What are the key benefits of taxi dispatch software?
August 29, 2019 GoUser

What are the key benefits of taxi dispatch software?

In this blog, we aim to list down all the key benefits of a taxi dispatch system for a growing taxi business. With automation and digitization in every field, Uber or Lyft have gained popularity and customers of smaller taxi businesses. It has become vital to take the cab booking business and give it a modern makeover for better gains and sustenance.

It’s just 8 a.m. on the weekend and you’ve already had 3 customers call and complain that their cab hasn’t arrived for their weekend getaway. 1 other driver comes to haggle with you about the wages you pay him. Your office boy comes in and says that 1 of the cabs is making weird noises when the driver starts the car.

Chaos? Or a normal day at the office for your taxi business? Thankfully, there’s a way to solve it.

Have you considered getting a mobile app for your taxi booking business? Why not, right? Everything else has shifted to mobile apps anyway!

But we understand that you are a little bit doubtful about this idea. We completely understand which is why we have written this article that tells you the key benefits of getting a taxi dispatch system for your cab booking business. Do read till the end for a list of features that you can get in your taxi dispatch software by GoSpAXI.

Benefits of the Best Taxi Dispatch System

1. Better ROI

When drivers are flying solo, they are getting a limited crowd. But if they sign up themselves on a taxi booking app, they open themselves up to a comparatively larger number of customers. With the option to book a cab while relaxing on their bed and have it arrive on time at their doorstep, customers prefer a taxi app. It’s definitely much more convenient than having to walk down the road and shout to stop a taxi.

Because of this, there is a clear increase in the total number of trips taken by the drivers overall through your taxi management system. This, in turn, results in a higher return on investment for your business. The results can be visible and will also lead to increased revenue for the taxi drivers and owners.

2. Improve Brand Awareness

With your own taxi dispatch app, you will be able to offer better services to your customers. Such high-quality service provided to your customers will definitely lead to an increase in brand awareness for your business. Moreover, as long as users have your taxi dispatch system on their phones, they will be seeing your name and brand’s logo every day while using their phones. This will result in a form of repetitive marketing for your brand. The more people will use your app, the more they will tell others about it too.

Mobile apps are also a medium with digital global reach, which can contribute to your brand growing across borders too. Hence, getting a taxi dispatch software for your on-demand taxi booking business is one of the best ways to market yourself more.

3. Optimum Vehicle Management

Since you’ll use cars for your taxi business, they will break down or require maintenance all the time. But it is so tiresome to keep track of multiple vehicles and take care of them all. Here’s how a taxi software comes into play. Using the best taxi dispatch system, you can easy systemise most of the operations. This gives you room for easier maintenance of your entire fleet.

You can track progress, suggest the driver repairs and keep the maintenance status of the cars up to date. With GPS facility, it is also easy to track all the vehicles and be assured that they are all safe and sound.

4. Assured Passenger Safety

When a booking is being done through your taxi dispatch software, each trip will be tracked. The driver’s history of previous trips will also be stored in the database and the passengers will be able to look at his ratings. Moreover, since the trip will be tracked, the driver would be unable to indulge in any wrongdoings. He will have to go along the predefined route and drop the passengers off safely.

Not only that, at GoSpAXI, we offer you an additional feature for ensuring your passenger’s safety. We can integrate an SOS button in the taxi booking software that the users can press whenever they feel they’re in danger. The button will immediately send their tracking details to his or her contacts, thus alerting them. Hence, with your online taxi booking software, passenger safety would be a primary concern.

5. Secure Payment System

Cash is a hassle nowadays. People don’t prefer getting paid in cash or carrying around cash for making payments. Swiping cards, online transfer, and automatic payments are the way to go for most people. It is definitely more secure and helps make payments easier for people.

Being an eminent white label taxi booking system, with GoSpAXI you can definitely get some of the most secure payment gateways integrated into your taxi dispatch software. Our expert taxi booking app developers can integrate Stripe, PayPal, and other popular payment gateways. You can also offer the option of cash for those passengers who do not prefer online payments.

6. Real-time tracking

Real-time tracking is one of the most important features to include in a taxi dispatch software. By enabling GPS tracking, it is easy for the driver and rider to be updated about each other’s location at all times. This makes for smooth and easy pickups every time. If the driver goes in a different direction, the rider can call him up and guide him easily by looking at the screen.

Apart from that, it also helps you track all the trips in real-time. This will create a history of all trips and you can review them at a later point of time if need be. The best part is that you can view at the history of trips by each driver, along with other details such as the day of the trip, the details of the passengers and others. This will help you deal with complaints and performance reviews. This feature can aid you in staying in the market for a longer run.

7. Waiting time and calculations

When the passengers/riders are running errands, they often have to make multiple stops. It’s not feasible to order 5 different cabs at 5 different stops. For this reason, it would be great if the taxi booking software had an option that also calculated the waiting time between each stop. Drivers could press a button and it will start the clock. The waiting time would have a different calculation system than the normal minutes and kilometers.

8. Fare calculation

Using the admin panel of your taxi booking software, you can set up the details of the fares such as base fare, minimum fare, fare per minute and per km/mile. But this is basic, GoSpAXI offers you other additional features too. Using time-based fare management, you can set a different percentage/amount for certain time periods. Example: 50% hike between 2 am to 6 am

Plus, with distance-based fare management, you can set fare to change on the basis of the distance being traveled. Example: $15/mile for the first 5 miles and then $25/mile. With area-specific fare management, you can set up a certain fare for a certain area. Example: any rides beginning from the airport area will cost about $150. You can also set up a tax management system, which will help you with easy calculations of taxes.

Unique Features You Will Get in GoSpAXI Taxi Dispatch Software

GoSpAXI is a pretty popular white-label taxi dispatch software being used by more than 50 companies worldwide. Following are some of the unique features you will get if you use GoSpAXI for your taxi booking business.

1. Fleet Management

As an admin, you can check the current status of all the vehicles as occupied, online or offline.

2. Driver and Rider Details

You can add the details of each driver and check their trip history. When a rider registers himself in your system, then you can view their details as well.

3. Fare Management

You will be able to set up fares based on location, minutes, distance traveled, special zones, type of vehicle, number of people, or stops or luggage and many other factors. Based on this, you can also set up tax and toll management. The drivers will be getting their payments as per the settings you make in this section.

4. Trip Parameters

You can set various parameters so that users can get a cab as per their preference. Some examples are male or female driver only, cars with luggage carrier only, and cars with a baby-seat only.

5. Multiple Vehicles Option

You can list multiple vehicles and select them based on the type of vehicle requested by users.

6. General Settings

You can modify basic setup settings, check reports and analysis of various drivers, and carry out other functions.

Summing Up

Our white label taxi booking app can help you create brilliant taxi dispatch system to ensure that your business runs smoothly and without any management problems. It will aid you to grow your business by enhancing the customer experience, and also manage the drivers and their bookings more efficiently.

At GoSpAXI, we can provide you with a taxi dispatch app that you can label under your name and rebrand as yours. We assure you that we do not develop Uber clone apps but white label taxi dispatch software. We are proud to inform you that our taxi management system is currently being used by over 50 taxi dispatch apps and cab booking apps that are under different names by our clients across the world.

So do you still have some questions regarding the key benefits of a taxi dispatch system for your taxi business? Don’t worry, you are free to inquire about our taxi booking app solutions! To get in touch, all you have to do is fill up the contact form below and one of our taxi app experts will get back to you at the earliest possible. Moreover, we also provide free live demos if you are interested in trying out GoSpAXI to help you decide better.

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