GoSpAXI’s Live Vehicle Tracking Is A Must For Every Taxi Booking App: See Benefits To Understand Why
November 16, 2019 GoUser

GoSpAXI’s Live Vehicle Tracking Is A Must For Every Taxi Booking App: See Benefits To Understand Why

live vehicle tracking

Are you thinking of developing your own taxi booking app? As a taxi business owner, you have to make sure that all the passengers and riders are happy with your taxi booking app. But on top of that, you also need to worry about the profits. It is to be expected. At GoSpAXi, we recently worked with a client with a custom advanced feature that leads to a spike in their profits. We decided to share this unique feature with you to help you too. Keep reading to understand what is live vehicle tracking feature, what are the benefits of demand heatmap feature in a taxi booking app and how you can get in touch with us for your cab booking app.


#1 Customer satisfaction

Of course, customers hate to wait without reason. If a driver is delayed, your passengers would prefer to be updated about the same. This feature in GoSpAXI cab booking app will prevent them from having to wait for a long time and calling the cab driver over and over again. If they know how long it will take for their cab to arrive, they can use that time for something productive rather than wasting time. If they are in a hurry and need to leave sooner then they can also cancel the ride and find some other mode of transport. This can happen specially when someone is late for their flight or if there is a medical emergency.

#2 Get real-time data

With live vehicle tracking feature in your GoSpAXI taxi booking app, it becomes easy for you to keep tabs of every cab. You will be able to check which cabs are currently busy on a trip, which ones are free and which ones are offline as well. This can be very useful data in a number of situations. It can also help you get an idea about your demand and supply in a particular area or city, you can directly assign trips to certain drivers if needed and you can also get real-time analytics which can tell you if something is wrong on one of the trips. This data can also be useful in the future if there are any complaints from the customers.

#3 Suggest best routes

When a driver accepts a trip request, the first thing that pops up in GoSpAXI’s taxi app for drivers is a navigational map. This map has real-time traffic data and shows the route from the driver’s location to the passenger’s pickup point. If you are getting live data from your app’s vehicle tracking feature then it will help you understand the routes with more traffic. Using this data, you can easily provide navigations that help the drivers reach the destination quickly. It will prevent them from being stuck in traffic and reduce the chances of a customer being upset about any delays caused due to a lack of insufficient data.

#4 Predict ride fares

Just like the most optimal route, the taxi app solution by GoSpAXI has one more great feature. It calculates an estimated amount for ride fare. This amount is based on the data being provided by the real-time data as well as the calculations fixed by you from the admin panel.


Accuracy With GoSpAXI’s Taxi Booking App

Do you have an idea for your own taxi app development? We understand that it seems like a lot of hard work and you might be confused about how to start the development process. Here’s good news for you: at GoSpAXI, we offer taxi app solution on a subscription basis. We have worked with over 50 clients all around the world which include a famous taxi app for women amongst others. We can’t wait to help you launch your taxi booking app too!

We also develop additional features in order to customize your taxi app solution. If you want advanced features like live vehicle tracking in your taxi booking app, feel free to consult our experts for more information on the same. You can reach out to us by simply filling up the contact form below. One of our taxi app consultants will reach out to you within 2 working days and guide you further for the process. Our consultant will help you with a free demo of our taxi app solution and also answer all your questions.

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