How GoSpAXI Solved Our Nigeria-based Client’s Taxi Business Problems
July 24, 2019 GoUser

How GoSpAXI Solved Our Nigeria-based Client’s Taxi Business Problems

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If you own taxi business and want to expand your business, you must read this blog. In this blog, you will read about how taxi app development solved problems faced by one of GoSpAXI’s clients.

In this digital time, it is hard to grow a business without an online presence. One of our clients realized this after facing trouble in expanding his taxi business. Let’s get to know his story in brief.

A taxi business owner in Nigeria contacted us to develop a white label taxi app for his business. His taxi service was facing certain problems that were hindering his business growth. He was losing customers and taxi app development was probably his only resort. He wanted an affordable yet feature-rich uber like taxi app solution. He wasn’t very tech-savvy and hence wanted a simple taxi dispatch app. He searched online and found the GoSpAXI, taxi booking solution. He contacted us and discussed his requirements. We understood his problems and developed the exact taxi booking app he wanted.

Without further ado, let’s talk about the problems that his business faced and how GoSpAXI (taxi booking solution) solved them

How  taxi app development by GoSpAXI solved the client’s taxi business problems

1. Business visibility

He followed the traditional way of running a taxi business. His drivers would drive around the town and look for potential customers. For advance or current bookings, the customers needed to call and communicate. The customers found this quite inefficient and time-consuming. In fact, many customers were unaware of his business because of his old-school ways.

By developing a cab booking app like uber, his business gained visibility in the taxi market place. Customers got to know about his taxi service because of the taxi application. Customers now manage taxi bookings with just a few taps with this on-demand taxi app.

If you too want to increase business visibility, you can go with GoSpaxi taxi booking app solution.

2. Automating business processes

Our client has around 50 cabs and drivers which were very difficult to manage before our taxi app developers developed the best taxi app for him. We developed the rider’s app, admin panel and the driver’s app for his business.

This helps him to automate booking and managing cabs. The customers just need to put pick up and drop off locations, and available cabs are shown to them. The admin can manage these bookings on the admin panel.

This way, there is no need to keep excel sheets to keep a track of riders, drivers and cabs. Everything is taken care of by the admin panel or we can say a desktop panel of taxi app solution.

3. Fare and earning management

One of the main challenges that the client faced was managing the fare of the rides. It is important to have fares that are reasonable for the customers and profitable for him and drivers.

The taxi app has a feature of fare estimation which helps estimate fare for travelling. This way the customers do not need to bargain with the drivers.

The drivers can also manage their earnings with the help of this taxi app. How? Well, they have a record of all their bookings, whether they’re cancelled, upcoming, and ongoing. All the details of route, fare and ratings are available which help to manage earnings with ease.

This way taxi app development will be beneficial for all the parties using it.

Concluding Notes

These are not the only ways that GoSpAXI helped the client. Our complete taxi booking app solution provides managing bookings for the drivers, location sharing and advance booking for customers among other features. The admin may even view customer ratings and feedback to improve customer experience.

If you are looking for a complete taxi app development, you have come to the right place. Our white label taxi booking apps have helped many taxi businesses across the world and we would be happy to repeat the history for you.

If you still have doubts, our experts will provide a free demo for the rider’s app, driver’s app and the admin panel. Feel free to communicate by just filling the given form.

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