4 Excellent Features We Integrated In Our Client’s Uber For Women App
August 13, 2019 GoUser

4 Excellent Features We Integrated In Our Client’s Uber For Women App

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It’s past midnight and a woman is just returning from a party. She unlocks her smartphone, taps the screen a few times and a cab is on the way!

After getting into the cab, she realizes that the driver is a little too creepy and keeps checking her in the rearview mirror and asking inappropriate questions. How will she protect herself?

There are so many taxi app giants like Uber and Lyft who are way ahead of the game than anyone else. However, they still lack in this aspect. Moreover, none of them really provide an option for an all-exclusive women ridesharing service. We’re not saying that all Uber drivers are creeps but lately, so many complaints by women have come up against the drivers working with taxi giants that it just becomes difficult to trust easily.

What is the need for an all-female taxi business?

An article by the BBC is a collection of stories by women who drive for Uber and Lyft. The stories are extremely horrific and none of the investigations were satisfactory.

Local taxi businesses and taxi startups have begun to focus on building such organizations and enterprises for promoting women’s safety. But some people wonder if there really is a need for women-only taxi enterprise and if it would be better to just approach the giants for enabling such a feature.

If taxi giants really did care for women’s safety, they probably would’ve tried to take these steps themselves long ago. The fact that they remain so unbothered, even after knowing everything, goes to show that we really do need all-female taxi businesses.

Moreover, because of safety issues, most women don’t prefer signing up for this job. In fact, only around 10-30% of drivers are female across various apps.

Our Client’s Idea For Uber For Women App

One of our clients from Brazil had an idea for starting a taxi app for women which helped promote their safety. He contacted GoSpAXi and decided to create his own taxi booking app that only allowed female drivers and riders to register on the platform. They realized that this was the need of the hour, considering all the horrible stories that women were sharing of their taxi experiences.

They had 2 goals they wanted to achieve through this taxi app for women only:

1.  Promote safety for women drivers and enable women to travel safely at any time of the day.

2.  Provide employment opportunities to women in the male-dominant taxi industry.

Thus, by launching a taxi booking app for their business, they were looking to ensure the betterment of not only the drivers but also the riders who registered on their taxi booking app. They had asked us to develop some specific features to ensure that their unique cab-hailing app upholds their goals, let’s take a look at them.

Features We Integrated Into Venuxx Taxi Booking App

Our Brazillian client decided to name his all-female taxi business Venuxx. They have strict rules regarding men or boys using their ridesharing app or even accompanying female riders. Hence, they wanted some features which ensured that only women are using and registering on the app.

Here are some of the features on the Venuxx rider and driver apps to promote women’s safety:

1. Face recognition
Fake IDs are a dime a dozen. How do you know that a person really is who she says she is? To ensure that no male registers on the platform using a fake ID, our client felt that we should be including a feature to help them recognize faces. This helps them ensure that the person on the other end is really who they say they are.

We developed this feature in the Venuxx app using highly advanced technology like face detection to ensure that the rider and the user can cross-verify the information. This feature also helps build trust between both the driver and the rider.

2. SOS button
As we mentioned earlier, there have been several incidents of harassment, assault and inappropriate behavior with women drivers or riders. These incidents have taken place across numerous countries and with thousands of women.

For their Uber for women taxi app, Venuxx wanted all its users to be safe and hence, asked us to develop functionality that users can utilize to contact for help whenever needed. Thus, we have developed and integrated the functionality of an SOS button in both the rider and driver apps. Women can save emergency contact details and whenever they are in trouble, they can press the emergency button to send their live location and other details to their contacts. The woman’s family or friends can then help her and Venuxx’s team can also closely monitor the activities of that trip.

3. Real-time tracking
The first requirement for signing up with the Venuxx taxi booking application is that the user must have a smartphone with GPS functionality. This will enable location services for not only booking the ride but also for tracking each trip. With real-time online tracking of all the trips, users can rest assured. Venuxx’s team tends to keep an eye on the ongoing trips and can check if any unexpected stops or detours are taken on the road. It also creates a record of the trip in case proof is needed for any legal reasons. This allows the users a sense of security and lets them earn or travel worry-free.

4. Automated payments
Having loads of cash in the cab is a hindrance for the drivers in multiple ways. If too much cash is present in the cab, then it acts as a potentially dangerous situation for the driver. Any thieves looking to mug people can compromise the safety of the driver and the rider too. If the driver goes to the bank to deposit money every day then it will waste her valuable time and prevent her from working.

Secondly, there are times when the rider is in a hurry and the cash exchange takes place in a hurry. This can lead to miscalculations and issues in the payments. Venuxx wanted to ensure that none of these issues take place with payments, which is why they asked us to integrate automated credit card payments as the default mode of payment for all the trips.

Final Words

Venuxx has been in the market for quite some time now and the user base keeps increasing. We hope this continues in the future. We loved working on this app mostly because the idea was so good and noble that we couldn’t really resist taking up the project. We are hopeful that the app will soon fulfill all its goals and reach great, unprecedented heights.

So, if you also run a taxi startup or company in any country, make sure to invest in a taxi booking app to connect your drivers and riders in real-time. In case, if you have any query or confusion related to our taxi booking app solution or want to talk to our taxi app consultant, just fill our contact us form. One of our sales representatives will talk to you and book your free consultation with our taxi app consultant.


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