Uber for Outstation App Development: 4 Features to Consider When Developing an App For Your Intercity Taxi Service
May 17, 2019 GoUser

Uber for Outstation App Development: 4 Features to Consider When Developing an App For Your Intercity Taxi Service

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The summer days are on the way, and everyone might be busy planning their vacation to the beach. Whether people are traveling with their family members, friends, or loved ones, they start planning for a vacation in advance.

When it is about to travel from one city to another city, people look for intercity taxis to book as they don’t want to drive on long routes and get tired in between. Therefore, they look for intercity taxi service providers to book a cab in advance. But Uber intercity is bringing a change the way travelers are booking a cab for outstation.

Now, people make use of Uber outstation app to book a cab from one city to another and enjoy their vacation to the fullest. In fact, people are booking or scheduling cabs in advance by just entering a date and time of traveling.

So, if you are running a taxi company or planning to start one to provide outstation services to travelers, it is must that you provide your riders with a dedicated taxi booking app. The app will make it easy for your riders to book a cab without wasting much time on calling. While developing Uber like app for outstation service, don’t overlook these 4 exclusive features in your Uber intercity taxi service app.

4 Key Features to Include in Uber for Outstation App

#1. Book a Cab with One Single Tap

The main feature that you can include in Uber for outstation app is – allowing riders to book a cab with one single tap. Whether they are booking a cab for nearby city or any city that is far from their current location, they can easily book a ride by just entering a date and time for traveling. The ride will be booked and accepted by the trained driver.

Whether riders are traveling for vacations, wedding function, business meeting, or for any other reason, they just need to open the app, enter the details and click on the book button. So, being an intercity taxi service provider, you can consider this feature while developing an app like Uber for outstation service.

#2. Vehicle Options

Another feature that plays an important role in the taxi app is – different vehicle options. Provide your taxi riders with a number of vehicle options so it can be easy for riders to choose a vehicle or car type and book it.

According to the number of people they are traveling, they can choose a car and book it as per their desired time and date. They can choose from simple sedan to luxury cars and simple SUVs, they can book any car as per their need and sit back relax.

#3. Special Request and Preferences

Allow your riders to make a special request and preference so that they can ask for the service like a baby seat for their babies, music system for listening to music, wheelchair for handicapped people, and air condition with a particular temperature. Apart from this, riders can make any other special request if they want to.

By including this feature in your cab booking app, you can make your riders as comfortable as their home. They can travel with all the facilities they want and make traveling comfortable and fun.

#4. One way or Round-Trip Option

The fourth feature that you can include in your taxi service app is- one way or round-trip option, allowing a rider to book a cab for one-way or round-trip as per their convenience and need. With round-trip option, they will find it easy to book a cab and travel. They don’t need to look for another cab while coming back.

In fact, they can schedule a ride for one-way and round-trip and seat back relax at home. This feature will make it easier for riders to book a ride for outstation and if they know the return date, they can book a round-trip, saving their huge money.

Ready to Develop Uber for Outstation App For Intercity Taxi Service Company?

As you have gone through the 4 main features of Uber for outstation app, if you have decided to develop a dedicated app for your intercity taxi service company, don’t overlook these features to include. We, at GoSpAXI, are dedicated to developing your own Uber for outstation app solution with your desired features and functionalities.

Just describe your taxi business requirements through our contact us and one of the business representatives will get back to you shortly. Our representative will guide you and share GoSpAXI, taxi booking app solution will help your business to expand.

In any case, if you have any confusion like how much does it cost to develop an app like Uber for outstation and how to make an app like Uber in less time, shoot us an email with your requirements. We will solve every query that you have.

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