3 Reasons Why Taxi Startups Should Invest in Uber for Women App Development
February 14, 2019 GoUser

3 Reasons Why Taxi Startups Should Invest in Uber for Women App Development

Uber like Taxi Booking App for Women

With changing times each day, women across the world work tirelessly and determinedly to push for progress. Today, women are the future leaders and change-makers and dedicated to improving communities.

For the constant progress, women are working in the late-night shifts and traveling alone from one destination to another. Whether women are traveling office in night shift or traveling to the nearby city for any personal and business meeting, it is a must for women to feel safe and secure while traveling.

So, how women will feel safe while traveling at night? Uber for women apps like Safr, DriveHer, Shebah, and SheSafe have revolutionized the way women are traveling in the night.

In fact, such women only Uber apps give a safe and secure riding experience to women. And allow them to ride from one destination to another.

Before we talk about the 3 reasons to develop Uber for women application, let’s check out top uber-women apps:

  • Venuxx: Developed by GoSpAXI, Venuxx is a Uber for women taxi application available in Brazil. This app gives a safe and comfortable riding experience at a fair price. In this ride-sharing app, only women can ride and only women can be drivers. With just a few simple taps, women can book a cab for any location.
  • Safr: Safr is a newly launched Uber for women application, focusing on the safety and empowerment of women. This ridesharing app is developed for and by women in order to enhance lives through safe transportation. Comes with advanced features, Safr app is dedicated to improving job creation and financial security.
  • DriveHer: Available in New Zealand, DriverHer is one such taxi booking app that is mainly developed for women. Using DriveHer app, women in New Zealand can travel from one destination to another whether it is 11:00 PM in night or 7:00 AM in the morning. In fact, this ride-sharing app service employs only female drivers.
  • SheSafe: SheSafe is Australia’s new and exciting ride-sharing service that is driven by women and for women and children. The main aim of this app is to make drivers and passengers feel sale and comfortable while using service.

Being an owner of the taxi company, if you think why to invest in Uber for women app development, here’re 3 reasons to create Uber for women apps like Uber & Safr.

#1 Reason: Less Competition & More Opportunities

One of the main reasons why taxi companies should invest in Uber for women app development is – less competition and several opportunities. Yes, there are not many Uber for women applications, so taxi companies can easily enter this market and target women and children passengers.

By developing uber only for women application, the taxi companies will get a lot of opportunities like generate more income. Even women will also get benefit once they participate in a traditionally male-dominated industry and earn extra income through riding a taxi.

So, if you are running a taxi company or startup, you can think of developing a standalone application for women, allowing them to travel from point A to point B.

#2 Reason: Connecting Women & Children Passengers with Women Drivers Only

Another main reason to invest money in app development for women only is – real-time connectivity between women passengers with women drivers. By developing an app for women, you can allow women to book a ride in real-time with just a few clicks.

Make sure the booking thing is as easy as just a click so that women don’t need to spend more than 1 minute on booking. Apart from this, you can allow women to save the destinations that they often travel so that they don’t have to write address repeatedly.

All they just need to do is select the destination that they want to travel and confirm the ride with a click. In addition to this, women can also mark any woman driver as a preferred driver so that next time when they book a ride, the request directly goes to the same driver if she is available in the nearby vicinity.

#3 Reason: Become a Player of Uber for Women like Applications

Developing apps like Uber for female only is one of the best opportunities to grab. You can become a player of uber for women apps market by providing a range of Uber for women services.

Try to stand out in the market by providing some unique services. Services like extra safety while riding, SOS functionality, and advance booking a week or day before are great. By offering such extra services, you can grab the attention of your passengers.

Apart from this, spend some time researching and analyzing the features that can help women to travel safely. Here’re some of the features to consider while developing Uber for women application:

  • Trip Parameters: Women will book a ride with any special request like a baby seat.
  • Schedule Trip in Advance: Women can book a ride in advance a week or day before.
  • GPS Real-time Tracking of Cab: Women are allowed to track a cab in real-time through GPS.
  • App safety tips: Women can access some in-app safety tips that are helpful for any emergency.
  • Rate & tip drivers: Women can give ratings and give tip to drivers as per their experience and convenience.


No matter whether you are running a big taxi company or a small startup, invest money in Uber for women app development. You can easily enter the market as Uber for women market still has a lot of opportunities for taxi companies.

So, if you have ever thought of creating your own Uber-like application for women passengers, let us know through our contact us form. We, at GoSpAXI.com, have already developed for Uber for women apps that are performing extremely well in the market.

Just fill this contact us form and one of our sales representatives will get back to you shortly with uber for women app development solution.

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