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GoSpAXI is a white label taxi booking solution for taxi startups and businesses to automate day-to-day taxi operations. Our cloud-based taxi solution is a fully customizable with advanced features and functionalities.
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Taxi Booking App Solution

GoSpAXI: A Ready-Made Taxi App Solution For Better Management

Taxi App Solution

Are you facing hassles while managing your taxi business? What if we help you automate your business with our white label taxi app solution? Yes, it’s possible! With GoSpAXI, you will be empowered with a full-featured white label taxi app solution that can help you run your taxi business more efficiently and smoothly. All you need to do is share your taxi business requirements, and we will handle the rest! Our package for this taxi dispatch solution is comprehensive which means we will help you with everything till your app has been launched.

Integrated a number of features similar to Uber taxi booking app, we have also developed some significant features to help your taxi business stand out amongst your competitors. Want to get a demo of our taxi solution? Get in touch with us and experience GoSpAXI firsthand!

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GoSpAXI Features

Taxi app solution Features

Ride scheduling
Ride now or schedule

Using this feature, users can opt when they want their cab to arrive at their pickup location. They can make a booking for right away or for a
scheduled time in the near future.

Fare estimation
Fare estimation

Users can enter their pickup location and drop-off location while selecting the type of vehicle they want to ride in. This will enable for the automatic estimated calculation of the cost that the users will be asked to pay for the cab.

Payment options
Payment options

Based on which payment gateways you want to provide your users, we can integrate various online payment methods such as credit and debit cards, netbanking and e-wallets.

Real-time tracking
Real-time tracking

Passengers will be able to see the real-time location of the driver from the mobile app. This location will keep updating as the driver starts moving towards the passenger’s pickup location.

Favorite driver
Favorite driver

If the riders love the service of a particular driver then they can set that person to favorites. By doing this, that driver will be given the first preference for the trip request if he is in the same area.

Emergency SOS Button
SOS button

Riders can save 3 emergency contact details in GoSpAXI’s taxi app solution. When the rider presses the SOS button in emergencies, it will send the tracking link of the ride to the contacts and notify the admin.

Accept and reject trip requests
Accept and reject trip requests

When a trip request is made, drivers closest to the rider will get it one by one. They will have a fixed amount of time to act on it. If accepted, they’ll receive the details of the trip and if rejected, the next driver will get it.


The driver will get directions for reaching the pickup and drop-off locations via the best and the quickest routes. This ensures that not a lot of time is wasted in traveling from one location to another.

Start and End Trip
Trip start and end

The driver can start the trip once the passenger is in the car and he can end it after dropping off a passenger. He also has the option to hold the trip if the passenger makes him wait at the pick-up point or at a stop in between.

Trip history
Trip history

Drivers can check his past trips from the GoSpAXI driver app itself. This helps him understand how much he earned, trips completed, the review or rating given by the rider for every trip and other such details.

My destination

With this unique feature in GoSpAXI’s taxi app solution, drivers can easily set a particular destination in their app as My Destination. By doing this, the drivers will only get the trip request near or on their way to the destination.

Multiple vehicles option
Multiple vehicles option

If you enable this option, each driver will be able to enlist multiple vehicles from his account. He will be able to choose which one he wants to drive every time he goes online on the GoSpAXI driver app.

Fleet management
Fleet management

You can check the status of all the vehicles together and see how many of them are online, offline and currently completing a trip. This feature and the data will help you understand your demand in the market.

Virtual block
Virtual block

With this unique feature in GoSpAXI’s taxi app solution, you can put a virtual block on any driver that you want to. This means that the driver won’t know you’ve blocked him and he won’t get any requests despite being online.

Location-based push notifications
Generate reports

You can generate reports of the number of trips in a particular time period, statistics about the data of the drivers and the riders from GoSpAXI. This will help you analyze the status of your business with accurate data.

Fare management
Fare management

You can set up the fare on the basis of the location, distance traveled, time taken for the trip, number of passengers, type of vehicle, and other such parameters. This will help in easy accounting and calculations of payouts.

Location-based push notifications
Location-based push notifications

Push notifications are a brilliant way to market your app to those users who have already downloaded it. You can send out promotional offers,
nudging users to use your app so that your app retention rate increases.

Accounting reports
Accounting reports

Based on the fares set up by you, you can generate automated reports of the payments and other details. The report can also be generated manually. This helps make accounting easier for taxi businesses.

Do you have any other features in mind? Talk to our taxi app experts and we can guide you further

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How GoSpAXI Helps
Your Taxi Business

Increase Visibility


With your own taxi booking mobile app, you can reach more people than you ever imagined. Not everybody will know about your taxi business unless you tell them. And when you have a mobile app, your users will spread the word about your business on their own.

Get Higher profits

Higher profits

More visibility means reaching more people. When many people begin using your services through your app, then you will be able to see an increase in turnover. This will help you recover the invested amount and generate higher profits in return.

Reduce costs

Reduce costs

Where you had so many people working on maintaining data, with a taxi app solution, you only need to click a few buttons and it’ll be done. It also saves a lot of time, which means you can work in other areas at that time. This helps you reduce costs and the number of hours put in for mindless work.

Measure driver efficiency

Measure driver efficiency

If a driver is getting higher ratings, more people are setting him as a preferred driver and he completes more trips than others, then is it obvious that he is doing something right. These are some of the ways in which you can measure the efficiency of the drivers through the Uber-like taxi app solution

Proper reports

Proper reports

There are so many ways in which humans can make errors while creating a report. But the number of mistakes substantially reduces when it is being done through taxi app development solution. This helps you generate error-free reports and manage your business better.

Improve vehicle maintenance

Improve vehicle maintenance

With your own mobile app, you can reach to people farther than you ever imagined. Not everybody will know about your taxi business unless you tell them about it. And when you have a mobile app, your users will spread the word on their own based on your service.

Ready to take your taxi business online? Get a free demo and see how Uber-like taxi app solution benefits you!features in mind?

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“I had such a good experience with GoSpAXI. The are very commitment about deadlines and very professional. We are very satisfy with the partnership with this team, specially because the platform is getting better every day and we will help on these improvements. If you need something to solve, is simple: just ping them and it will be done! Congrats for the world wide presence and hope we grow our business together.”

Diogo – Venuxx

GoSpAXI Fits Best For

Car Rental Business

With GoSpAXI, you can build your own car rental business and easily manage all your bookings and the fleet from one place.

Fleet Management App Solution

Fleet management

We can build an easy to use fleet management app to help you take care of the chaos of fleet management with ease.

Trucking App Solution

Trucking Business

We can create a trucking business solution to help users book a single truck from the fleet for their usage.

Vehicle Tracking App Solution

Vehicle tracking system

With a cloud-based tracking system, you can track all your vehicles in real-time and keep tabs on the trips.

Sign Up And Launch Your Taxi App With GoSpAXI’s Taxi App Solution

Sign up


Sign up

This is the first step in the process of building your taxi booking app solution. To begin with, you can sign up for either GoSpAXIPro or GoSpAXIPro+ as per your requirements. Once you sign up, one of ourteam members will get in touch with you and take it forward.

Set Logo and Color Combination


Logo and color combination

If you have already been in the taxi business in offline mode then you might have a brand name or logo. You can provide us with the logo and color requirements. If you are new to this, then our designers can work with you for your logo design and color combination.




Once the logo is ready, we will configure it to the app. We will rename the app name to your brand name too and will change the colors as per your choice. The app will have all the default features which are included in the plan that you opted for when signing up.

Add ons


Add ons

After branding is completed from our side, we will ask you for any other requirements that you may have. If you want to opt for any other add-ons then we will discuss them. Our team of taxi app developers will then integrate those add-on functionalities in your app.




Our QA team will then test your app for usability, compatibility, interface checks, and performance. We conduct all the required tests and make sure that your application is 100% bug-free and runs smoothly. Then we send it to you, and call it UTA (User Acceptance Testing).




Once the app has been modified, tested, has been developed and has been approved from your side, we ask you for your developers credentials. Our expert app developers will send your app for approval to the App Store and Play Store for the launch of your apps.

Recent Successful Clients


GoU is a car pooling service for the University
students, professors, and workers. The app connects members of the university community who use their private cars for travelling to and from with people from the university who don’t have or don’t use private cars.

Connect with others

Users can connect with others for sharing their cars.

University exclusive:

Only students, professors, workersof the university community can register.


Dynamic and flat fares.


Credit feature is available for riders.


WilminGo is a Golf Cart Ride Sharing service. Using this app, passengers can select from a number of packages for booking their golf cart rides (example, VIP package, 1-2 passenger package)


Users can choose from a variety of different packages.

Fare rates:

As per the package chosen, fare rates will be applicable to the users.

Area limitation:

Since golf carts are not similar to real cars, an area restriction can be applied by the admin.

What Support Does GoSpAXI Provide?

Before launch After launch
Our project manager will be in touch with you for implementing UI set. Our project manager will be in touch with you for implementing UI set.
After we deliver beta apps to you for testing, and if any changes/issues are found during that period then we will make changes accordingly.
We will provide support regarding any confusion about features and functionalities of GoSpAXI.
Once you approve the final build, we will send it for approval to App and Play stores for launch. The time frame for this support is lifetime or until you are associated with GoSpAXI, whichever is shorter.

Do you want to grow your taxi business with our white label taxi app solution? Get in touch with us today and our team will help you grow your business.

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What exactly is GoSpAXI?

GoSpAXI is a white label taxi app solution that offers 2 types of plans for your taxi business. The first one is GoSpAXIPro which can be used by startups and boosting new taxi businesses. The second plan is GoSpAXIPro+ that can be used growing your startup business. The app is meant for businesses of all sizes and shapes and can be delivered in the form of mobile and web apps.

Is GoSpAXI a website or an app?

GoSpAXI is available in Android, iOS and web. When you sign up with us, you’ll get a rider’s mobile app, a driver’s mobile app, a web panel that works as an admin dashboard and a single page promotional website.

How much does GoSpAXI cost?

Our Taxi Booking App Solution is being provided to you at rates starting from $249 per month. The exact pricing can vary depending on the type of customization that you require and any add-ons that you purchase from us. To know more about this, feel free to schedule a call with our experts.

What are the various types of fleets for which I can use GoSpAXI?

Any business that manages a fleet as a core or an extended part of their business operations can make use of GoSpAXI for their fleet management.

For example,

  • Bus Tracking
  • Limo Rentals
  • Fleet Management Solution
  • Trucking & Logistics App
  • Ride-Sharing & Car Pooling

What types of payment methods will be available in the taxi app?

In our default app, you will get 2 options for payment methods for your users: Cash, card or payment gateway.

Do I need any advanced hardware technology to work on the web app?

All you need is a PC through which you will be able to monitor, access and control everything on your taxi booking application.

Will you help me launch the app to mobile stores for iOS and Android?

Yes, our taxi app developers are experts and have already helped over 50 clients for launching their apps to the mobile stores. We will follow the best practices to ensure that your applications get approved easily by following the best practices and protocols.

If there are any technical challenges in the app after launch, who will solve that?

Don’t worry, we also offer maintenance post-deployment for a lifetime if you are in subscription with us. Our team will assist you in case of any technical issues in the app after launch.

I am interested in getting a free demo of GoSpAXI, how do I get it?

Fill up the form below to get started. We will arrange a callback with you to help you with a free demo.