How Heatmap Feature Helps Taxi Businesses in Maximizing Profit
November 12, 2019 GoUser

How Heatmap Feature Helps Taxi Businesses in Maximizing Profit

demand heatmap feature

Are you thinking of developing your own taxi booking app? As a taxi business owner, you have to make sure that all the passengers and riders are happy with your taxi booking app. But on top of that, you also need to worry about the profits. It is to be expected. At GoSpAXi, we recently worked with a client with a custom advanced feature that leads to a spike in their profits. We decided to share this unique feature with you to help you too. Keep reading to understand what is demand heatmap feature, what are the benefits of demand heatmap feature in a taxi booking app and how you can get in touch with us for your cab booking app.

Evaluated at $183 billion (Statista) in 2019, the ride-hailing industry is growing every day. If you have a taxi business, startup or enterprise then taxi app development makes a lot of sense at this point.

Along with the growth of the industry, there has been significant growth in the number of taxi booking apps in the market too. So if you are thinking about launching your own taxi booking app, then you know that you will need to take care of various factors to ensure that everybody is satisfied with your cab booking application. This will include everyone riders, drivers, your employees, and investors or stakeholders.

If your taxi booking app is a startup and you are the only investor, even then you need to manage the profits so that things keep functioning smoothly. There are certain tricks and tips to maximize profits from your taxi booking app that you can implement. However, one thing that you must do is ensure that everything is synced and is running without glitches. To do this you will need to strike the right balance between the demand for rides and the supply of drivers.

But how would you do that? You will be sitting in the office and the drivers will be on the road and none of you will be able to gauge the rise and fall in the demand for rides. This is why we came up with a special, advanced feature that can help you understand the demands. This feature is called the demand heat map feature. Let’s dive in deeper to understand this feature in detail.

What is the demand heatmap feature in taxi booking apps?

A demand heatmap feature helps taxi businesses and startups identify the demand in a particular area. It can be used to understand which area has higher demands and when. Various shades and colors will represent the demand in different areas. The darker the shade, the higher the demand and vice versa for areas with lower demands. This data can help you better understand where most of the requests for rides are coming from and when.

demand heatmap feature example

Demand heatmap feature in a taxi app

By studying this data, you can then send your drivers to those areas so they can earn better in the peak hours. And as a result, you get more profits.

Not just that, when the passengers are requesting for cabs from your taxi booking app and they get rides instantly, they will be happier and will stick with your company. This will increase users’ trust in your brand. Because of your quick service, you will also get more preference over other taxi booking apps.

Does that sound interesting? Take a look at all the benefits of using the demand heatmap feature in your ride booking app.

Benefits of demand heatmap feature in your ride-booking app

  1. Avoid traffic jams: The live data for demand heatmap is extracted directly from the live traffic insights. It can also be used when providing navigations to the drivers, enabling them to avoid traffic jams. This will reduce the time they spend stuck in jams and will be able to take on more rides in that time.
  2. Earn more: When drivers are redirected to the areas with more ride requests, they are able to take accept more rides on a daily basis. This will lead to an increase in their earnings and your profit commissions too. Overall, it will provide a nice boost to the yearly turnover of your taxi business.
  3. Dynamic or surge pricing: With demand heatmap feature in your cab booking app, it becomes easier to raise the fares when the demand is high. If it is raining, if a concert is being held in the city or if there is a lot of traffic on the weekend then you can apply surge pricing to reap more benefits.
  4. Better customer service: There are tons of ride booking apps. So customers usually try booking from one app and if they don’t get any rides then they switch to another immediately. However, this creates a bad reputation and will eventually draw away business from you. Demand heatmaps can be very useful for preventing this. You can send drivers to the places with most demands or drivers themselves can check the map and driver over to that particular area. This will help you provide rides to the customers promptly and become a preferred taxi booking app in people’s phones. Better customer service will help you create a trusted brand with loyal customers.

Ready to Get Your Own Taxi App Solution?

Do you have an idea for your own taxi app development? We understand that it seems like a lot of hard work and you might be confused about how to start the development process. Here’s good news for you: at GoSpAXI, we offer taxi app solution on a subscription basis. We have worked with over 50 clients all around the world which include a famous taxi app for women amongst others. We can’t wait to help you launch your taxi booking app too!

We also develop additional features in order to customize your taxi app solution. If you want advanced features like demand heatmap in your taxi booking app, feel free to consult our experts for more information on the same. You can reach out to us by simply filling up the contact form below. One of our taxi app consultants will reach out to you within 2 working days and guide you further for the process. Our consultant will help you with a free demo of our taxi app solution and also answer all your questions.

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