How GoSpAXI’s Outstation Module Can Make Your Taxi Business Successful?
March 14, 2019 GoUser

How GoSpAXI’s Outstation Module Can Make Your Taxi Business Successful?

Uber for Outstation Taxi App Development

Do you know that most of the people, who live in large cosmopolitan cities, refuse to own cars?

Yes, you read it right.

Due to heavy traffic and the dearth of parking space, a lot of people prefer ridesharing services like Uber, Lyft, and Grab. In fact, people, who visit nearby cities or travel out of town, prefer taxis to travel from one destination to another.

Whether people are going on vacations or traveling for business purpose, they prefer taxi apps that provide outstation services. With high demand for personal car rides or taxi booking apps, entrepreneurs and taxi startups are showing high interest in making an app like Uber and launch it on local markets.

Moreover, taxi booking apps with the outstation module are like a blessing for all the local people, foreign tourists, or businessmen, who travel from one city to another city. Now, they don’t have to go out and wait on the road to hire a taxi. They just need to take out their smartphone and a few taps on the app and taxi for outstation is booked.

Being a taxi startup or entrepreneur, if you have decided to develop ride-sharing apps like Lyft or Uber with the outstation module, then GoSpAXI can help you to build your own outstation taxi app. In fact, GoSpAXI’s outstation module can make your taxi business successful by providing several useful features for your riders.

3 Features That GoSpAXI’s Outstation Module Offers to Stand-Out Your Taxi Booking Services

1) Allow Riders to Book a Ride in Advance

The main feature that GoSpAXI’s outstation module provides to taxi startups is – allow your riders to book a ride in advance. It doesn’t matter whether your taxi riders are planning to visit another city for business purpose, attend any wedding function, or to spend family time at the farmhouse, allow them to book a ride in advance using advance booking feature.

Riders can book a ride in advance by one day or a week by entering a pick-up and drop location and departure date with exact time. With advance booking, you can allow your riders to get relax and tension-free when planning a trip to outstation. In fact, the advance booking feature in an outstation module will help your passengers to avoid rush and inconvenience in the last time.

2) Provide One-Way and Round-Trip Options

Another main feature that outstation module offers – one-way and round-trip options. You can provide these two options to your riders, allowing them to book an outstation ride for one-way or round-trip as per their convenience.

Using this feature, riders can book an outstation ride, filling complete information like exact date, place, time, and the total number of travelers.


Let’s take an example, if any rider is traveling out of the station with complete planning along with friends and family, he/she will prefer a round-trip. While foreign tourists will prefer one-way because they know their departure date and exact time, but not sure when they will return.

So, including both the options can make it for your riders to book a taxi with your application and travel comfortably.

3) Different Vehicle Options & Safe Riding Experience

Another features that our outstation module offers – different vehicle options and safe riding experience. By providing multiple vehicle options, you can allow riders to choose their desired vehicle when traveling to another city.


As there are a number of vehicles like Mini cars, Prime Sedans, Hatchbacks, SUV, LUX cabs, and more, so riders can choose any vehicle whether they are traveling with their family members or group of friends.

Along with it, make sure you as a taxi startup delivers a safe riding experience to your riders so that they prefer your taxi app whenever they plan for going out from one city to another.

Final Remarks

As you have checked the 3 main features of GoSpAXI’s outstation module, you can include these features while developing your own ride-sharing app, allowing riders to book a taxi for outstation. With the growing demand for outstation taxi apps, you as a taxi startup can enter the market with your app and grab a number of opportunities.

Just let us know your taxi booking app idea and we, at GoSpAXI, will help you to convert your idea into a successful application. In case, if you have any confusion related to Uber-like app development cost, taxi booking app development timeline or common features of the taxi, fill our contact us form. One of our sales representatives will get back to you shortly. In fact, the representative will give a free demo of our complete taxi booking app solution.

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