14 Unique Features of GoSpAXI’s Rider’s App That You Can’t Find In Any Other White Label Solution
September 16, 2019 GoUser

14 Unique Features of GoSpAXI’s Rider’s App That You Can’t Find In Any Other White Label Solution

Do you run a taxi startup and already decided to take your business online with taxi booking solution to enhance your rider’s experience? With GoSpAXI’s taxi booking solution, you can take your taxi business online and deliver a wonderful experience to your riders. How? We have a range of features in our Rider’s app, so here, we have explained each feature in detail so you can get a better idea. Feel free to contact us for more information if you have any questions after going through them!

Do you have an idea for a taxi startup business? Or do you want to shift your established taxi business to an app? And most importantly, are you Googling the following questions?

How to start your own Uber business?


How do you create a rideshare app?


How do you attract taxi customers?


How can I improve my taxi service?

If you want to go for a comprehensive and cost-effective white label cab booking app, then you are in the right place. With GoSpAXI’s white label taxi booking software, you will get a complete solution in one place. We, at GoSpAXI, have two different plans, including Startup or the Enterprise plan. 

Talking about the startup plan, it is mainly designed for boosting new taxi business whereas enterprise plan comes with advanced features to your taxi business. However, both the plans come with the following apps and solution:

       1. Rider’s app (iOS and Android)
      2. Driver’s app (iOS and Android)
       3. Admin panel
       4. One page promotional website (for marketing purposes)
       5. Partner panel (for drivers to submit their documents)

However, in this blog, we will only focus on the features that are available in GoSpAXI’s cab booking app for riders. The rider’s app that we will provide to you as part of our taxi app solution has an interactive and user-friendly 3rd generation UI design. 

Excited to know more about the features? Keep reading!

14 Features You Will Get In GoSpAXI’s Cab Booking Rider’s App

#1. Book a cab

Riders can book a cab at their convenience using GoSpAXI’s rider’s app. Users can do this with a few taps on the home screen of the app. They will be able to see their current location, can add a destination, select from the types of vehicles, see the estimated fare and change the payment type. 

#2. Real-time tracking

After the request has been accepted by a driver, the rider will be able to track the driver’s location in real-time. He will also be able to see the number on the cab’s license plate, the driver’s photo, and his ratings. The rider will also be able to call the driver from the number provided to him and check his estimated arrival time. 

#3. Multiple drop-off locations

Let’s assume that a group of friends went to watch a movie together. Now that the show’s over, all of them want to go back to their separate homes. It would be a little impractical for them to take separate cabs if their houses are mostly along one route. For such cases, the multiple drop-off feature could be used to help them input multiple locations for drop-off. This serves as a hassle-free way of using on-demand taxi apps.

#4. Passcode functionality

To enable added security and safety, it is recommended that the passengers should always check the license plate of the car with the car that has arrived. And also, match the driver’s photo with the person behind the wheel. If any of these details do not match, it could be a potentially dangerous situation for the passenger.

However, sometimes passengers are in such a hurry that they forget to check these details. For this reason, a passcode functionality in GoSpAXI’s taxi app solution can be used to verify the driver. The passenger will receive a code on their phones as SMS and when they get in the cab, they will have to tell the code to the driver. The driver will then input the said code in his driver’s app and only then they will be able to start the ride.

#5. Trip parameters

Passengers’ comfort is the ultimate goal. Using this feature from GoSpAXI’s taxi booking software, you can provide your passengers with various options that they can choose to adjust their ride as per their preferences.

Some of the examples can include requesting gender-specific drivers for enhanced safety, requesting cars only with a car seat or a carrier for extra luggage. This feature can help you improve customer service and offer better features to your passengers through your taxi booking app.

#6. SOS feature

Passengers can save some emergency contacts in their passenger cab booking app. Later, when faced with some problem or emergency, the passenger just has to tap a single button on their screen to get help from the emergency contacts. Doing so will send an SMS to the emergency contacts which will have the link to track cab’s location in real-time using GPS. 

#7. Preferred driver

When using Uber like taxi apps as a passenger, we all know that some drivers are Godsend. The problem is that these drivers come once in a blue moon and are extremely difficult to come across again. Hence, as a first in the Uber like taxi app development, we are offering a feature where riders can actually set some drivers as preferred drivers. By doing this, the next time a passenger tries to book a cab, and if one of his preferred drivers is in the same vicinity then the request will go to him directly. 

#8. Schedule a trip

Whether the passengers want to book a cab for the next day or an hour later, they can do so with just a few taps via cab booking apps. This helps them avoid wasting time if they are in a hurry or if they want an early morning or late night cab for their flight. As soon as a driver accepts the ride, the passenger will be provided with his or her details. Real-time tracking will be possible only after the driver begins the journey towards the passenger’s pickup location. 

#9. Referral code

Referral codes are a common marketing tactic used by most taxi app developers in their cab booking apps. These help you market your app to a new audience without having to put any extra effort. The users who like your app will want to share it with their friends or families. And if they are being provided with added benefits when they share the app, then they will be more willing to do it.

#10. Payment methods

Riders can select a payment method and can easily change it for their next ride. GoSpAXI’s white label taxi booking software can be integrated with various payment options as per your choice. We provide an option for cash when you subscribe to any of our plans and will also integrate payment gateways such as PayPal, Stripe, Braintree, and others as per your country.

#11. Favorite addresses

There are many commuters who use ride hailing apps on a regular basis to get to their office and back to home. It can become tiresome and irritating for the riders to enter the same addresses in the app over and over again. For such users, GoSpAXI has integrated the option to set some addresses as favorites. Riders just need to tap on the addresses to book a ride to that destination quickly from the rider’s app.

#12. Trip history

All the rides will be tracked with GPS and kept as a record for future reference and safety precautions. Riders can easily check their trip history from their rider’s app whenever they need it. This helps maintain transparency with the riders and gain their trust for your app. 

#13. Ratings, reviews, and tips

After every ride, the riders will be asked to review the driver and rate them on the basis of 1 to 5 stars. Before submitting the review, the rider will be able to check it once to confirm the opinion. Other than this, if the rider wants to tip the driver, they can do so through GoSpAXI’s tip functionality. In this, the riders will be able to decide the percentage of tip that they want to grant to the driver.

#14. Promo codes

With promo code functionality in GoSpAXI’s taxi booking software, the admin can define and delete promo codes easily. These promo codes can be used by the riders to avail discounts, cashback, free rides or other benefits. This is also an important feature for promoting your cab booking app to the users directly. 


Our white label taxi booking app can help you create a feature-rich taxi booking rider’s app, whether you are a taxi startup or an established taxi booking business. We want to help you provide the best customer services to your taxi app users and passengers, and ensure that your business runs smoothly. We would love to play a part in growing your business by enhancing the customer experience, managing the drivers and their bookings more efficiently.

At GoSpAXI, we can provide you with a taxi booking solution that you can label under your name and rebrand as yours. We are proud to inform you that our taxi app solution is currently being used by over 50 taxi companies and startups under different names by our clients across the world.

So do you still have some questions about the features that you can include in your rider’s app? Don’t worry, feel free to inquire about our taxi booking app solutions! Get in touch by filling up the contact us form. One of our taxi app experts will get back to you at the earliest possible. Moreover, we also provide free live demos of our GoSpAXI taxi app solution. In that 45 minutes of the demo, we will explain all the features of rider’s app, driver’s app, partner panel, one-page website and admin panel.  

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