls or by gazing out of the taxi window to look for an eagerly waiting passenger to reach his desired place. But with a taxi booking app development through GPS, the passenger and driver can get an accurate location alert.

Location alerts and smart route planning

The more advanced feature of such a mobile app development is a smart route planning that can help drivers and their managers to plan a safe and less traffic route for their early arrival and satisfactory service. The mobile app integrated into the drivers notify the managers about the current work and location. Such features can enhance business credibility and build a sense of assurance from the firm’s side to the rider.

4- Vehicle Maintenance

For many taxi businesses, maintaining vehicles is not the first priority. But after some point, for better fuel and taxi condition the vehicle maintenance is an essential aspect which the taxi app development takes into account. Managing fleets and drivers with such mobile apps bring long term benefits to the firm like reducing preventable breakdowns and optimal utilization of fuel. By closely monitoring every vehicle and keeping a track of the maintenance with timely actions can be beneficial to the firm in money-saving and for further business growth.

5- Enables Real-Time Customer Feedback

In the extinct taxi business, you cannot come to know about customer feedback. For example, if the driver has misbehaved during the journey, there is no such complaining portal where the rider can get justice. Through the taxi app development, the rider and the firm can get a clear analysis of the driver’s service and behaviour. The facility of commenting and reviewing can also increase goodwill and real-time check ratio for the business.


The taxi booking app development is a fast-growing customer base which is accompanied with great booking features and business management. The on-demand ride sharing app offers convenience and on-spot bookings for your taxi business.

In this mobile age, taxi rental business requires a taxi app for a sane transportation facility and satisfactory experience for customers. So, if you have planned to have a taxi booking app or have an idea of developing one, cross-verify it with us.

We, at GoSpAXI, are a leading taxi booking app development company and already developed over 40 taxi apps for taxi businesses. So, get ready to turn your taxi business into a brand.

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