4 Exclusive Features of GoSpAXI’s Rider App That Any Taxi Rider Wish For
May 3, 2019 GoUser

4 Exclusive Features of GoSpAXI’s Rider App That Any Taxi Rider Wish For

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The time has gone when people were booking taxis by raising their hand in the middle of the road.

People were hiring taxis by shouting “taxi”, and unfortunately, they were not always lucky enough to get one in the first attempt.

Now, with the emergence of taxi booking apps like Uber, Lyft, Careem, and many other successful apps, it becomes a lot easier for people to book a taxi from one place to another. People use these top taxi apps to book taxis from the comfort of their home.

Moreover, these cab booking apps have revolutionized the way people are booking taxis today. With the rider’s app, riders are enjoying all those features that they were dreaming of.

So, being a taxi startup and entrepreneur, if you are planning to invest in taxi booking app development, make sure you include these features. These 4 exclusive features of GoSpAXI’s rider’s app will make your taxi app solution successful, attracting more customers to your business.

Before we discuss the top features of the rider’s application, let’s know some basic information about GoSpAXI, a complete taxi booking app solution.

GoSpAXI: A Successful Taxi Booking App Solution

Designed and developed considering the needs of taxi businesses, GoSpAXI is a top taxi booking app solution to automate your taxi business from daily taxi bookings to managing drivers and billing to a total number of taxis with their location.

The solution comes with an advanced rider’s app, driver’s app, dispatch system, and partner panel, helping you as a taxi businessman to manage your entire business digitally. From handling a team of drivers to track taxi’s position using GPS and managing riders, our taxi booking app solution is designed in a way that any non-technical member in the taxi business can handle everything easily.

Moving ahead, let’s check out the top 5 features of rider’s app that you can consider while developing a rider’s app for your riders.

4 Exclusive Features of Rider’s App That Riders Wish For

1. Allow Riders to Manage Trip Parameters

What if you can serve your riders with extra services for their conveniences? They will love it. Right? So, the main feature that you can include in rider’s app is – manage trip parameters. You can allow your riders to manage trip parameters as per their needs.

They can request the taxi with a baby seat so that they can travel with their baby safely. Apart from the baby seat, allow your riders to book a taxi with wheelchair request so the riders who are not able to walk can request for a wheelchair.

There are many such services that you can allow your riders to request for especially as per their convenience and need. Other such services that you can provide are – taxi with music system, radio station, safety kit, AC with a particular temperature and more. Such services impress your riders and attract more towards your ridesharing app

2. Allow Riders’ Loved Ones Track Their Riders in Real-time

Allow riders to share their location with their loved ones so that they can track the rider’s location in real-time and track the ride constantly. This is the most secured feature that you can consider in your rider’s app and allow your riders to travel from one place to another without stress.

It happens many a time with women, who work in night shift and travel alone, so it is better for them to share their location with their loved ones or office colleagues. This way they can track riders in real-time and constantly have an eye on their current location.

So, whether you are planning to develop Uber for women application or targeting all the riders, sharing real-time location with their loved ones is must include a feature in the taxi app.

3. Advance Booking or Scheduling Ride

The third feature that you can include in your app like Uber is, advance booking or scheduling ride, so riders don’t need to wait in the middle of the roads. So, allow riders to book a ride in advance or schedule it as per their convenience.

They just need to enter the date, time, and destination to book a ride in advance by one day or one week. This feature will it easy for riders to ride in a taxi and plan it in advance. In fact, they can book their daily rides in advance, so they get late when traveling to an office.

No matter what size of taxi business you are running, consider including this feature to compel a greater number of riders to make use of your taxi application.

4. Multiple Drop-off Location

What if your riders want to make a few stops while traveling? The must provide feature is multiple drop-off locations that allow your riders to include extra stops in their ride. With this feature, the drivers can pick-up and drop-off others without any hassle.

Using this feature, the riders can include up to two extra stops, so they can add locations when they are requesting a ride or while they are on their trip. Riders just simply need click on “Add a Stop” and then save it.

A Simple Piece of Advice

No matter whether you are already in the taxi industry or planning to enter in it, it is must that you develop your own taxi booking app, connecting riders and taxi drivers in real-time. The complete taxi booking solution will transform the way you are handling or will handle the taxi business.

So, if you have any plan or idea on taxi app development, you can discuss it with us we are a leading taxi booking app development company and already developed over 40 taxi apps with multiple features and functionalities.

In any case, if you have any query like how much does it cost to make an app like Uber, what is the exact timeline to develop an app like Uber and what is the business model of Uber like taxi apps, just fill our contact us. Our expert will get back to you shortly, suggesting the optimal solution.

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