6 Unique Features Of CEO Cabs We Integrated That Replaced The Taxi Giants In Mumbai
November 22, 2019 GoUser

6 Unique Features Of CEO Cabs We Integrated That Replaced The Taxi Giants In Mumbai

CEO cabs Mumbai features

Are you planning to develop an online taxi booking app? We have catered over 50 clients with our white label taxi app solution that can be customized with advanced features and new designs. One of our more famous projects is ‘CEO cabs’ which is a taxi dispatch app for the local people of Mumbai, Nashik, and Pune in India.  We integrated a set of advanced features in the taxi solution that has led to the elimination of certain big names in the taxi industry. We have curated 6 unique features that have helped CEO cabs to achieve this feat.

‘CEO cabs’ is one of the most exciting projects we have worked on to date. Our client has been a part of the car rental and taxi services in Mumbai for over two decades. 

He came to us for digitizing the services with a taxi dispatch app and admin panel. Our best taxi app developers were determined to make the best online taxi booking platform. 

CEO cabs is one of the top taxi booking apps in India’s dream city of Mumbai. The app has replaced some of the taxi giants that once had a monopoly in the market. 

Our client had some effective business strategies for his project and to implement them, he needed a fully-equipped on-demand taxi app. He didn’t want just an app like Uber but something bigger and better. 

This is where we came into the picture. Our role was to design and develop an online cloud-based platform for his taxi business to manage the entire business and its operations online. Here are the top unique features that we have integrated into this taxi app solution. 

6 Unique Features We Integrated Into CEO Cabs That Made It The Best Taxi Dispatch App in Mumbai

CEO Cabs Rider’s Taxi Dispatch App Features

#1. SOS contacts

Safety has always been a priority for us as well as our Mumbai-based client. In every rider’s app, there is a feature of sharing live location status with their contacts. 

To make it even more secure, we integrated a feature of SOS contacts in the taxi dispatch app. Using this feature, riders are enabled to add up to five emergency contact numbers on the list. 

Whenever they activate the SOS functionality in the case of an emergency, their added contact numbers get a text message with the rider’s current location. This feature makes it safe for riders and drivers when they face an emergency situation.

#2. Preferred driver

Preferred driver feature in CEO Cabs taxi app for riders

This feature is useful for both the rider as well as the driver. Suppose a rider had a pleasant experience with one of the drivers they drove once. If they want to ride with the same driver again, they can do it by this feature.

The riders just need to mark any driver as a preferred driver so that the next time they book a ride, this request directly goes to this driver if he is in the vicinity. 

Riders can mark any driver as a preferred driver according to their choice. This feature of the cab booking app also helps the admin to monitor which drivers are performing well.

CEO Cabs Driver’s Taxi Dispatch App Features

CEO Cabs driver app

#1. My destination

This feature has made CEO cabs as one of the best taxi booking apps even for the drivers. This is the most important feature of the driver’s app. Using My Destination, the drivers can take rides on their way back home.

Let’s take an example, the driver has finished his working hours and is now going back to his home. He has an option to enter or select a predefined route that he takes to reach home. He can accept any request that comes in the route.

This way, he can earn a little extra and doesn’t have to deviate from his route.

#2. Manual toll

This taxi service app can be used to book outstation rides like Uber for outstation. This is why we integrated the feature of Manual Toll into this taxi dispatch app.

While traveling from one city to another, the taxi will pass tolls on the way. The charge is to be added to the invoice of the rider.

Using this feature, the drivers are allowed to select the tolls from which they have passed while riding. The charges of these tolls are added to the invoice automatically. This makes the billing process easier.

CEO Cabs Admin Panel Features

#1. Preferred driver commission

Apart from the regular admin role of managing and monitoring reports, we integrated unique features like adjusting driver commission. 

We integrated this feature during taxi booking app development so that when a user selects a driver as a preferred driver, the admin gets notified of it. This means that the driver is performing well. 

The feature allows the admin to determine this preferred driver’s incentive directly from the admin dashboard itself. They can easily set different commissions for the drivers who complete a ride as a favorite driver.

#2. Advance fare management

The fare does not only depend upon the distance of the ride. In fact, it may differ according to the time of the day as well as the area of the journey.

Let’s take an example, the admin can set a little higher fare for an area where he knows there is more demand and the riders will pay it as well. Similarly, the fair for early morning and midnight is higher as compared to the regular fare.

Basically, the admin can manage the fare in advance and set a specific fare for any area and time they have decided.


  • CEO Cabs app has automated 98% of the business
  • Over 24500 registered drivers are working for CEO cabs
  • The company has served over 173000 happy customers
  • The app is being used in about 2000 locations

The Final Say

CEO cabs have taken over some famous taxi goliaths in Mumbai. The app has grown to embrace and touch the lives of the local people. People prefer CEO cabs over other apps because of its service and user-friendly interface.

We take pride in developing such taxi dispatch app solutions with unique features and functionalities. If you want to take your taxi business or startup online, you can contact us. We offer advanced taxi booking app solutions and also work on a subscription basis if you want.

We have worked with over 50 clients all around the world which includes Venuxx-  a famous taxi app like Uber for women amongst others. We also develop additional features in order to customize your taxi app solution. If you want advanced features like live vehicle tracking or demand heat maps in your taxi dispatch app, we can integrate those as well.

Feel free to get a free demo of our solution. You can also contact us by filling the contact us form given in the footer. One of our taxi app consultants will reach out to you within 2 working days and guide you further for the process. You may also clear all your doubts and queries during the consultation.

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