How GoSpAXI’s Car Rental Software Can Shape A Better Future Of Your Company
September 6, 2019 GoUser

How GoSpAXI’s Car Rental Software Can Shape A Better Future Of Your Company

If you have a car rental business and are planning to give it a modern makeover with car rental software, you are on the right path. In this blog, we have explained how we can help you shape the future of your rental business with our taxi and car rental system, GoSpAXI.

Car rental industry is booming and as per Statista, it is already a $60 billion industry in the USA. This goes to show that there are many car rental businesses in the market and the competition will keep getting tougher as the industry grows. Have you thought about how you will be keeping up with the growing competition? 

Since more car rental companies work offline and use basic technologies, you can gain leverage by getting a car rental management software for your business. It can help you improve in several aspects of your business by helping you improve customer service, automating processes, making it easier to manage your bookings and much more.

So, are you looking to offer the best deals on car rentals? Do you want to make sure that your customers are satisfied by providing the best car rental services? But are you still debating over which is the best car rental software for your company? Well, we have mentioned some points below that might help you understand how GoSpAXI can help you share a better future for your car rentals business.

Go Paperless

Many car rental companies use basic software for management yet rely on paper for most of their work. Are you tired of writing down accounts, carrying a pen and notepad everywhere with you and calculating the numerous lunch bills provided by the drivers? With car rental software, the workflow will be automated and account management will only need an app instead of printing numerous papers. The best part about it is that the administration will receive billing information digitally in real-time. 

Get Relief From Numbers

Management is all about the numbers. Is the number of bookings going up? Is the number of expenses going down? Are we earning a profit? This can be avoided to an extent with automation. Of course, you’ll need to know exactly how much amount is coming in and how much is being spent on useless things. But you won’t need to calculate every employee or driver’s salary on your calculator. You will be able to see the number of bookings and other such details on a graph, which is easier to understand. Your reports can be automated too so that all you need to do is go through them rather than prepare them with hand. You won’t be completely free from numbers, but our car rental software GoSpAXI can help you function better without having to deal with too many numbers. And isn’t that something a lot of kids wanted back in school?

Process Payments Faster

In many workplaces, the employees don’t submit all the bills to the accountant on time. The delay in submitting bills leads to a delay in processing the payments. If the payments are delayed, it becomes impossible to complete the processes on time. When you take your business digital, the payments can be made quickly since all the calculations will be done automatically.

Manage Bookings

Have you ever messed up any bookings because you forgot about it and didn’t write it down? The dispatch department could be one of the most stressful areas in your car rental company. It is the one place where you can’t afford to make mistakes and also the place where every mistake can make you lose a valued customer. But the people working in this department are also only human and they are prone to making errors. By using a car rental system for scheduling bookings, you are saving your company a lot of money and maintaining a good reputation. It can provide visibility for real-time monitoring and booking, help you see the availability of cars or drivers and allows for accurate details at every step of the way. Last-minute changes will also be transparent and easier to fulfill. This will help your company become more efficient and reduce stress in the work environment.

Improve Customer Support

To succeed, it is important to keep your customers happy. A car rental management system can help you by providing a complete view of your car rental business. With such a view of all your resources and your fleet at any time of the day, it will be easier for you to keep tabs. Hence, this will help you easily adjust to all the last-minute customer changes and make up for any driver who goes on leave due to some emergency. With consistent and reliable results, you will be making your customers happier. And all because of your car rental software.

Cloud-based Security

At GoSpAXI, we use AWS servers for your car rental software. AWS provides us with reliable, scalable and secure cloud computing services. This helps you keep your data more secure and safe. 

Moreover, if your car rental business still adapts to the old school method, you can only run your business from your office. But with cloud-based car rental software, you can access the data anytime and from anywhere, using any device. This helps you stay on your feet at all times, and run your car rental business operations in a much more flexible manner.

Final Word

Our taxi and car rental software will ensure that your customers do not face the same problems again. It will help you enhance the customer experience and increase retention, resulting in growth for your business.

At GoSpAXI, we can provide car rental solutions that you can use to help make smoother and more efficient business processes in your car rental company. Our software will be feature-rich and advanced to ensure your company’s benefit and growth. In fact, you can beat Uber using car rental software from GoSpAXI.

Feel free to inquire about our car rental system from our technical expert. He will reply to you as early as possible. You can also fill the contact form below and get a live demo for free.

Let us gear up for more success!

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