3 Secrets to Make Your Taxi Business Model Successful Like Uber & Careem Taxi Apps
January 31, 2019 GoUser

3 Secrets to Make Your Taxi Business Model Successful Like Uber & Careem Taxi Apps

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Running a successful taxi business like Uber and Careem is not a child play.

It takes a lot of research, analysis of customers’ needs, and then, providing advanced quality on-demand taxi booking services.

Whether you are running a taxi company with over 50 drivers or a taxi startup with over 10 drivers, making your business successful like Uber and Careem takes a lot of efforts. You need to understand your customers’ pain points and provide a solution in terms of easy-to-use taxi app.

Talking about taxi booking apps, these apps have taken the taxi industry by storm by providing a better way to book a taxi from the comfort of the home. Moreover, these taxi apps like Uber, Lyft and Careem have unique business models, making sure that they deliver efficient and affordable services to riders.

Being an owner of the taxi company or startup, if you have made up your mind to develop your own taxi application, then here’re the 3 secrets to make your taxi business model successful like Uber and Careem apps.

1. Know Your Customers Pain Points & Then Provide Solution

One of the main secrets to making your taxi business model successful like Uber and Careem taxi apps is – know your customers or we can say passengers pain points and provide a solution in terms of taxi app and its features.


Analyze what are the problems your customers face while booking a cab and try to bring the solution as soon as possible. Whether they are facing problem while booking a cab in the surge time, facing high rates issue or driver’s behavior issue, listen to their problems, analyze them and provide a solution.

Being a taxi startup, it is must that you comprehend your passengers’ needs and accordingly serve them in order to make your taxi app stands-out from other apps.

2. Start with Minimum Viable Product & Validate Your App

As you already know that there are various taxi applications, including Uber, Lyft, Careem, Grab and Didi Chuxing which are ruling the market. So, if you launch your taxi app without proper researching and planning, it will not get the desired results from the riders.

Therefore, you can start with the minimum viable product and then move forward to develop a complete taxi booking app solution with GoSpAXI. Initially, just launch your app as an MVP, which means launching your taxi app with only one region and sufficient features and functionalities.

Once you launch your app with one region, you can take the feedback and review from your riders and decide to launch it for other regions. In case, if your riders find anything problematic and challenging in the app, make sure to go back to your app board and solve the issue that riders are facing.

3. Offer Significant Value to Your Riders

The third main secret to make your taxi business model successful is – offer significant value to your riders. There are many ways you can create value and competitive advantage such as:

  • Providing an exclusive set of features and functionalities
  • Lower rates whether it is a surge time or the normal time
  • Instant booking and delivering taxi services
  • Listen to the riders and improving services consequently

You might find many taxi startups and companies that are copying the services, features and strategies of each other and end-up failing. So, it is better to know your riders and provide customize taxi booking services that they are looking for.

Final Remarks

As the taxi industry across the world is growing by leaps and bounds, you can develop your own taxi booking application with requisite features and functionalities, allowing riders to book a taxi with just a single click.

It doesn’t matter how big or small taxi company you are running, GoSpAXI, a taxi booking app solution, is the perfect solution for your business. This complete solution, including driver’s app, rider’s app, admin panel and partner panel, is mainly designed and developed to automate your taxi business from booking to dispatching and ratings.

If you still have any query or confusion related to GoSpAXI solution or taxi booking app development, just fill this given form and our sales representative will get back to you. In fact, you book a free demo of our solution in which our representative will show the entire GoSpAXI solution with its complete features.

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