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in Bristol, UK

Braxi is a widely used taxi booking app in Bristol, United Kingdom. Designed and deployed by our taxi app developer team, this taxi app allows users to book a cab with a few clicks on the screen and get around the city wherever they need.

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Deployed on
Android and iOS Platforms

We deployed our GoSpAXI, white label taxi app solution, on Android and iOS platforms for our UK-based client. Our client decided to name this application as Braxi, making it available for Bristol residents.



Available only in Bristol, UK, Braxi is one such ride-hailing app that doesn’t use any surge charge technique for its users to charge a high amount at a particular time of the day. This taxi booking solution mainly aims to provide a local alternative to all the residents of Bristol when it comes to booking a cab from one destination to another.

One of the best things about this taxi booking app is, it gives importance to the safety of users, so all the drivers, who register with Braxi, go through DBS checks. The DBS check discloses all spent and unspent convictions, cautions and warnings.

In addition to this, our GoSPAXI taxi booking app solution comes with the SOS feature, making it easier for the rider to save the emergency contacts of his/her beloved ones. So, in case of emergency, the users of the Braxi app can click on the SOS button and the saved numbers will get the text with the current location and other details.

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Features We Customized in Our Taxi Booking App Solution For This UK-Based Taxi App

When our client shared his requirements related to a ready-made solution for his taxi business, we suggested customizing some features and functionalities in our taxi app solution. Here are some of the unique features and functionalities we integrated into the Braxi app.


Customer’s App


Login with Facebook

The taxi riders, who are looking for registering with the Braxi taxi app, can log in through their Facebook account and proceed ahead without any hassle. The riders don’t have to follow along the registering process to register as a rider.

Taxi app login


Schedule ride for later

Schedule ride for later is the most useful feature for all the office goers and college students, who don’t want to be late. Users can schedule their ride in advance by just date, time and drop-off location and the cab will arrive at the doorstep as scheduled.


Different vehicle options

The app provides different vehicle options to choose from as per their needs. They can choose from micro to executive to sedan and other options and book any of these cars instantly.


SOS contacts

Riders can add up to five emergency contacts in this SOS section. In need, riders can activate the SOS functionality, so their added contacts will get a text message with riders’ current location.


No surge

The best thing about Braxi rider app is that there is no surge, so riders will not face any problem of paying high amount while booking in the early morning and late-night rides.


Multiple payment options

Riders can make use of any payment method from different payment options like debit cards, credit cards to make payments for the ride.


Real-time tracking of ride

The rider’s app has made it easy for riders to track their ride and driver in real-time. Riders can check and track the live location of the driver and his estimated arrival time.


Updates and notifications

Riders will get real-time updates and notifications about their bookings, be it cancelled or completed. They will also be notified about discount offers and deals through notifications.

Driver’s App


Easy registration process

The driver’s app has an easy-to-follow registration process that makes it easy for drivers to register with the app and start accepting the requests. In fact, drivers can register through their Facebook account, following 2 simple steps.

Taxi app for driver


Accept & reject trips

The drivers will have freedom of accepting or rejecting trips as per their situation. To accept the trip, drivers just need to click on the accept button or to reject the trip, need to click on reject.


Cancel trip

Due to any reason, if a driver wants to cancel the trip, he can click on the cancel trip option and cancel it instantly. If required, he can also call the rider and inform him regarding it.


Trip summary

We have integrated trip summary feature to enable drivers to see a complete summary of the trip, including start and end destination and total payment that riders have to make.


Hackney to enter the amount manually

Included this feature for drivers, who have installed meters in their taxis. It allows drivers to manually enter the amount once they finish the ride. Drivers can easily enter the final invoice amount based on the meter.


Notifications and updates

The drivers will get the real-time updates and notifications about the new trips, riders’ location and payments. If there is any new feature in the app, the drivers will also get to know about it through notification.

Admin Panel


Manual dispatch

There is a manual dispatch feature that we have integrated into this admin panel, allowing the admin of the business to assign manual trips to drivers when the customer is unable to book a ride due to a low Internet connection. The customer just needs to make a call to admin and the admin will assign the trip to nearby driver.


User management

We have integrated user management feature in the admin panel so that admin can easily set bonus amount, bonus type, trip limit, the validity of the referral code for the riders and riders.


Generate reports

The admin of the business can generate weekly, monthly and quarterly reports on the taxi business. The reports will let him know the total number of trips completed, ratings & reviews, payment from customers and other important things.


Set commission for drivers

From the comfort of their home, cafeteria, or anywhere, the admin can access this desktop panel and set commission and incentive for drivers.


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