Uber for Trucking App Development – Consider 3 Solutions of GoSpAXI Solution Before Developing a Trucking App

Uber for Trucking

Are you running a trucking startup or company?

Then, you might have surely thought of Uber-like trucking app development to automate your business operations. Uber for trucking application connects shippers and carriers in real-time, allowing shippers to send commodities from one location to another location without any hassle.

Today, trucking is the main source for most of the overland freight movement in the United States. Talking about the trucking market, it was worth 700 billion U.S. dollars in 2017. And, there were 910,000 truck drivers at that time, who were employed in the U.S. This number was less than the trucking industry requires.

With the emergence of mobile apps in the trucking and logistics industry, it is on the sturdy rise. If it comes to talking about Uber for trucking, the company has recently purchased self-driving truck startup company named Otto for $680 million. The main reason behind this is clear that the company is only focused on changing and ruling the evolving market of transportation and logistics business.

So, whether you are running a trucking company or startup, you can develop your own trucking application and consider these 3 solutions of GoSpAXI, Uber for trucking app solution.

1. A New Approach to Freight Shipping

GoSpAXI, a trucking apps solution, gives a new approach to freight shipping, allowing shippers to book truckers with one-click on the mobile application. The truck drivers will instantly get notification of the loads available in their nearby area.


It is just like the Uber for the trucking industry. So, shippers can book a truck in just a few seconds, get real-time quotations, and track their shipment on a real-time basis through the mobile app.

When it comes to carriers or drivers, the carrier’s app allows them to accept new job offers in minutes and get extra loads to increase earnings. So, if you are running a trucking company or startup, then develop your own Uber like trucking app and consider this solution and provide a new approach to the freight shipping industry. 

2. A Range of Features for both Drivers & Shippers

Another solution that is provided by GoSpAXI solution is a range of features for both drivers and shippers. So, if you want to make an Uber like trucking solution for your business, features play an important role to keep drivers and shippers updated about everything. When it comes to shipper’s app, the app provides the following features:

  • Book a load as per the need
  • Make payments
  • Booking confirmation
  • Easy-to-access shipment history
  • Real-time tracking of shipment
  • Get alerts & notifications in real-time

Talking about this GoSpAXI’s driver application, it comes with the following features:

  • Receive new request for loads
  • Check loads details
  • Get turn-by-turn direction to the location
  • In-app messaging
  • In-built payment system
  • A complete list of available freight orders
  • Notifications and alerts

So, GoSpAXI is the right trucking apps solution for your trucking startup or company, allowing you to manage drivers and carriers at one platform. 

3. Improve & Optimize Your Trucking Business Operations

The third most important solution provided by GoSpAXI, white-label trucking apps solution, is improving and optimizing your trucking business management and operations. Using trucking apps solution, it will become a lot easier for you, as an owner, to manage all the drivers, shipment requests, track all the trucks with the location, payments from shippers and feedback from them.


You can keep an eye on your entire business at one single platform. Whether you are traveling in another country or having lunch in the canteen, our trucking solution will help you to track day-to-day trucking tasks with just a few clicks in the app. It doesn’t matter what size of the trucking company you are running, we can customize our GoSpAXi trucking solution according to your requirements.

Final Thoughts

As you have just gone through with the top 3 solutions of GoSpAXI trucking app solution, so, you can consider these solutions in mind and develop your own trucking app solution.

Being an entrepreneur or startup owner, if you have ever thought to automate your trucking business and trucking app development, then get in touch with us through our contact us form and describe your requirements.

Our sales representative will get back to you as soon as possible. In fact, you can book a free demo of our solution, where our representative will explain you all the features and functionalities.

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How GoSpAXI Can Help You to Grow Your Trucking Business

Uber for Trucking App Development

With the rapid success of Uber for trucking, many trucking companies are looking for different ways to surpass Uber’s popularity and follow the same path. Even, small to mid-sized startups are also investigating the strategies that Uber applies to become successful.

In fact, many trucking companies have decided to use Uber for trucking app development service to expand their business across different cities, states, or countries. Let’s take one example of Logistic startup that turned into a big company.

Cargomatic is a logistics company based in Long Beach, California. The company uses crowdsourcing and the gig economy to make American trucking more convenient and profitable. According to CrunchBase data, the company has secured total funding of $55.8M until now and often known as Uber for local shipping.

Using Uber-like model, the company allows individual truckers or fleets pick up local shipments, which need to go out. When it comes to small and independent fleets, they make-up 90% of all trucking, said American Trucking Associations. So, mobile app means more business as drivers just need to turn on their app and make sure they are ready to rock.

Being a trucking startup or entrepreneur, if you would like to develop an Uber for trucking app solution for your business, then GoSpAXI is the complete trucking app solution that comes with driver app, shipper app, partner panel, and admin panel. This solution is the right choice for your trucking business whether you have to manage 10 or 100 trucks and drivers.Let’s know more about GoSpAXI, an uber for trucking app solution.

  • GoSpAXI is mainly designed and developed to automate your trucking business from tracking trucks to truck drivers, billing and payment information, schedule management, and ratings.
  • Our solution comes with the driver and shipper friendly apps along with the partner panel and admin panel, helping you to manage truck drivers, track truck’s position using GPS at one single platform.
  • The main thing about GoSpAXI solution is that it is developed in the easiest way so that any non-technical member can also access this solution.

Moving ahead, let’s check out how this web and the mobile-based solution will help your trucking business to grow and expand in different countries:

1. Real-time connecting between shippers & carriers

With GoSpAXI solution, automate your daily trucking operations and manage the entire business smoothly. The solution connects shippers and carriers in real-time. Here, the shipper is the one, who is the supplier, or we can say the owner of commodities. Shipper is also known as Consignor.

Truck shipper and carrier

Our solution will connect shippers with the preferred carriers to send commodities or a number of products from one location to another location. Shippers can track the drivers in real-time along with its current location using shipper app. Moreover, it will eliminate the need of the middleman, connecting shippers and drivers directly to communicate.

So, if you as a trucking startup or company want to connect shippers and carriers in real-time, then our web and mobile-based trucking app will meet your business requirements.

2. One stop solution for truck owners

One of the best ways to grow your trucking business is to manage your entire business at one single platform. Whether you want to track all the drivers, shippers, trucks with real-time locations, quotes for service, tendering and booking loads, our one-stop solution allows you as a truck owner to manage everything at one platform.


GoSpAXI is an advanced technological solution for your trucking business that will eliminate the time-consuming process of phone tag, email chains and faxing. Now there is no need to manage paper-based reports of trucks, paper invoices and payment details from truckers and shippers. Our solution will automate the entire process from payments to billing to tracking and managing. Irrespective of the size of your trucking business, we can customize our uber for trucks solution with a number of features, functionalities.

On a Concluding Note

If you have made up your mind to invest in uber for trucking app development, including apps for truckers and shipper app, then you can get in touch with us through our contact us form and one of sales representatives will get back to you shortly.

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