Uber for Kids App Development: 4 Important Features to Consider While Developing a Ride Sharing App for Kids
March 8, 2019 GoUser

Uber for Kids App Development: 4 Important Features to Consider While Developing a Ride Sharing App for Kids

Uber for Kids App Development

When it comes to booking a taxi, almost all the people think about Uber, Lyft, or Ola to travel from one destination to another.

But what about kids, who travel to school, tuition classes, and extra activity classes?
How will they travel with their busy parents?

Is there any option for kids to ride in a taxi from one activity class to another?

Fortunately, yes, there are a few Uber for Kids apps that allow parents to book a ride for their kids. These taxi booking apps are safely picking-up kids from their home and ride them to schools.

In fact, Uber for Kids apps helps young children and kids to ride from one tuition class to another without any hassle. Without discussing more what these apps do, let’s check out the top Uber for Kids taxi apps.

Top Uber for Kids Taxi Apps


Zum is an Uber for Kids app that has recently raised a $40 million Series C, led by BMW I Ventures, Sequoia Capital, Spark Capital, Volvo Cars Tech Fund and others. With this round of funding, the company’s total funding amount reaches to $67 million. Allowing parents to track rides in real-time, this taxi booking app for kids has changed the way kids travel today.


HopSkipDrive, Los Angeles-based ride service provider, is another Uber for kids ride-sharing application for busy families. This is one such taxi booking app on which schools and busy parents can count on to get their kids where they need to go safely. Moreover, this ride-sharing app will pick-up kids from home and drive them to schools and tuition classes.

See Jane Go

See Jane Go is a Southern California’s Orange County-based on-demand and pre-scheduled ride-hail application. This ride-sharing app for kids hires only background-checked female drivers. In fact, the company is also planning to experiment with pre-scheduled rides for minors in its teen pilot program for ages 12 to 17.

Looking at these Uber for kids taxi apps, if you have decided to develop a standalone taxi app for kids, then it is high time to enter in the market and grab the opportunities to become a successful startup. To develop Uber for Kids app, you can consider these 4 features that can make you app stand-out.

4 Important Features That Taxi Startups Need to Consider While Developing Uber for Kids App

1. Allow Users to Book or Schedule Ride-Share Services

When developing Uber for Kids app, the first main feature that you as a startup can consider is – allow users to book or schedule ride services as per their convenience. Parents can book a taxi for their kids to pick up from the home and drive them to school and vice-versa.

schedule a ride

Being a taxi startup, you must think for your users and their convenience and build Uber for Kids app that allows parents to schedule rideshare services in advance. Allowing parents to schedule rides one day or week before will make them tension-free. Parents just need to enter the date, pick-up time, drop-off location, and kid name while scheduling the ride.

And the rest will be handled by your driver. Moreover, consider providing a carpooling option with neighbors’ kids so that they can travel along with each other. This feature will simplify parents’ life, giving them peace of mind.

2. Real-time Tracking of Driver & Ride

Another feature that you can include in your list is, real-time tracking of driver and ride so that parents can track the driver in real-time and check his estimated arrival time. Along with it, you can allow parents to track the ride so that parents can check their kids’ location and track them until they reach their destination.


By tracking drivers and rides in real-time, parents will get peace of mind that their kids reach on time and on the right destination. So, if you want to develop an Uber for Kids app like HopSkipDrive, don’t forget to consider real-time tracking feature that will make a huge impact on your users’ lives.

3. A List of Verified Drivers to Choose From

The third feature that makes a difference in the Uber for Kids application is – a list of verified drivers to choose from. Provide different options for drivers that are qualified and verified so that parents can select the right driver for the ride.

However, you can also allow parents to make any driver as preferred one so that the next time they book a ride for their kids, the request goes to the same driver if he/she is in the same vicinity. So, don’t forget to consider this feature while developing your own Uber-like application for kids.

4. Real-time Feedback and Confirmation Messages

The fourth essential feature to include in Uber for teenager app that you can consider is real-time feedback and confirmation messages. The real-time updates and messages allow parents to get notified about the booking. Make sure that parents get a text message and updates with complete information about booking like time, driver name, vehicle number, and cost.

Apart from updating about bookings and drop-off, you can update and notify your riders about the special offers and discount deals that they can use while booking the next ride. Moreover, allow parents to share the feedback and give ratings to driver after ride completes. This way, you will stay connected with your customers and or we can say parents of the kids.

So, push notification and feedback feature plays an important role in making your Uber for Kids app successful and stand apart from other taxi apps.

How GoSpAXI Can Help You to Develop Your Uber for Kids App

As you have checked the 4 important features of Uber for Kids application, you can consider these features while making your own app like Uber. These are some of the most common and important features that you can consider for your app.

So, if you have made up your mind to start developing your own Uber for teenager or Kids application, get in touch with us through our contact us form. We, at GoSpAXI, have already developed over 50 taxi booking apps for varied taxi enterprises and startups.

Still, if you have any query related to taxi booking app cost, app development timeline, just fill our contact us form and one of our sales representatives will get back to you shortly. In fact, the representative will give a demo of our taxi booking solution, explaining all the features and functionalities.

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