How to Start a Cab Company like Uber? Tips for Taxi Business Startup


Have you set your mind to launch your own cab company like Uber? But still some questions are confusing you just like:

How do I start my own cab company?
What should I need for my taxi business startup?
How to launch my own cab booking app just like an Uber?

Worry not, you’ve arrived at the correct pickup location. Prepare for the ride of your life and continue reading to get the best solution for your new taxi business startup.

But before you actually start your cab company, let’s do some research.

Is there a need for another cab company like Uber?

Before you jump on the bandwagon, ask yourselves if there is a need for another taxi cab company in your city. Is there a demand for a new taxi service company? Is there space for one more company? Will you be able to make profits, or at least, breakeven if you start this venture? Go further only once you are absolutely sure that your business will flourish, despite heavy competition.

The next step is to scope out the competition. See what services they are providing and how you can offer something unique to the customers. Study your competitors’ website, app, social media or maybe even try out their services. Are they lacking something? How can you do it better? There’s usually a gap in every market and if you can fill it up, then you’ll be the owner of a successful cab booking system.

So, are you ready to hit the road? Before answering that question, we recommend that you read below and see what you’ll need to kick-off your new business.

What do you need to rev up your on-demand cab booking app?

What exactly is needed to start an on-demand taxi booking service?

That depends on your working model. Are you planning to purchase cars for your business? Or will you hire drivers with cars for your business?

If you are thinking of buying a fleet, then a good amount of money is needed beforehand. You will need to ensure that the ride is comfortable, clean, and a quite recent model. If you are thinking of following the aggregator model, then you will have to keep a list of checks for each car and driver that you will be conducting before allowing them to ride with your business.

It doesn’t end there. You will need all sorts of documents and insurance for your fleet to start your business. You will also need a place big enough to park all the cars when they’re not being used and a space for your office as well. Try to make sure that the office building is accommodated in the same ground as the parking or garage area for ease and flexibility.

Now you have space, an office, the cars, and all the required permissions. But you can’t drive all these cars on your own, can you? You’ll need to hire drivers for your cab booking services. Be extra careful about who you hire, check their licenses, their past experience and run a background check if possible.

The reason for being so cautious when hiring drivers is that they are the ones who will act as the deciding factor for your customers. If the driver is rude, arrogant, overcharges and asks inappropriate questions, you can bet that the customer is never coming back to you. On the other hand, if the driver is polite, considerate and in general an affable person, then the customer will not only come back but will also tell others about you.

That rounds up most of the elements crucial to start off a taxi business except one.

Digitize your cab company with a cab booking app

It’s a world run by the internet and smartphones, so if you don’t have a cab booking app for your taxi business, you’ll reach nowhere. You’ll be busy handling all other aspects of your business so even if you know how to develop an app, you won’t have the time to do it. It’s also tiresome to hire developers and work with them on the project. That leaves you in a sort of a fix.

Before you despair, there is one other option. You could try and find a taxi business solution provider like GoSpAXI and partner up for your app. Are you unsure about using a white label taxi app solution? Keep reading and see what are the benefits of using one for your taxi business.

1. Better customer service

With cab booking app & software, you will reduce the hassle and save time for the customers. This will help you increase your popularity amongst the users quickly. Since users will be able to book cabs from anywhere and at any time, it will help you provide better customer service and in turn, increase user retention on the app.

As a preferred taxi app solutions provider, at GoSpAXI we can also integrate a feature that allows the users to give their feedback for each ride. As per their feedback, you can try to improve the services you provide and gain a better reputation in the market. This will be really beneficial since it will show your users that you care for them and want to serve them better.

2. Automation

One of the major benefits of having a cab booking system in place is that most of your processes will be automated. All the trips will be tracked and each driver will be held accountable for the reviews through his account. Fares will be calculated as per the rates that you set in the admin dashboard of the cab booking software, avoiding any type of haggling or negotiation by the customers.

Similarly, the calculation for payments to the drivers will also be automated and you won’t need to calculate the amounts for each driver. This will help avoid human errors and reduce workload too. Thus, automation is one of the best benefits of using a cab booking app for your cab company.

3. Savings

A custom-developed taxi cab booking software is way costlier than getting a premade taxi app solution from GoSpAXI. This is because when the development is being done from scratch, it requires more man-hours more resources and bucket-loads of money.

On the other hand, GoSpAXI taxi app solution is a feature-rich solution. GoSpAXI will customize the solution so that it is aligned with your requirements and brand identity. It will also cost lesser and most taxi app solution provider will also offer you free support and maintenance, which probably won’t be an option if you get it developed from scratch.

4. Fleet management

One benefit of having your own cab app like Uber is that it will be much easier for you to manage your fleet of cars. Since you’ll be able to track all the cars in real-time, it will be very easy to count them and keep everything in check.

You can carry out a variety of functions such as vehicle financing, vehicle maintenance, tracking and diagnostics, fuel management, safety, and health management. Through efficient fleet management, your company can reduce managerial costs, improve efficiency and productivity and minimize risks. All in all, easy fleet management through your cab booking system will help you run your business better and more get a higher return on investments.

5. 100% customizable

Unlike popular misconception, white label taxi app solutions like GoSpAXI are 100% customizable. You can ask the solution provider to add or remove features as per your business requirements. You can also get them to change the colours to suit your brand’s logo and identity. It is like a cake-walk and takes minimal efforts from your end, making the process smooth and quick for you to launch your new cab booking app.

On A Concluding Note

We understand that starting a cab company is not easy. You need to prepare yourself for some goof-ups, especially if it is your first business idea. However, you will need to remember that you should be patient and give yourself time to observe and achieve mastery in your field. We can only give you tips on how to get started but you are the one who will need to put in the hard work and time to take your cab company from the ground and make it a success.

As a way of making things easier for your new business venture, you can work with us for your cab booking app & software development. If you are unsure about getting a white label taxi app solution, you can book a free demo today to help make the decision!

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How GoSpAXI Solved Our Nigeria-based Client’s Taxi Business Problems

taxi app development

If you own taxi business and want to expand your business, you must read this blog. In this blog, you will read about how taxi app development solved problems faced by one of GoSpAXI’s clients.

In this digital time, it is hard to grow a business without an online presence. One of our clients realized this after facing trouble in expanding his taxi business. Let’s get to know his story in brief.

A taxi business owner in Nigeria contacted us to develop a white label taxi app for his business. His taxi service was facing certain problems that were hindering his business growth. He was losing customers and taxi app development was probably his only resort. He wanted an affordable yet feature-rich uber like taxi app solution. He wasn’t very tech-savvy and hence wanted a simple taxi dispatch app. He searched online and found the GoSpAXI, taxi booking solution. He contacted us and discussed his requirements. We understood his problems and developed the exact taxi booking app he wanted.

Without further ado, let’s talk about the problems that his business faced and how GoSpAXI (taxi booking solution) solved them

How  taxi app development by GoSpAXI solved the client’s taxi business problems

1. Business visibility

He followed the traditional way of running a taxi business. His drivers would drive around the town and look for potential customers. For advance or current bookings, the customers needed to call and communicate. The customers found this quite inefficient and time-consuming. In fact, many customers were unaware of his business because of his old-school ways.

By developing a cab booking app like uber, his business gained visibility in the taxi market place. Customers got to know about his taxi service because of the taxi application. Customers now manage taxi bookings with just a few taps with this on-demand taxi app.

If you too want to increase business visibility, you can go with GoSpaxi taxi booking app solution.

2. Automating business processes

Our client has around 50 cabs and drivers which were very difficult to manage before our taxi app developers developed the best taxi app for him. We developed the rider’s app, admin panel and the driver’s app for his business.

This helps him to automate booking and managing cabs. The customers just need to put pick up and drop off locations, and available cabs are shown to them. The admin can manage these bookings on the admin panel.

This way, there is no need to keep excel sheets to keep a track of riders, drivers and cabs. Everything is taken care of by the admin panel or we can say a desktop panel of taxi app solution.

3. Fare and earning management

One of the main challenges that the client faced was managing the fare of the rides. It is important to have fares that are reasonable for the customers and profitable for him and drivers.

The taxi app has a feature of fare estimation which helps estimate fare for travelling. This way the customers do not need to bargain with the drivers.

The drivers can also manage their earnings with the help of this taxi app. How? Well, they have a record of all their bookings, whether they’re cancelled, upcoming, and ongoing. All the details of route, fare and ratings are available which help to manage earnings with ease.

This way taxi app development will be beneficial for all the parties using it.

Concluding Notes

These are not the only ways that GoSpAXI helped the client. Our complete taxi booking app solution provides managing bookings for the drivers, location sharing and advance booking for customers among other features. The admin may even view customer ratings and feedback to improve customer experience.

If you are looking for a complete taxi app development, you have come to the right place. Our white label taxi booking apps have helped many taxi businesses across the world and we would be happy to repeat the history for you.

If you still have doubts, our experts will provide a free demo for the rider’s app, driver’s app and the admin panel. Feel free to communicate by just filling the given form.

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4 Exclusive Features of GoSpAXI’s Rider App That Any Taxi Rider Wish For

Taxi Dispatch System

The time has gone when people were booking taxis by raising their hand in the middle of the road.

People were hiring taxis by shouting “taxi”, and unfortunately, they were not always lucky enough to get one in the first attempt.

Now, with the emergence of taxi booking apps like Uber, Lyft, Careem, and many other successful apps, it becomes a lot easier for people to book a taxi from one place to another. People use these top taxi apps to book taxis from the comfort of their home.

Moreover, these cab booking apps have revolutionized the way people are booking taxis today. With the rider’s app, riders are enjoying all those features that they were dreaming of.

So, being a taxi startup and entrepreneur, if you are planning to invest in taxi booking app development, make sure you include these features. These 4 exclusive features of GoSpAXI’s rider’s app will make your taxi app solution successful, attracting more customers to your business.

Before we discuss the top features of the rider’s application, let’s know some basic information about GoSpAXI, a complete taxi booking app solution.

GoSpAXI: A Successful Taxi Booking App Solution

Designed and developed considering the needs of taxi businesses, GoSpAXI is a top taxi booking app solution to automate your taxi business from daily taxi bookings to managing drivers and billing to a total number of taxis with their location.

The solution comes with an advanced rider’s app, driver’s app, dispatch system, and partner panel, helping you as a taxi businessman to manage your entire business digitally. From handling a team of drivers to track taxi’s position using GPS and managing riders, our taxi booking app solution is designed in a way that any non-technical member in the taxi business can handle everything easily.

Moving ahead, let’s check out the top 5 features of rider’s app that you can consider while developing a rider’s app for your riders.

4 Exclusive Features of Rider’s App That Riders Wish For

1. Allow Riders to Manage Trip Parameters

What if you can serve your riders with extra services for their conveniences? They will love it. Right? So, the main feature that you can include in rider’s app is – manage trip parameters. You can allow your riders to manage trip parameters as per their needs.

They can request the taxi with a baby seat so that they can travel with their baby safely. Apart from the baby seat, allow your riders to book a taxi with wheelchair request so the riders who are not able to walk can request for a wheelchair.

There are many such services that you can allow your riders to request for especially as per their convenience and need. Other such services that you can provide are – taxi with music system, radio station, safety kit, AC with a particular temperature and more. Such services impress your riders and attract more towards your ridesharing app

2. Allow Riders’ Loved Ones Track Their Riders in Real-time

Allow riders to share their location with their loved ones so that they can track the rider’s location in real-time and track the ride constantly. This is the most secured feature that you can consider in your rider’s app and allow your riders to travel from one place to another without stress.

It happens many a time with women, who work in night shift and travel alone, so it is better for them to share their location with their loved ones or office colleagues. This way they can track riders in real-time and constantly have an eye on their current location.

So, whether you are planning to develop Uber for women application or targeting all the riders, sharing real-time location with their loved ones is must include a feature in the taxi app.

3. Advance Booking or Scheduling Ride

The third feature that you can include in your app like Uber is, advance booking or scheduling ride, so riders don’t need to wait in the middle of the roads. So, allow riders to book a ride in advance or schedule it as per their convenience.

They just need to enter the date, time, and destination to book a ride in advance by one day or one week. This feature will it easy for riders to ride in a taxi and plan it in advance. In fact, they can book their daily rides in advance, so they get late when traveling to an office.

No matter what size of taxi business you are running, consider including this feature to compel a greater number of riders to make use of your taxi application.

4. Multiple Drop-off Location

What if your riders want to make a few stops while traveling? The must provide feature is multiple drop-off locations that allow your riders to include extra stops in their ride. With this feature, the drivers can pick-up and drop-off others without any hassle.

Using this feature, the riders can include up to two extra stops, so they can add locations when they are requesting a ride or while they are on their trip. Riders just simply need click on “Add a Stop” and then save it.

A Simple Piece of Advice

No matter whether you are already in the taxi industry or planning to enter in it, it is must that you develop your own taxi booking app, connecting riders and taxi drivers in real-time. The complete taxi booking solution will transform the way you are handling or will handle the taxi business.

So, if you have any plan or idea on taxi app development, you can discuss it with us we are a leading taxi booking app development company and already developed over 40 taxi apps with multiple features and functionalities.

In any case, if you have any query like how much does it cost to make an app like Uber, what is the exact timeline to develop an app like Uber and what is the business model of Uber like taxi apps, just fill our contact us. Our expert will get back to you shortly, suggesting the optimal solution.

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3 Strategies to Improve Your Traditional Taxi Business and Startup

Taxi Booking App Development

Running a taxi business or startup is not as easy as it sounds. It takes a lot of dedication, hard work, and understanding of the market to run it successfully.

Being a taxi businessman, you have to keep up with the new trends and technologies to serve your customers with advanced quality taxi services.

However, it doesn’t matter what’s the size of your taxi business, but the thing that matters is the quality of your taxi services. In this highly competitive market, it is must that you keep your taxi business updated and efficient, making it easier for your customers to get in touch with you.

If you want to keep your traditional taxi business updated and ahead of your competitors, we have mentioned some of the effective strategies that will help kick-start your business’s growth.

Improve Your Traditional Taxi Business With 3 Simple Strategies

1. Get Customized Taxi Booking App

In this mobile app era, if your taxi business doesn’t have a taxi booking app for your customers or riders, then not a single rider is going to use your taxi services. Most of the people across the world are opting for taxi booking apps when it comes to booking a taxi from one destination to another.

ride sharing apps

There are many benefits of developing a taxi app like connecting drivers and riders in real-time, allowing riders to know the estimated arrival time of the driver, get real-time booking updates and notifications. Moreover, a dedicated taxi app gives your business a unique recognition and helps to connect with your customers more conveniently.

In addition, the taxi application connects taxi drivers and riders in real-time, allowing riders to book a cab instantly without making calls to drivers. The rider just only needs to select the destination and book a ride with one single tap.

2. Listen to Your Customers’ Problems & Provide Solution for Same

Another strategy that you can work on and improve your taxi business is – listen to your customers’ problems and provide a solution for the same. You need to observe and understand your customers’ pain points and deliver a solution in terms of application and taxi services.


There might be many problems that your customers are facing like booking a ride through call, waiting on the road for a driver, reminding a driver to reach on time, and other such problems. So, you, as a taxi businessman, need to comprehend all these problems of your customers and provide a solution that makes it easy for them to book a taxi.

To provide a solution for such a problem, you can allow your customers to book a taxi in advance or schedule the ride for their desired date and time. Make sure that scheduling a ride must be of two steps without confusing your riders.

3. Target Potential Customers Only

It is of no use to advertise your taxi booking services in front of those people, who are usually spending their time at home or prefer their own car for traveling from one destination to another.

So, if you want to ensure that your taxi services are used in the right manner, you can target your services in front of those people, who need cabs. You can target the right audience in the region, who looks for cabs nearby for traveling from one place to another.

In short, being taxi business owner, you can market your taxi app services, where people are willing to utilize your taxi services on a daily basis.

How GoSpAXI Can Improve Your Traditional Taxi Business

GoSpAXI is a white label taxi booking app solution that is mainly designed and developed to automate your taxi business from daily bookings to billing and dispatching to ratings. Our taxi booking solution comes with a complete range of features, allowing any non-technical member in the taxi business to use it without any problem.

So, you can have your own taxi app solution that comes with driver’s app, rider’s app, admin panel and partner panel. Get in touch with us and discuss your taxi business requirements with us through our contact us form.

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Uber for Handicap: How GoSpAXI Solution Can Help You to Develop a Taxi Booking App for Handicapped People

Uber for Disabled App

Have you decided to develop a taxi booking for handicapped people?

That’s a great idea that you want to develop a taxi app for the world’s 15% population (according to, who lives with some form of disability.

Out of this 15%, 2-4% experience significant difficulties in functioning. So looking at the data of the disabled people, we can say that the taxi booking app will help many handicap people to ride from point destination to another.

People with some form of disability don’t have their own wheelchair accessible cars. Therefore, it can be tough to travel with ease. With such reasons, most of the disabled people prefer staying at home or don’t prefer getting out on a daily basis.

Being a taxi startup or an entrepreneur in the taxi industry, if you want to develop an app like Uber for handicap, GoSpAXI, a white label taxi booking solution, can help you to develop your own taxi app for disabled people.

How GoSpAXI Can Help You to Develop a Taxi Booking App For Handicapped People

With the experience of developing over 40 Uber-like apps for different taxi startups and businesses, our team of taxi app developers is here to serve your needs. Unlike other white label taxi booking solutions, we, at GoSpAXI, provide a complete taxi booking app solution that consists of Rider’s app, Driver’s app, Admin panel, and Partner panel.

Designed and developed by our experts, GoSpAXI solution automates your taxi business from managing bookings to billing and manual requests to ratings of drivers. At one single platform, Admin panel, you can manage your entire taxi business like track drivers, manage riders, payments, ratings, and weekly/monthly reports.

Moving ahead, let’s talk about the top features that our solution offers to make your Uber for handicap app stands-out in the market.

1. Facility to Manage Trip Parameters

One of the main features that you can provide your riders is a facility to manage trip parameters. With this feature, the rider with any disability can request for the taxi with one simple tap and book a ride with any special parameter.

schedule trip

Let’s take an example if the rider is physically handicap or disable, then he/she can request a ride with a wheelchair taxi. While riding in the taxi, the rider will not face any problem because the driver gives extra hand in getting in and out of the taxi.

Apart from the wheelchair taxi, the rider can also book a taxi with other facilities like a baby seat, air condition, music system, first aid kit and more. Such facilities can be requested by the rider with manage trip parameters feature. So, if you want to develop a ride-sharing app for disabled people, this is the mandatory feature to include.

2. One-tap Ride Booking & Scheduling

Another important feature that will do wonder for physically disabled people is one-tap ride booking and scheduling. With one-tap ride booking and scheduling feature, riders can book a ride with one single touch on the screen. They just need to select the destination and confirm the ride.


This feature will make it easy for disabled people to book a ride anytime and anywhere using their one hand.

In fact, you as a taxi startup allow a rider to schedule a ride in advance by entering a date and time of traveling. With scheduling feature, riders can book a ride in advance by one week or one hour so that they don’t have to wait on the road or outside of a home.

3. Favorite Destination and Voice Commands

The third essential feature for wheelchair taxi app is favorite destination and voice command to book a ride. Let’s first talk about the favorite destination, this feature allows riders to mark different destinations as their favorite so that they don’t have to enter the address again and again. Under the list of favorites, riders will get their favorite marked destinations to select.


Another one is voice commands that allow disabled people to book or schedule a ride through voice commands. So, people, who are disabled with eyes, can book a ride through voice commands. In short, such features can make your taxi booking app successful and stand out in the market.

Concluding Remarks

As you have gone through the main features of Uber for handicap people, so, if you, as a taxi startup or taxi businessman, have made up your mind to develop your own ride-hailing app along with these features, you can describe your requirements to us.

We have already transformed more than 40 ideas into successful Uber-like apps, allowing taxi businesses to serve their riders with real-time taxi application. In case, if you have any query or confusion like how much does it cost to develop an app for taxi business or what is app development timeline, just fill our contact us form. Our sales representative team will get back to you shortly.

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