How to Start a Cab Company like Uber? Tips for Taxi Business Startup
August 23, 2019 GoUser

How to Start a Cab Company like Uber? Tips for Taxi Business Startup


Have you set your mind to launch your own cab company like Uber? But still some questions are confusing you just like:

How do I start my own cab company?
What should I need for my taxi business startup?
How to launch my own cab booking app just like an Uber?

Worry not, you’ve arrived at the correct pickup location. Prepare for the ride of your life and continue reading to get the best solution for your new taxi business startup.

But before you actually start your cab company, let’s do some research.

Is there a need for another cab company like Uber?

Before you jump on the bandwagon, ask yourselves if there is a need for another taxi cab company in your city. Is there a demand for a new taxi service company? Is there space for one more company? Will you be able to make profits, or at least, breakeven if you start this venture? Go further only once you are absolutely sure that your business will flourish, despite heavy competition.

The next step is to scope out the competition. See what services they are providing and how you can offer something unique to the customers. Study your competitors’ website, app, social media or maybe even try out their services. Are they lacking something? How can you do it better? There’s usually a gap in every market and if you can fill it up, then you’ll be the owner of a successful cab booking system.

So, are you ready to hit the road? Before answering that question, we recommend that you read below and see what you’ll need to kick-off your new business.

What do you need to rev up your on-demand cab booking app?

What exactly is needed to start an on-demand taxi booking service?

That depends on your working model. Are you planning to purchase cars for your business? Or will you hire drivers with cars for your business?

If you are thinking of buying a fleet, then a good amount of money is needed beforehand. You will need to ensure that the ride is comfortable, clean, and a quite recent model. If you are thinking of following the aggregator model, then you will have to keep a list of checks for each car and driver that you will be conducting before allowing them to ride with your business.

It doesn’t end there. You will need all sorts of documents and insurance for your fleet to start your business. You will also need a place big enough to park all the cars when they’re not being used and a space for your office as well. Try to make sure that the office building is accommodated in the same ground as the parking or garage area for ease and flexibility.

Now you have space, an office, the cars, and all the required permissions. But you can’t drive all these cars on your own, can you? You’ll need to hire drivers for your cab booking services. Be extra careful about who you hire, check their licenses, their past experience and run a background check if possible.

The reason for being so cautious when hiring drivers is that they are the ones who will act as the deciding factor for your customers. If the driver is rude, arrogant, overcharges and asks inappropriate questions, you can bet that the customer is never coming back to you. On the other hand, if the driver is polite, considerate and in general an affable person, then the customer will not only come back but will also tell others about you.

That rounds up most of the elements crucial to start off a taxi business except one.

Digitize your cab company with a cab booking app

It’s a world run by the internet and smartphones, so if you don’t have a cab booking app for your taxi business, you’ll reach nowhere. You’ll be busy handling all other aspects of your business so even if you know how to develop an app, you won’t have the time to do it. It’s also tiresome to hire developers and work with them on the project. That leaves you in a sort of a fix.

Before you despair, there is one other option. You could try and find a taxi business solution provider like GoSpAXI and partner up for your app. Are you unsure about using a white label taxi app solution? Keep reading and see what are the benefits of using one for your taxi business.

1. Better customer service

With cab booking app & software, you will reduce the hassle and save time for the customers. This will help you increase your popularity amongst the users quickly. Since users will be able to book cabs from anywhere and at any time, it will help you provide better customer service and in turn, increase user retention on the app.

As a preferred taxi app solutions provider, at GoSpAXI we can also integrate a feature that allows the users to give their feedback for each ride. As per their feedback, you can try to improve the services you provide and gain a better reputation in the market. This will be really beneficial since it will show your users that you care for them and want to serve them better.

2. Automation

One of the major benefits of having a cab booking system in place is that most of your processes will be automated. All the trips will be tracked and each driver will be held accountable for the reviews through his account. Fares will be calculated as per the rates that you set in the admin dashboard of the cab booking software, avoiding any type of haggling or negotiation by the customers.

Similarly, the calculation for payments to the drivers will also be automated and you won’t need to calculate the amounts for each driver. This will help avoid human errors and reduce workload too. Thus, automation is one of the best benefits of using a cab booking app for your cab company.

3. Savings

A custom-developed taxi cab booking software is way costlier than getting a premade taxi app solution from GoSpAXI. This is because when the development is being done from scratch, it requires more man-hours more resources and bucket-loads of money.

On the other hand, GoSpAXI taxi app solution is a feature-rich solution. GoSpAXI will customize the solution so that it is aligned with your requirements and brand identity. It will also cost lesser and most taxi app solution provider will also offer you free support and maintenance, which probably won’t be an option if you get it developed from scratch.

4. Fleet management

One benefit of having your own cab app like Uber is that it will be much easier for you to manage your fleet of cars. Since you’ll be able to track all the cars in real-time, it will be very easy to count them and keep everything in check.

You can carry out a variety of functions such as vehicle financing, vehicle maintenance, tracking and diagnostics, fuel management, safety, and health management. Through efficient fleet management, your company can reduce managerial costs, improve efficiency and productivity and minimize risks. All in all, easy fleet management through your cab booking system will help you run your business better and more get a higher return on investments.

5. 100% customizable

Unlike popular misconception, white label taxi app solutions like GoSpAXI are 100% customizable. You can ask the solution provider to add or remove features as per your business requirements. You can also get them to change the colours to suit your brand’s logo and identity. It is like a cake-walk and takes minimal efforts from your end, making the process smooth and quick for you to launch your new cab booking app.

On A Concluding Note

We understand that starting a cab company is not easy. You need to prepare yourself for some goof-ups, especially if it is your first business idea. However, you will need to remember that you should be patient and give yourself time to observe and achieve mastery in your field. We can only give you tips on how to get started but you are the one who will need to put in the hard work and time to take your cab company from the ground and make it a success.

As a way of making things easier for your new business venture, you can work with us for your cab booking app & software development. If you are unsure about getting a white label taxi app solution, you can book a free demo today to help make the decision!

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