9 Features In GoSpAXI’s Driver’s App That Can Give Your Competitors A Run For Their Money
October 3, 2019 GoUser

9 Features In GoSpAXI’s Driver’s App That Can Give Your Competitors A Run For Their Money

Do you want to grow your taxi business with the help of a white label taxi app solution? No need to worry, GoSpAXI is here for you with 2 different packages for our Uber-like taxi clone app.

Maybe you are looking to simplify the management process of your taxi business, or want to digitize your taxi company for maximizing the growth. Or maybe you have a unique idea for an Uber-like taxi startup. Whatever is the case, GoSpAXI’s white label taxi booking software would be like a dream come true for you. Let us tell you why.

At GoSpAXI, we offer a comprehensive taxi booking solution which consists of 5 different pieces of software. Take a look at what we offer:

  1. Riders’ app (iOS and Android
  2. Drivers’ app (iOS and Android)
  3. Admin panel (for managing the taxi booking software)
  4. Partner panel (for drivers to submit their documents)
  5. One-page promotional website (for marketing purposes)

And the best part? You can get all of this at prices starting from $249 only!

In this blog, we are going to discuss all the various features you can get in our drivers’ application for iOS and Android in the GoSpAXI packages. This application will be a part of our taxi app solution and it has a user-friendly design to help drivers easily understand all the features.

9 Features In Our Taxi Mobile Application For Drivers

#1 Real-time requests

Trip request screen

GoSpAXI’s trip request screen

In GoSpAXI’s taxi booking app, when the rider makes a ride request, up to 5 drivers in the nearby areas will get a real-time trip request. The drivers will get the request one by one, starting with the driver closest to the rider as per their GPS location. The drivers have the option to accept or reject requests as per their convenience. If one driver rejects the request, the request will be passed on to the next closest driver in the area. This process will be repeated until one of the drivers accepts the trip request.

#2 Navigation and route selection

Trip navigation screen

GoSpAXI’s trip navigation screen

As soon as the driver accepts a trip request from his driver’s app in GoSpAXI’s taxi booking solution, he will be able to see the rider’s location in real-time. He will also get the navigational instructions for reaching the location quickly and easily. This helps you keep track of all the drivers, ongoing trips and trip history online.

As a unique feature of our white label taxi booking solution, we give the drivers an option for selecting the route view. For example, a driver could choose between Google maps or Waze from his driver’s taxi app. This gives the drivers a different level of comfort and lets them work with the maps they like the most. 

#3 Trip history

GoSpAXI's trip history screen

GoSpAXI’s trip history screen

Every trip made through GoSpAXI’s taxi booking solution will be tracked in real-time with the help of GPS. Not just that, every trip will be saved in the trip history section and can be viewed easily. While the admin will have access to the trip history of all the trips, the driver and the riders will be able to view only their trips. In the driver’s taxi app, there will be a section where the driver can check his trip history, the amount he earned on each trip and other relevant details.

#4 Rider’s reviews

Riders have the option to review the drivers at the end of each trip. These reviews and ratings will be displayed to other riders and will help them get a better idea about the person who will be driving them. It helps riders build a certain amount of trust in their drivers. This is a very useful feature that can affect the number of canceled trips of a particular driver. It represents the behavior and services provided by the driver.

To help each driver understand what he is doing wrong, the drivers are able to check the reviews and ratings for each ride in their driver’s app. By taking a look at their reviews, we are hopeful that the driver will understand what he is doing wrong and work on it.

#5 SOS contacts

Using this taxi app feature, the driver can add emergency contacts in the driver’s app. These contact will be used in case of emergencies. If the driver activates the SOS functionality from his driver’s taxi app, the contacts will get a message with his current location. The admin will also be notified through the admin dashboard after the driver activates the emergency button. Using these details, the driver can be tracked easily and efficiently. The GPS tracking of the trip will also be helpful if there is a need for police investigation or other legal matters like insurance.

#6 Referral program

GoSpAXI's referral program screen

GoSpAXI’s referral program screen

At GoSpAXI, we want to help you promote your taxi booking application as much as possible. For this reason, we have added the referral program for drivers in our taxi booking solution in the driver’s app. Using this feature, the drivers can share your app with other drivers in exchange for extra privileges. The privileges will be decided by you from the admin panel and promoted via push notifications. The drivers can share the link to the app or share a referral code directly which will benefit them. This helps you expand your reach and get more drivers to sign up. 

#7 My destination

For this feature to work, the driver has to first fix a path in the driver’s cab booking app. He can make use of this feature once or twice per day. With My Destination feature, all the trip requests that the rider gets will be in sync with the route or location that he has selected and wants to go to. 

For example, the driver has set the route for his home using My Destination feature of taxi booking solution by GoSpAXI. At the end of the day, when he is returning home then he will turn on this feature. He will get the trip requests by riders who want to go in the same direction along his route. Any other requests for going in the opposite direction will not be sent to him to ensure that he doesn’t face any inconvenience in the same.

#8 Multiple vehicles option

When you subscribe to GoSpAXI’s white label taxi app solution, you can allow your drivers to enlist and drive more than one vehicle. This will provide them flexibility and let them earn more as per their convenience. 

For example, if one driver has 2 cars and a motorbike, he will list all 3 vehicles in the driver’s app. Once done, he will be able to select which one he is driving at the moment of going online. So when the driver goes online for the day, and one of his cars is at the mechanic’s for maintenance, he will select the 2nd car for that day. This makes it easy for the driver to work with various vehicles and not have to stick to one every time. 

#9 Driver dashboard

The drivers will be able to view their statistics and other details directly using their driver’s app. This feature will display a lot of information such as mentioned below:

  1. Trip history
  2. Reviews and ratings
  3. Number of trips completed
  4. Amount earned, sorted by date/week/month/year
  5. Number of trips rejected
  6. Upcoming or scheduled trips
  7. Canceled trips

Apart from these details, the driver will also be able to view, edit or upload other information such as My Destination, profile details, documents like driver’s license, and emergency contacts from the drivers’ app. He can also share the app or his referral code with his friends. In case of any questions, he can visit the Contact Us or About Us sections to know more about your taxi company and to ask you questions.

Looking for the best white label taxi app solution provider?

GoSpAXI's driver's app home screen

GoSpAXI’s driver’s app home screen

By opting for GoSpAXI’s taxi booking solution, you will be able to make a feature-rich driver’s app for your taxi app company. With so many features and functionalities, you will be able to provide a great experience to your drivers. This will help you run your business smoothly and ensure that your drivers are not disappointed when working with your taxi business or taxi startup. 

On the plus side, with our white label taxi app solution, you will get a comprehensive taxi booking software that will aid you in growing your taxi business. At GoSpAXI, we are offering you a complete taxi app solution that you can rebrand with your company’s name. Depending on the size of your taxi business, you can opt from GoSpAXIPro or GoSpAXIPro+. You can contact us for a free demo today and try the app yourself! In the demo, we will explain all the features of not only our driver’s app, but also features in our rider’s app, the admin panel, partner panel, and the single-page website.

If you still have any more questions regarding the features in our driver’s app, or want to know how to get a taxi app like Uber clone, or want to know how much it costs to build an app like Uber, feel free to contact us. One of our taxi app experts will reach out to you and help you with your queries and doubts. Our taxi booking app solution is currently being used by over 50 clients across the world. Do you want to be our 51st partner?

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