Frequntly Asked Questions?


We, at GoSpAXI, have designed, developed and deployed over 50 taxi booking app solutions for taxi startups and companies. In fact, we have worked with top taxi companies and startups from Brazil, Nigeria, the U.K., Switzerland, India, the USA and many other countries.

While communicating with our clients, we have been asked a lot of questions that they have related to our taxi booking solution. So, we decided to generate a dedicated page for our future clients, answering their maximum questions in one go.

Note: We keep updating this page on the basis of the most asked questions from our clients.


Is a taxi business profitable?

Yes, the taxi business is profitable if you start it with proper research and marketing. Make sure that you comprehend the common problems of daily travelers of the country or state where you are planning to start your taxi business and provide solutions for the same. In fact, you can provide your target audience with a taxi booking app like Uber to book taxis from the comfort of their home.

I have only 20 registered drivers in my taxi startup. Should I invest in my own taxi booking app solution?

Yes of course. Whether you have 20 registered drivers or 100 drivers, you should invest in your own taxi booking app solution to expand your business worldwide. In fact, our taxi app solution will help you to manage your entire business digitally at one platform, allowing riders to book a cab, drivers to accept request instantly, and admin to track everything.

Taxi App Solution Queries

What is GoSpAXI?

GoSpAXI is a white label taxi booking app solution that comes with rider’s app, driver’s app and admin panel (desktop panel) to automate the entire taxi business from bookings to managing drivers and payments to reviews & ratings and the total number of taxis with their current location. This taxi app solution can be used by any taxi startup or company to efficiently manage the whole taxi business at one platform.

How GoSpAXI is different from other taxi booking app solutions?

Our GoSpAXI taxi app solution comes with rider’s app, driver’s app, admin and partner panel to automate your whole taxi business operations. In fact, our solution comes with a lot of advanced features that you can’t find in other taxi app solutions. Here’re some of the most unique features that make GoSpAXI apart from others.

Rider’s App Features Driver’s App Features Admin Panel Features
Preferred driver Route selection Manual booking
Manage trip parameters My destination Role management
Tip system In-app document management Advance fare system
City wise fare Location-based push Notification
Dynamic tax management

Does GoSpAXI sign an agreement?

Yes, we sign an agreement with you.

How many taxi businesses are using your taxi booking app solution?

Currently, there are over 55 clients across the world, who are using our taxi booking solution to automate and expand their taxi startup and company.

How will your taxi booking app solution benefit my taxi business?

Our white label taxi dispatch solution will transform the way you deliver taxi booking services to your customers. From taxi booking to serving customers to managing drivers, riders and vehicles, everything can be handled easily through our complete taxi booking app solution. Our advanced technological solution will automate the entire conventional taxi booking process like phone calls.

What is the difference between Startup Package and Enterprise Package?

The main difference is the selection of features. In both the packages, the features are included as per the requirements of startup and enterprise respectively. The startup package contains all those features that are necessary to start and boost taxi business whereas enterprise package contains advanced features to grow business.

What will be included in each package?

In each package, there will be a rider’s app, driver’s app, admin panel (desktop panel) and partner panel.

Is there any limit for the number of drivers, who can register through the driver’s app?

No, not at all. There is not any limit for the number of drivers, who can register through the app.

Can you customize GoSpAXI taxi app solution for my business?

Yes, of course. We can customize GoSpAXI taxi booking app solution for your taxi startup or business, making it a perfect fit for your business. In fact, we can add as many features and functionalities you want, matching it with your targeted audience’ needs.

Can I request to add specific features in the solution? What would be the customization cost?

Yes, of course. We can add as many features as you want in your taxi application. To know the feature customization cost, discuss the additional features that you want to integrate, and we will provide you with the exact customization cost.

Share your additional features

Which payment gateway is integrated by GoSpAXI?

When it comes to integrating a payment gateway in your application, we check the supported payment gateways in your country. So, it completely depends upon the country you belong to.

Which SMS gateway is supported by GoSpAXI?

We make use of Twilio and 2Factor SMS gateways in our white label taxi app.

How much time do I need to get started with your application?

The total time we take to deploy this solution is approximately 3-weeks. After 3 weeks, you can use our complete taxi booking app solution, including driver and rider’s app and admin panel.

Can I test both the apps by installing on my device?

Yes, you can install both rider’s app and driver’s app on your devices to test.

Do you provide support once we go live?

Yes, of course. We do have a support team, who will provide support to you even after you go live. You can discuss any of your queries or problems and get instant solution.

Free Consultation & Demo

Do you offer a free consultation?

Yes, we do provide initial consultation totally free. In our free consultation, our taxi app expert discusses your requirements or queries. In fact, he/she will comprehend your taxi business and its day-to-day operations in order to brainstorm the right strategies and solutions that streamline your taxi business.

Do you provide a live demo of your taxi app solution?

Yes, of course. You can book a live demo of our taxi booking app solution for free. And one of our taxi app experts will get in touch with you to provide a live demo of our taxi app solution. In this live demo, the expert will show our complete solution, including the rider’s app, driver’s app and admin panel, explaining all the features. We also provide a free trial period to qualified prospects.

How do I get a demo of the app?

 To get a live demo of our taxi booking solution, just fill our contact us form with the required details and one of our sales representatives will get back to you and schedule a live demo with the technical expert. Just click on this contact us button to get in touch with our sales representative.
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