Uber for Seniors: Consider These 3 Powerful Features While Developing a Taxi Booking App like GoGoGrandParent for Senior Citizens
March 22, 2019 GoUser

Uber for Seniors: Consider These 3 Powerful Features While Developing a Taxi Booking App like GoGoGrandParent for Senior Citizens

Uber like Taxi App Development for Seniors

When it comes to driving to the doctor, visiting an old friend or supermarket to buy necessary home items, we all get in our cars and drive to these places to get our things done. It sounds so simple, right?

But what about the senior citizens, who no longer can drive cars? How they will go to doctors or nearby pharmacy to buy urgent tablets? What if they want to go out and enjoy the sunny day? This is when the need for a taxi booking app that provides dedicated taxi booking services to senior citizens arises.

Senior citizens might think of opting for taxi booking apps, but they will prefer one that is specially developed for them. So, there’s one such taxi app, GoGoGrandParent, which allows senior citizens to book a ride and drive to their desired places like doctor’s clinic, meeting an old friend, or enjoying the sunny day.

Being a taxi startup or entrepreneur, if you are thinking to develop a dedicated Uber for seniors like app, it is must check out these 3 exclusive features that you can include in your taxi app for seniors. These features will make your Uber for seniors’ app stand-out from other taxi apps, allowing seniors to easily book a ride.

Consider These 3 Exclusive Features While Developing a Taxi Booking App for Senior Citizens

1) Allow Senior Citizens to Book a Ride in One Tap

The first and foremost feature is allowing senior citizens to book a ride in just one simple tap. It is must that you consider this feature for old age people, giving them convenience and ease of booking a ride.

senior citizen booking a taxi

Without entering a whole address, again and again, the users of the app just need to select the location from the touch-tone menu. However, make sure that you allow users to add a number of locations to touch tone menu so that they can easily select any destination they want to go.

So, whether you are developing a dedicated taxi booking app for senior citizens or developing a taxi booking app for the general public, don’t forget to make your app as convenient as possible.

2) Voice Commands

Another feature that plays a very important role in Uber for senior citizen app is voice commands. Voice commands feature allows users to book a ride by their voice commands like home, the last location, take me to a doctor, or anything that user prefers to save.

By including this feature, you as a taxi startup or entrepreneur can make it easy for old-age people to book a ride without clicking or tapping on the screen. They will just give a voice command to book a ride whether they are traveling to home or anywhere.

Understanding your users’ pain and providing a solution in terms of an application can win their heart and make them permanent customers. So, note down voice command feature and consider while developing a taxi booking app for senior people.

3) Schedule Rides & Reminders

The third essential feature in Uber-like taxi app for senior citizens is – allowing riders to schedule rides in advance so that they don’t have to wait on the road or outside a home. They can schedule ride a day or week before, so they freely enjoy their time without worrying about it.

For scheduling a ride, users just need to select a destination, date and time of traveling and confirm the ride. Along with scheduling ride, update or reminder them a day or one hour before their traveling time so that they get ready.

There are many old age people, who might forget about it, so sending reminders and updating them about it can help them. In fact, this feature will create a huge impact in their lives, helping them to sit back relax.

Concluding Remarks

With the growing demand for taxi booking apps that are primarily designed and developed for old-age people, you as a taxi startup can enter the market and grab the opportunities. Without giving a second thought, you can invest in Uber for senior’s app development, allowing senior citizens to book a ride from the comfort of their home.

So, if you have any idea based on Uber for seniors or taxi booking app like Uber or Lyft, you can get in touch with us as we are a leading white-label taxi booking app development company. We have already developed over 40 taxi booking apps for varied taxi startups and businesses.

In case, if you have any query on how much does it cost to develop an app like Uber or cost of Indian app developers, just fill this contact us form. One of our sales representatives will get back to you to turn your app idea into reality.

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