How Our Brazilian Client’s Customers Benefit From GoSpAXI (White Label Taxi App Solution)
August 2, 2019 GoUser

How Our Brazilian Client’s Customers Benefit From GoSpAXI (White Label Taxi App Solution)

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Are you still wondering whether a taxi app solution will benefit your customers and your taxi business or not? Read this blog and get the answer yourself. You will read about 3 problems of riders and how GoSpAXI solved them.

Let’s admit it. Commuting every day is a mundane task. Looking for taxis early in the morning or late at night is a dreading experience that we all wanna avoid. Riders in every part of the world face this problem. The ultimate solution is prebooking cabs or availing on-demand taxi services.

Our client from Brazil provided booking taxi ahead of time and also had his drivers drive around the city to find riders that needed a cab right then. One of his drivers had a conversation with him and told him about the complaints of the riders. There were 3 main issues faced by the riders:

  • Difficulty in finding a ride when they need it
  • Miscommunication with the driver
  • Not able to book in advance 

Our client decided to resolve these issues of the riders and came to us for a taxi app solution. He had found us during his online search for a white label taxi app solution. He contacted us through our website and shared his expectations about his taxi booking app idea. We understood his requirements and set the taxi app development in motion.

We solved the above problems with the following solutions.

How Gospaxi’s Taxi App Solution is Helping Riders of our Brazilian Client

1. Manage bookings

At first, riders were unable to find a ride when they really needed the most. An on-demand taxi app solution made it easy for them to book taxis on spot. Now, they can manage bookings with just a few taps.

They can view information like pickup, drop-off, route, and fare about their past, on-going, and upcoming rides that assists them to keep track of their travel spends as well.

This app like Uber made the booking process fast, easy and effective. Users can also see how much time it would take to travel or if the driver is taking the right route.

2. Easy Communication

After booking a cab, the taxi application provides users with all the necessary information to contact the driver. The app shows the location of the driver and the time for the driver to reach the pickup point.

The app also displays information about the car’s brand, model, and number plate. In fact, our expert taxi app developers also built an in-app chat option for both- the user app as well as the driver app.

Apart from this, the driver’s contact number is also provided in case the customer needs to contact him.

3. Scheduling Rides

Initially, the customers had to call the taxi services to inquire about the availability of the taxis for scheduling their ride. With the cab booking app, this information available at their fingertips.

This uber like taxi app also lets users schedule rides ahead of their journey. Advance booking options available in the taxi app solution help the riders to dodge the last-minute rush and bargain. Riders get an estimated fare of the journey and can decide whether they find it reasonable or not.

In fact, with the Uber for outstation like feature, the riders can also book a cab to travel from one city to another.

Summing up

Our white label taxi booking app made sure that the riders do not face the same problems again. This helped to enhance customer experience and in turn empowered our client to develop a loyal customer base. 

We, at GoSpAXI, provide taxi app solutions that you can label under your name and rebrand as yours. We do not develop Uber clone apps but develop feature-rich and advanced taxi app solutions. We take pride in having developed over 50 taxi dispatch apps and ride-hailing apps that are now labelled under different names by our clients worldwide.

Feel free to inquire about our taxi booking app solution from our technical expert. He will reply to you as early as possible. You can also fill the contact form below and get a live demo for free.

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