4 Features Each To Include In Your User’s and Agent’s On-Demand Packers & Movers Apps
October 15, 2019 GoUser

4 Features Each To Include In Your User’s and Agent’s On-Demand Packers & Movers Apps

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Are you planning to develop Uber like app for packers and movers? You can help the users make their shifting process easier with an on-demand app for moving assistance. In this blog, we have made a list of 4 features from GoSpAXI’s customizable app solution that you can include in the user’s and agent’s apps. Keep reading and you can launch an app that solves many problems of both – the users and moving helpers.


Moving houses is a tough job, whether one is shifting just across the street or moving to a new country. Moreover, when shifting houses, it would be better if one could go to the new place in a pleasant state of mind rather than worrying over packing and moving.

For this very reason, there is an increased demand in the market for packers and movers. However, we understand that there is a lot of hassle in managing a packers and movers company. You don’t have to just provide the moving assistance but also manage all the workers and keep track of the transport vehicles. On top of that, managing the booking becomes another issue. If all the bookings aren’t in one place and more than one person handles the booking then there could be a clash in the same. 

For this very reason, here is a simple solution by GoSpAXI’s booking app solution. While originally a taxi app solution, our software can be altered to suit your packers and movers app solution needs. This will help you provide on-demand moving assistance and hire movers with ease. 

You can partner up with various packers and movers companies across the country (or even in different countries). This can allow people from various cities to use your app and relocate their homes or offices without any hassles.

Here are some of GoSpAXI’s features that you should include in your on-demand packers and movers app. We have mentioned 4 features each for the user’s app as well as for the agent’s app. Keep reading to understand them better!

4 Features In GoSpAXI’s Packers And Movers App For Users

#1 Book now or schedule

When your users are shifting houses, they have a ton of things on their mind and their checklist. Contacting packers and movers is one of them. However, with your Uber-like packers and movers mobile application, you can provide the users with an easy way to book your services. Through GoSpAXI’s mobile app solution, you can provide your users with the option to make real-time requests for booking packers and movers. They can also schedule the services for later.

#2 Real-time tracking

While making the request, the users can also enter their pick-up and drop-off locations. This will allow them to see when the estimated time of arrival of the movers. They can also use it to track their packages and furniture until it reaches their destination. This will help them keep an eye on their goods and assure them that none of their stuff can get lost in the shipping process. 

#3 Fare calculator & online payments

When the users will enter their pick-up and drop-off locations, they will get an estimate for the fare as well. They can also enter the approximate amount of furniture and other things that they want to shift so that the fare is more accurate. 

When shifting houses, there are a lot of expenses to be taken care of. This can cause a cash crunch. Hence, for easy payments, you can offer your users the option for online payments. Credit, debit or eWallets can be used for the same. If a user wants to pay with cash, that option can also be offered through your packers and movers mobile app. 

#4 Review and rating

The users can review and give ratings to the packers and movers at the end. This will help the agents get feedback on their services and you can also check how they are working. If they are not working well enough, then you can guide them about the same or even block them from using your platform. Ratings result in better services and happier customers. 

4 Features In GoSpAXI’s Packers And Movers App For Agents

#1 Real-time requests

The agents can get real-time requests for their packers and movers services. They have the right to accept or reject the requests as per the availability of resources and vehicles. This can help them in managing the resources and allocate them accordingly, avoiding overbooking and clash in management.

#2 Check earnings

Agents will be able to use their app to check the status of past and upcoming bookings. From the same place, they can also check their earnings for past bookings. This will help them understand how much they have earned, without having to calculate everything. It makes for easy accounting and billing.

#3 Change availability

Just like the Uber app, the packers and movers app will also allow the agents to change their availability. If they get an offline order, then the agents can easily switch their status from online to offline. This will ensure that 2 orders don’t clash with each other for the same agent. It will keep the agent logged in to the account but won’t send any requests to the agent for moving assistance.

#4 Navigation

Once the agent has accepted a request for providing his house shifting services, he will be able to check the pick-up and drop-off locations of the customer directly from the app. He will also get the navigation from his location to the pick-up location. And once he has loaded the user’s belongings in the transport vehicle, he can easily get the directions for reaching the drop-off location.

Let GoSpAXI Take Your Uber For Packers And Movers To Next Level

We have only mentioned 4 features for each app above. However, the list of features in GoSpAXI’s taxi app solution is endless. You can check out the features in our rider’s app as well as the driver’s app. These can give you a better idea about our product and help you understand what can be used for your packers and movers app solution. 

With an ample of features, functionalities and a 3rd generation UI in the user’s application, you can provide a great experience to everyone. At GoSpAXI, we offer you comprehensive packers and movers app solution that you can rebrand under your brand name. 

You can contact us for a free demo today and try the app yourself! In the demo, we will explain all the features of not only driver’s app, but also features in our rider’s app, the admin panel, partner panel, and the single-page website.

If you still have any more questions about our GoSpAXI software or want to know how we will be customizing it to fit your needs, our expert will also help you with that after the demo. GoSpAXI is being used by over 50 clients across the world, get in touch with us today to join them!

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